What Is the Best Time to Visit Rajasthan – 2024 Guide

India is a jewel of this world. We would say hidden but that’s not the case. Everyone knows about India. But, unfortunately, there’s plenty of stigma and prejudice surrounding it. People often tend not to have it on their bucket lists for travel destinations. A big mistake if you ask us. But, in this article, we are not going to talk about the entire country. Yes, it’s overpopulated, and it has its issues like most countries in the world. No one is perfect.

But, let’s talk about one part of this large country which is perfect. A heaven on earth which is without a doubt work visiting. Have you heard about Rajasthan? If not it’s shame and you should be embarrassed. Luckily you have stumbled upon this article and we are going to spend time talking about it on high notes. It’s the only way you can talk about this region. It has everything. A desert, beautiful castles, wild tigers, and some of the unprecedented wonders of both men’s work and nature. It truly is a magical place worth a visit. What you’ll see there will leave with you for life.

If you decide to visit it, after reading this article, that’s great! But you need to be careful when you go there. India has a turbulent climate, and it’s not wise to pick any time of the year for a visit. Also, what matters too is to find ideal partners when you’re on the spot such as Rajasthan Tours & Drivers which should be of great help during your stay. If you’re now wondering what is the best time to visit Rajasthan, worry not, we are here to answer that question for you.

Just stick with us for a few more paragraphs as we unveil this 2024 guide for the Rajasthan visit. Once you end up reading this article, we are sure that you’ll be booking your flight to India immediately.

About Rajasthan


This is a great part of India. It is located all the way up north and stretches up to the west of this Asian country. Its biggest landmarks are without a doubt the Thar Desert and the already famed Ranthambhor National Park. This is where you’ll see the wild tigers if you’re up for the scare. Another landmark that attracts tourists is Mount Abu which is definitely worthy of your attention. It’s there where you’ll find some of India’s most precious temples. Structures such as these can’t be found anywhere in the world, and it’s what makes this region so valuable both as a tourist and historically. Having it on your bucket list is a must, trust us. Camel safari is one of the things you need to experience during your lifetime and also visit the Jaisalmer. While all of the above is amazing, and worth both your time and money, to experience this place fully you’ll need to visit it at the right time. So, time, location, and people matter. But let’s focus on the weather because it can ruin your stay, trust us.

Ideal Time to Visit Rajasthan


For one, it’s up to you. Not everyone has the luxury to pick the time of the year when to visit. You’ll see tourists all over the year flock to this location. But, if you can pick, and you should, the ideal time to be in Rajasthan is during the winter months. The winter in this region lasts from November to March. The reason is simple. The temperatures during the day are ideal for walking, visiting places, and sightseeing. During the night, it gets colder, so you need to bring your warmer clothes.

This is something the locals know very well. The winter is ideal in this region, and now tourists are there during the period from November to March. This is why most local festivities are held during these months. So, if you want the full experience of this region you’ll visit during the winter no matter what. Rajasthan is not close to the coast, so the climate is mostly dry, which is something you’ll live in. Yes, there can be rainfall or two, but nothing out of the ordinary. During the winter humidity is also bearable if there’s any. What you need about this region is that it has only three seasons -winter, summer, and the monsoon season.

If you’re asking us for our opinion, the winter season is ideal, and monsoon is bearable, but summers can be pretty hard not only for the visitors but also for the locals.

When Not to Visit?


This is a good question. As we said, you should go there during the winter. That’s a must! Do not think twice about it.

If you visit during the summer you’re in for a rough ride. This is a fact. Summers in Rajasthan is not nice. The temperature can go up to 45 degrees Celsius. This is not the time to go out at all. Also, the humidity is pretty harsh.

The worst part is that the summer is pretty long-lasting from early April to the end of June. It then transfers to monsoon climate and you need to avoid that one too. So, if you’re there during the summer, you will only experience the scorching heat.

But, people still visit there during the summer months, which begs the question why right? Well, it has one place that’s worth visiting during the summer and it is the famed Mount Abu. On the mountain the temperatures are different and it is better visited in the summer than during the winter. Compared to the summer, the monsoon time of the year is much better to be in Rajasthan. It spans from July to the end of September. This is where many romantics want to be during that time. The lakes which there are plenty of in this region are all filled to the top, making it eyesight during the nights with a full moon. If this is your type of enjoyment goes then. But, if you want an all-around f and good time the winter is the ideal time.

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