Top 7 World’s Gambling Countries in 2024

The gambling industry is attractive to the players themselves, but have you ever thought about the reasons behind casino popularity in the world? What makes you want to go to Las Vegas? Or Italy? Why have numerous movies been made about them? When it comes to casinos they can be quite significant tourist attractions and draw a lot of tourists to come, visit, and try playing some of the games. On the other hand, people love playing casino games online. The experience of risk, entertainment, and socialization, already sounds good enough to persuade people to take a shot and participate in these kinds of activities. You can have fun anywhere in the world. However, the levels of fun are not the same everywhere. Some countries are famous for its casino offers and gambling habits of its citizens and that’s what you should consider when choosing the right one for you!

In some countries, gambling is completely legal while in others it’s not. Including several factors, there is a huge variety of fantastic and mind-blowing gambling countries in the world. However, if we had to choose, here are the top 7:

1. Australia

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Called a gambling paradise, it’s famous for its no tax on winnings policy, which makes it one of the most desirable places in the world, to gamble. It offers all sorts of entertainment, and over 80% of Australian adults indulge in some kind of gambling activity, whether it’s slots, roulette or other. Given the huge number of venues to choose from, it’s impossible not to be attracted by at least one of the games available. Sports betting is one of the most common games Australian players choose since this country has an outstanding sport’s betting market.

2. Italy

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It is legal to gamble in Italy. Lotteries and betting are legal as well. In order to start gambling, providers had to acquire some kind of license. Italians are crazy about poker! Casinos have been a part of their tradition for centuries, and they have one of the best poker teams in the world. Italians are also famous for their sports betting on their football clubs, while slot machines bring them half of their gambling revenue! Gambling laws are mild, and you can choose Milan or Venice if you’re curious to see how gambling looks like in their casinos.

3. China

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This includes Hong Kong as well as Makau, and it is one of the world’s strongest gambling industries. Not only that, it also has one of the world’s largest gambling communities, with enthusiastic players and great offers. What’s interesting about China is that outside Macau and Hong Kong, gambling is actually banned, except the state lotteries and sports betting. However, Macau is a region that has grown to become the most powerful and the largest gambling region in the world! Even when compared to Las Vegas, it still has more tourists and more entertainment than the others. Some of the casinos in Macau are being known as one of the largest casinos in the world. Half of the Chinese economy relies on this country’s casinos.

4. Singapore

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One of the most beautiful resorts in the world with luxury hotels, restaurants, and casinos is definitely a must-see for tourists from all over the world. Economically strong, it has legalized different forms of gambling making it a perfect place for having fun and making money. Multi-millionaires can often be seen playing the games with extremely high stakes. Sports betting is highly developed and it’s called Singapore Pools, while their two luxury casinos are one of the most expensive and extraordinary casinos in the world. Their Marina Bay Sands building is a place worth visiting, with over 2000 gaming machines and platforms! However, betting on horse racing as well as the casinos is only present in the city of Marina bay.

5. the USA

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America is well known for its legalized gambling culture and all the freedom that comes with it. It’s often called the gambling capital of the world since it’s on every other person’s bucket list as a tempting gambling destination. In Vegas only, there are more than 100 casinos! Thanks to the billion-dollar sports industry, sports betting is high ranked compared to other betting options. Americans also love lottery games, so this country has several state-sponsored lotto games that people are playing on a daily basis, hoping to win a jackpot. Not to mention all the extravagant and exclusive casinos all over the country.

6. Monaco

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This list would be pointless if we don’t mention Monaco and Monte Carlo. Even though it is one of the world’s smallest countries, it is widely known and more than famous for its gaming hidden jam — Monte Carlo! If you think of Europe, you sure will immediately think of this little city. Not only will you indulge in everything gambling wise this destination has to offer, but you’ll also enjoy the fascinating Mediterranean sea, food, vines, and people. It has one of the most exclusive facilities in Europe and in the world, its own dress code, minimum bet, and unique rules. Monaco citizens are banned from casinos and it’s illegal for them to take part in gambling activities. Why? Because Monaco wants to attract money to the country and not have its citizens spending it. You can visit their opera, ballet house, and much more.

7. United Kingdom

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It may come as a surprise for you, but it’s legal to bet and gamble if you’re above the age of 18 in the UK. That’s why it’s logical why the vast majority of players in the country are under 21! It is one of the world’s top gambling destinations when it comes to the number of active players. When talking about poker, the UK is heaven for poker lovers. There are more than 20 casinos in London only, so if you wanna visit the Tower Bridge, consider playing a game or two at the Aspers Casino or The Ritz Club. The liberal market that this country provides allows many platforms to serve customers worldwide, while being based in the UK, whether it’s sports betting or any other online casino game.

All these countries and their casinos are spectacular and unique in their own ways. While waiting for the pandemic to end, have fun playing online games and make a list of casinos you’d like to visit one day!


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