VIDEO: The Global Cooling Conspiracy

What is Global Warming? It is a phenomenon of increase in the Earth temperature due to the emissions of the green house gases such as carbon dioxide which is emitted when we are burning fossil fuels. The deforestation is also one of the major reasons for the Global warning. Actually, this is the term we are listing since 2000. Have you ever heard the term, Global Cooling? It has been noticed by the scientist that the ice in the Arctic cap has been melted till 2013 due to the effect of the global warming that is causing the rise in the water level and in the temperature also.

The drastic effect has been seen intend in the Arctic cap after 2013, It been 3 years and now the ice has been increasing in the Arctic region defining the new term Global Cooling.

Now, see the video and clear your conception I think we are moving to the ice age by seeing the video. So do share it with your friends if you find the information to be innovative.

VIDEO: The Global Cooling Conspiracy

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