VIDEO: Epic Tigers Release in Far East Russia

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The video clearly gives a lesson what freedom is for every creature that is living on the earth. This is the story of three Tigers Ilona, Borya and Kuzya that was left orphaned because the mothers are killed by the poachers. There are about only 360 of these tigers exist in this wildlife. Tigers poaching should be stopped at all levels in order to maintain the natural balance. The poaching is also causing the extinction of many species. There are many organizations that are working towards the welfare of animals and taking care of them in every way.

There is one organization like this in Russia named International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). This organization saved the lives of these three tigers. They have not only rescued them but also rehabilitate these amazing animals which you will see in the video. The video made me cry when I realized we are doing it so wrong with these animals. We have to change our thinking and stop harassing animals as they have every right to live on this planet as we have.

IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare worked with partners in far east Russia to rescue and rehabilitate these amazing animals.

So, before you watch the video let me tell you facts about Tiger that you don’t know,

Facts About Tigers

1. After the birth, Tigers are blind in the first week and half of them are not able to survive to adulthood.
2. Tigers legs are so strong that they stand even after it dies.
3. There is a white spot on the back of their ears and it is called ocelli.
4. They are the largest of all big cats and can weigh up to 700 pounds.
5. They love eating deer antelope, wild boar, and buffalo. They also like birds, fish, rodents, small elephants, rhinos, and crocodiles.
6. They have eyes with round pupils.
7. The white tiger is very rare and endangered species because of the exotic pet trade.
8. The stripes on the body of the Tiger are very unique and different just like Human fingerprints.
9. Tigers love to swim.
10. They are endangered animal and only 3,500 tigers left in the wild.

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