A List Of Things You Need Before Traveling For A Summer Vacation In 2024

Summer is here. And for sure, you’ve been planning a vacation since the pandemic started. Now that the restrictions have been lifted, it’s time for you to make your summer plans happen. And if you need help on what you’ll need for a summer vacation, you’ve come to the right place. Go to AreaGuides and find the store nearest to you, and here’s a list of things you’ll surely don’t want to forget.

1. Travel Documents

If you’re planning to travel outside the US, since travel to other countries is now allowed, one of the important things you should never forget is your travel documents. It’s a no-brainer that you need your travel documents prepared before anything else.

However, with the excitement of being able to travel again, you might probably forget your travel documents. If you prepare them early, you can ensure a smooth vacation. So, be sure to have them ready and pack them in your bag so you won’t forget them.

2. Clothes


Many people were stuck at home for months because of the pandemic. And it sure is exciting to don your new clothes for your first summer vacation since the pandemic. So, make sure to pack your OOTDs too.

If you haven’t shopped for your outfits yet, don’t worry, there are plenty of online shops these days where you can easily find the perfect one for you. You can also use coupons on this page for shopping. With this, you can buy more clothes without breaking the bank.

Your summer vacation won’t be complete without basking in the sun and dipping in the pool or sea. So, don’t forget to prepare your swimsuit too.

3. Sunscreen or Sunblock

Summer means spending more time under the sun. But, whether or not you’ll be going out on a vacation, it’s a must that you wear your sunscreen or sunblock (and don’t forget to re-apply too!).

Everyone knows that the sun can provide vitamins that can help you keep your body strong and healthy. But, as the saying goes, too much of anything is bad. And yes, too much sun counts too.

If you stay under the sun for too long, you’ll not only suffer from painful sunburn. Apparently, too much sun exposure can also cause health issues, especially skin-related ones. It can also speed up your skin’s aging and cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Therefore, from head to toe, make sure you’re covered with sunscreen or sunblock. And, again, don’t forget to re-apply it. The rule of thumb is to re-apply it every two hours.

4. Sunglasses


Your eyes need protection from the sun too. Too much sunlight will make you squint more and this will leave a groove in your skin. Over time, it becomes a wrinkle.

In addition to that, the sun emits ultraviolet rays. This can harm your eyelids, corneas, and retina, affecting your vision.

So, this summer, don’t forget to pack your sunglasses too before you hit the road. It can act as a barrier to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Experts say that the bigger your sunglasses are, the better as it ensures that your whole eyes are covered.

5. Waterproof Bag and Case

Aside from spending more time in the sun, you’ll probably spend a lot of time in the water too. Especially if you planned for activities that involve a lot of water-related activities, you need to consider bringing a waterproof bag and a cellphone case with you.

As its name suggests, it protects your belongings from water that could damage your devices. You don’t need a huge waterproof travel bag, though. A small waterproof bag will do, which allows you to store your important belongings, such as your phone and your travel documents.

6. Sanitizers


Since the pandemic is not completely over yet, you must still be on your guard and keep some sanitizers with you. Pack a small bottle of alcohol or sanitizer, so you can keep your hands clean any time, especially when there’s no soap and running water available.

In addition to that, you may also bring some wet tissue, so you can easily clean your hands, as well as your belongings. You can also use it to clean your seat.

Even if the pandemic is over, sanitizers still come in handy for cleaning your hands and your things in case they get dirty due to your activities.

7. Travel-Friendly Toiletry Bottles

For safety reasons, planes only allow small bottles. And if you’re traveling on a plane, preparing travel-friendly bottles will help you a lot in storing your skincare products, sanitizers, and other liquid products.

And if you’re not traveling by plane, it would still come in handy. Because with smaller bottles, it’s easier to pack liquid products in your bag. They don’t take up a lot of space compared to regular bottles. And, needless to say, this will help you not to overpack, so your bag won’t weigh much.

8. Insect Repellent


Humans aren’t the only ones that go out of their homes during summer – mosquitoes and other insects too. Unfortunately, summer is also considered mosquito season as it’s the time of the year when they are most active.

And everyone knows what these pesky creatures can do to the skin. But, that’s not the only thing you should be worried about. Because, apparently, they can also cause and spread diseases, such as dengue and malaria, to name a few. They may look small but they can be deadly.

That said, you will also need to pack an insect repellent with you. And like sunscreens, insect repellent lotions and bug sprays also need to be re-applied for maximum protection. This will give your skin a barrier to keep mosquitoes, as well as other insects, at bay.

9. Adapter

If you’re traveling to another country, you might need an adapter too. This way, you can still charge your phone or other devices if your hotel has a different outlet than what you have in your home.

Summer is a time to have fun and relax. So, pack what you need for a smooth and memorable vacation.

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