Useful Tips for Traveling and Working Around the World

Being location-independent is something a lot of people desire because it gives you the ultimate pleasure of seeing the entire world and making the most of your life. And, the best way to do that is by working while traveling. But, in order to be able to work and travel around the world, first, you need to know at least one international language, such as English, in order to communicate. It’s also handy if you know the language that most people speak at the places where you will go, at least at a basic level. You can do this while traveling by taking an online language course at sites like

Apart from knowing a language, you should also know how to work and travel the right way. Namely, moving from one place to another asks for mobility not only in terms of finding cheap transport and accommodation but also in terms of your work and luggage. So, here are several useful tips for traveling and working around the world

Work Remotely

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You can either find a job at the place where you will be staying or work remotely. Working locally can be a bit tricky because you will have to search for a new job every time you change place. Working remotely, on the other hand, is much more convenient because it gives you the freedom to work no matter where you are. All you need is a laptop and internet.

Find Cheap Transport

If you are traveling internationally, you will mostly travel by airplane. Of course, you may also travel by bus or train, especially if you want to enjoy the locations on the road. And while there’s nothing you can do regarding bus and train tickets because they usually have an affordable and regular price, there are many tricks for finding cheap flights, including:

  • Price-comparing flight fares by using meta-search engines that can show you the prices of flights from different travel sites and airline companies.
  • Booking your ticket a few months in advance
  • Being flexible on the travel date instead of sticking to a certain date because one or two days earlier or later can save you a lot of money.

Find Cheap or Free Accommodation

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Staying at hotels while traveling is too expensive unless you are an influencer, promoting them. Therefore, instead of hotels, you should find more affordable accommodation, such as a hostel, a rented room, or an apartment. You can find cheap accommodation by:

  • Using search accommodation sites – There are some sites that offer cheap accommodation in hostels, a room, or a serviced apartment.
  • Staying on a farm – There are some organic farms where you to stay for free in return to work there. This is a great option for those who want to work locally instead of remotely.
  • House-sitting – You can also find free accommodation in exchange for keeping an eye on gardens or pets, or doing some housework.
  • Camping – If you are open to adventure and not afraid of bug, you can camp. There are many campsites that allow you to use water, electricity, and other services, by paying only for the camping space.

Cut Your Expenses

When working and traveling, you need to cut down your costs to save more money. It’s because you never know when you might have a lack of work or have unexpected additional costs. In order to do that, you need to change your lifestyle. Here are a few things you should change:

  • Cooking at home instead of eating out
  • Quit smoking
  • Cut back on coffee
  • Cut back on beer
  • Using public transport or a bike instead of renting a car or taking a taxi
  • Cut back on shopping clothes

Pack Smart

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Your luggage is the most difficult part of traveling because you have to travel light, yet bring everything you need. That’s why you need to have quality gear with a lot of capacity that is light enough to carry. In order to be able to carry the luggage with you, there should be only two backpacks. But, since that’s too little, you need to know how to pack smart. Here are several tips on how to do that:

  • Pack as less as clothes as possible
  • Pack clothes from a lightweight material
  • Take more versatile clothes (the ones you can wear in more seasons), such as t-shirts, cardigans, jeans, leggings (women)/sports pants (men), and jacket.
  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them
  • Pack only essentials, not the things you find in every store.

As you can see, working and traveling is possible. You just need to plan and know how to work and travel without spending a lot of money. Once you take care of the things mentioned above, you can start your journey.

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