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How To Choose The Best Phone Mic For Travel Vlogging

In case you are starting your YouTube travel channel and want to share exciting travel adventures with your followers then it is necessary to think about what equipment you need. A few years ago, you didn’t have to think too much about details as is the case today, primarily because the competition wasn’t that great, and second: because the details weren’t so crucial. Today it’s all about amazing aesthetics and even more amazing sound. That is why it is vital to think about which mic will suit you in order to create the content of the desired quality. If you are planning to use your phone for vlogging, we have some useful information for you. Below we share with you tips on how to choose the best phone mic for travel vlogging.

Can you use the built-in phone mic?


If you are a beginner in all this and you are on a budget, you may be wondering if it is okay to use a built-in phone mic together with the camera. If this is your only option at the moment, then of course you can try this mic and decide for yourself if it works for you, but we will be honest with you and tell you that you will most likely not be satisfied.

First of all, the sound quality collected by the built-in phone mic is simply not good enough. These microphones pick up noise from the environment and do not have the ability to filter out sounds that you do not want to be found in your travel video. Some of the best external mic for android phone will ensure that only the sounds you want to be heard are present in your video. You don’t have to worry about wind, traffic noise and other unwanted sounds, such as when using a built-in phone mic.

Even if you are new to all of this, we suggest you invest in quality equipment to build the brand in the right way from the start. You may initially have to spend a little bit more money, but it will definitely pay off because a good mic for mobile phone video recording will ensure that your content is really high quality and therefore liked by your audience.

How to choose the best phone mic for travel vlogging


1. Think about what kind of vlogs you are going to film

One of the first things you want to consider when choosing the optimal phone mic is what types of vlogs you want to record. If you plan to record a lot outdoors and talk to your audience while being outside, then it is necessary to find a phone mic that has the ability to filter sound and mitigate any external noise that could interfere (wind, traffic, other people, etc.). Phone mics like this are usually on the slightly more expensive side, but they provide a lot of benefits because you can simultaneously capture beautiful landscapes and talk to your audience, without any distractions.

On the other hand, if you prefer to record travel vlogs by talking while inside (in an apartment or hotel), and only take footage outside that you insert into the video along with background music, then this is not a key feature for you. You can even use the podcast mic for the phone because it will fully meet your needs.

2. Set a budget

If you are considering buying a lapel mic for a mobile phone, then it is necessary to set a budget and consider how much money you are willing to spend on this equipment. Of course, the more the better, because a good phone mic is really a game-changer when it comes to recording quality travel vlogs. However, this does not mean that you need to set aside a fortune to buy a microphone of satisfactory quality that will fully meet all your needs.

As we said before, any external mic for a mobile phone is better than a built-in phone mic, so if you are on a budget, we suggest you start with some more affordable options and then upgrade them over time according to your capabilities.


3. Think about how important it is for the microphone to be practical and easy to carry around

When choosing the right vlogging mic for your phone to use for filming your travel vlogs one of the things to consider is how important it is to you that the mic is lightweight and practical to carry around. This is one of the things that vloggers don’t think about enough today, and realize how crucial it is once they start packing for their first trip.

When you travel, you inevitably carry a lot of things, especially if you’re staying for a long period of time. The last thing you want is for the mic to take up too much space in your suitcase or be too heavy. But there is a solution.

SYNCO, a professional microphone manufacturer in China, supplies mics for vlogging, podcasting, and other outdoor activities. They are tiny in size, very easy to take in pockets, and very lightweight to clip on the collar. It will be more than easy for you to manage them while filming and it will not be an additional burden for you while filming a travel vlog, discovering new destinations, and trying to find your way in a new environment.



If you are planning to start your YouTube travel channel and share with the audience amazing videos from your travels, then we suggest that you immediately consider all the equipment you will need to successfully implement this. In case you have a really great phone camera, you can use it, but we suggest that you avoid the built-in phone mic and opt for a suitable mobile phone condenser mic that will give you all the desired benefits. Think about what kind of vlogs you will record and how important it is to you that the mic can reduce external noise. Set your budget and find a lightweight phone mic that you can easily put in a suitcase and carry everywhere with you as you explore new destinations.

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