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6 Best Leather Travel Bags for Men 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

No matter what is your travel destination, it is important to have an adequate bag. Before you buy a particular model of bag, arm yourself with the information you should know before buying. For example, there are several factors that affect the quality of travel bags. These are material, dimensions, shape, price, etc. Pay attention to these items, but also to all the others. If you travel often, you must have a quality leather travel bag. Below are some tips we have prepared for you to travel as carefree as possible.

1. Big-Size Duffel Bag for Super-Sized Adventures


It is a very practical and modern bag model. It is made of horse leather and the canvas is very resistant. If you need a durable bag that contains a lot of space for different things, then this is the right choice for you. This bag model comes with plenty of space, numerous compartments and pockets. It also offers great security, because the handles on it are rounded and comfortable. The handles come with an adjustable shoulder strap. In addition to plenty of space, you can be sure of the waterproofness of genuine leather bags.

So, waterproof and very durable canvas bottom is one of its biggest advantages. This means that it will withstand many adventures and will be preserved all the time. We must not forget the rustproof hardware. It is a suitable choice for those for whom organization within the bag is important because it contains a large main compartment, a lot of compartments with a zipper, and additional pockets. In that case, you will successfully organize smaller items. If you happen to have some pens with you, a unique leather pencil case will help you organize your things more.

2. Genuine Italian Green Leather Men’s Shoulder Duffle Bag


If you need a go-bag for short trips during the weekend, then we recommend this model. The bag is very light, but also durable. Here you can store things like laptops, clothes or food. It can really hold a lot of things in it, and you can easily put it off until the next use. The inside of the bag is lined with a black lining that will protect all the items that are in it, and the outside is made of genuine leather and chic brass zippers. It also contains holders that you can use for water or other beverages. The bag has a very authentic look because it has a mint green sheen. With this leather bag you will not have to worry about stains or damage. You can read more even more about it as well as about other leather travel bags for men.

3. Stunning Leather Duffle Bag With a Designer Label


We present you with another waterproof bag that is a great choice for travel. Unlike previous models, the bag has a more sophisticated look. However, because of that, it is very flexible and resilient. It can handle anything. For example, it is useful for carrying sports equipment as well as equipment for camping or all-day rest. The product is made of very soft leather. It is whole-grain Colombian cow skin. The interior is fully lined and the construction is well designed. This means that it is resistant to tearing. The inside of the bag contains two open jams, as well as two smaller pockets.

We guarantee the safety of things, because this is the perfect place to store small or valuable items. Thanks to the U-shaped zipper, you can pack very quickly and easily, as well as unpack all things. The bag is quite spacious and can hold enough clothes for even a few days. The bottom of the bag is lined with several wedges, which means that the leather base of the bag is completely protected. Carrying handles are adjustable and removable. The bag is very comfortable to carry even when you put a lot of things in it. Thanks to a well-thought-out design, it will meet the limitations of most American airlines.

4. Handmade World 24 “Inch Vintage Leather Bags


This bag has a specific look which makes it a great choice for people who do not like classic leather bags. The product is brown, contains an adjustable and removable shoulder belt. The front has pockets, and you can use zipper pockets on the side. The interior is green. It is useful for shorter and longer trips, gym, sports or work. It is also a great gift for your loved ones because, in addition to its beautiful appearance, it also offers many other benefits to users. Best of all, it has a long lifespan.

5. Zeroway PU Leather Travel Duffel Bag


We present you with a multifunctional bag, larger in size compared to previous models. It has a shoe and laptop compartment and key hook. This means that you will easily put away your dirty shoes or clothes, but also protect your laptop if you carry it with you. You can use the bag in many situations. Whether you are going on a shorter or longer trip, it will be very useful for you. It is comfortable to wear, made of quality material. It is easy to maintain.

6. Leathario Men’s Genuine Leather Overnight Travel


If you adore black leather bags, consider this model. You will be delighted with the sophisticated look, but also with other features. In addition to the sophisticated design, you will get extremely high-quality material. The model is flexible and long-lasting at the same time. The bag has a smooth zipper and magnetic buttons. In addition, it contains several pockets that you can use for different purposes. For example, it’s a great place for your cell phone, keys, wallet, or other items.

The surface of the bag is coated with vegetable oil which contributes to its natural look. We are sure that you will attract a lot of attention when you appear with this model, which looks quite expensive. Many would say that this is much more than a bag, because it is a great choice for business trips, as well as short vacations. You can put books, electronics, clothing, etc. in it.


When buying travel bags, pay attention to its size, leather type, travel type, bag interior, etc. Depending on your needs, decide on the model that suits you best and that you will use for a long time during the trip.

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