3 Tips For Traveling With An Older Adult In Assisted Living This Summer

Many people think that if their parents cannot get the level of care they need at home, then the next step in consideration is a nursing home in most cases. Well, in actuality, there is a step in between, and that would be an assisted living facility.

Assisted living facilities are a beautiful blend of living in a home environment, with all your familiar things around you, and getting assistance with the care that you think that maybe you can only find in a nursing home. Assisted living facilities exist in every state. They’re licensed and regulated in most states.

A few states are not regulated, but for most of them, there is a standard of care that they must adhere to. Visit this website to know more about assisted living and how you can apply for one of your seniors in the house.

In this article, we’ll highlight the various things you need to know about assisted living and will also give you specific tips to remember while traveling with a senior who has been part of an assisted living group. That being said, without further ado, let’s jump in!

Quick Facts About Assisted Living Homes


Here are some quick facts about assisted living. They usually have at least 20 residents and can be up to two or 300 residents, naturally resulting in various sizes. Hence, you’re going to want to look at more than one in your area.

The basic facilities can be sprawling one-story buildings, or they can be 2 or 3 stories high. This is pretty common, and it can also be high-rise apartment buildings. You’re also going to find an extensive range in appearance.

Some might be pretty modest and homely while others can fancy, and there will be a modest or fancy price that goes along with those. Some facilities will cater to a particular cultural population and offer activities, menu items, and spiritual support geared toward that culture.

What Do Assisted Living Homes Offer


In addition to the regular things that they offer, some facilities are also pet-friendly, so each is going to have its personality depending on the staff who work there – the management as well as the other residents so just because your parent went to one and they didn’t like the feel of it doesn’t mean that they might not like the feel of the next one.

Smaller facilities have a much different feel than a larger community, and you should look at different types to find the right match for your parents. The great thing about assisted living is that they encourage and promote independence physically and in the choices that they can make in their activities.

They can choose to do so many different things or not, such as exercise, classes or games, and outings. They can go to the library or participate in the resident council. They get to choose their meals; they choose to stay in their apartment or go into the common areas and socialize and be around other people.

Another benefit of assisted living is that they can accommodate many of the changing needs of your parents. Your parents can move in while they’re entirely independent and don’t need any assistance with care, and if a day comes when they start to need some help with their care such as bathing or toileting or changing their clothes, then the services are right there, and your parents can start getting care right away.

Assisted living generally is a long-term solution. It’s not a place that your parents would go to for just a little while; they can usually stay until a day might come that their needs progress to the point that assisted living can no longer meet their needs.

3 Tips To Remember While Travelling With A Senior


You don’t have to stop traveling with your parents just because they’re getting older. If anything, it’s when they’re older that travel means a lot more. They have a lifetime of knowledge that allows them to appreciate the place where they’re visiting entirely.

But being older does often mean that they can’t travel the way they used to when your parents were younger. We’re not talking about upgrading from a hostel to a decent hotel here.

What we’re referring to are the physical limitations they might experience as you guys travel around. Let’s take a look at some of the essential tips when you have a senior traveling with you.

1. Insurance


As senior citizens, they are likely to be on the spot on the thief’s hit list. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect them and all your belongings. So here’s some advice on what older travelers can do to stay safe when away from home.

Number one is to get insurance. While travel insurance is essential for people of any age, it’s genuinely essential for older travelers who are more at risk of falling and hurting themselves, getting sick, or needing extra medication.

Especially if their travel is interrupted or delayed. Nothing is worse than to be in a foreign land and find yourself in a situation where they’ve fallen and gotten hurt or run out of medication, not knowing what to do or even if they’ll be covered.

Insurance for traveling is usually maybe USD 100.00 or USD 200.00 extra, depending on the cost of your trip. It’s not a lot to guarantee that you’ll be covered if something does go wrong, so we highly advise getting some.

2. Don’t Advertise Absence


Number two: Don’t advertise your absence. Though travelers assume hotels are safe places, the truth is that people with bad intentions can come and go quite easily in most hotels. We mean when the doors are wide open, and people are coming all the time.

A few tactics can help older travelers who are often seen as better targets to protect themselves and their belongings. One tip is not to put the “Clean My Room” sign on your hotel door. Those signs are an open invitation to let people know that the room is empty or if your senior is resting.

Thieves know that travelers usually leave their passports, extra money, jewelry, and things in their room, and they know how to force open locks, so you don’t want to advertise that you’re not in your room.

Instead, call the front desk on the way out & let them know that you’ll be leaving and that they can send someone up to clean your room.

3. Diet restrictions


Like it or not, older folks tend to have more sensitive stomachs, and they’re frequently on a restricted diet. It’s understandable to want to forget those facts while away from home, but doing so could have undesirable side effects.

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