10 Ways To See The World For Less


There is a common meaning that traveling is an expensive hobby, that only rich people may afford. Every student can implement into reality the dream to travel easily without big expenses if choosing one of these tips. Sometimes, it is complicated to combine studying and traveling, especially when you need to write an urgent essay on the road.  Pay your attention to these ten unusual tips that will make your journey cheaper and more joyful.

Ways To See The World For Less

1. Participate in competitions

Even if it sounds like a risk to you, this tip is a great solution for those travelers who have less money and more time. Just search how many contests for travelers exist around the world. Travel agencies, airways, touristic blogs are always creating games with prizes. You may win a plane ticket or journey to somewhere. It will take you out of your comfort zone to the adventures much quicker than you think.

2. Sports events

Some teams organize free offsite tours for their fans. For example, a women’s basketball team recruits people for support in the Czech Republic. Fans are paid for flights, accommodation, visas, and daily spends. To get to these away games, you must at least visit the home games or know the leaders of the fan-clubs.

3. Take the challenge


If you’re someone who would agree to go through difficulties in Everest base camp to earn money for the charity, this option is for you. One of the latest travel trends in the heyday of companies that help you organize any difficult trip to join an expedition. It is all for charitable purposes. You need to climb mountains (perhaps any other adventure based on your choice) and attract sponsors who will take care of everything else.

4. Organize a group tour

Most travel companies offer a big discount or even a free trip to those who can organize a group tour for several people. Typically, such organizers are called group leaders. This does not mean that you will be required to accompany a group throughout the location. Instead, you will need to determine who, where, and when will go.

5. Find ordinary job

If you plan to stay for the long term in any country, try to get a job for this time. There are many options: you can help with the housework with au-pair programs or engage in outdoor activities (picking fruits or making travel routes). Many countries offer work visas for the holidays – you can travel and do any daily work with official employment at the same time.

6. Work in hostel

When you have arrived at the final destination of your route, contact the hostel manager, and discuss with them the possibility of exchanging your work for housing. If the hostel lacks staff, you can always exchange your services for accommodation. As an alternative, it is maybe an attempt to get a job at a hostel even before you leave your own home, especially if you have experience in this area. Many websites have message boards. Some hostels may be wary of foreign applicants: depending on the location, some of them may require you to apply for a work visa immediately before your arrival.

7. Touristic scholarship

Internationalization has become a popular word in universities’ circles, and now more and more Canadian students may rely on funding their studies abroad. An example of a fund dealing with such issues is on websites where you can find lists of grants for Canadian students who wish to continue their studies in one of the 50 proposed countries. If you are interested in graduate studies or research in international development, contact the International Development Research Center. UNESCO’s Guide for Education Abroad also has information about higher education and scholarships in 129 countries.

8. Fly wisely

Low-cost airlines are close to the influence of religion in Europe, where very few people pay the full cost of their air ticket. Some airlines, especially British ones, offer tickets for international flights at prices just above taxes and fees. You will be amazed at some offers on sales. With these airlines that you can fly for 5 euros with all charges.  

9. Cruise liner crew

On the one hand, this method is not so full of adventure, but on the other hand, there is a vast amount of jobs on cruise ships. The best option for short trips is to obtain special knowledge or an entertainment program for passengers. Many websites offer job listings (although some are involved in fraud), but most cruise companies place job advertisements on their official websites.

10. Transportation the vehicles of other people

When people move from one place to another, they often have to send their cars separately. Here are great opportunities for you. Start by finding out about car rental companies or moving companies. A good choice always can be a professional rental service, such as Some of them need drivers who can drive a car from one city to another in the shortest time. Study ads or advertise your services in your city, community, university newspaper – all this can help you find car owners who need such drivers.

Also, try to organize searches both in the city of your residence and in the city that is the purpose of your trip. Remember that the minimum age for drivers is 21 years in many companies.


We hope that these ten secrets will help your dreams come true and feel the unlimited possibilities of traveling. There is a famous saying among experienced adventurers: “Only a journey makes your heart open”! We just may add, that affordable traveling makes you feel as you have grown wings.  

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