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6 Best Wellness Puppy Food – 2024 Reviews 7 Buying Guide

When you get a new dog, the first thing that bothers you is its diet and feeding issues. It takes time to find out the right brand of dog food for your beloved pet. As a pet owner, you should know about the ingredients of your dog food.

A dog food should be tasty and nutritious and should contain natural ingredients. With a high-quality and well-balanced dog food, you’ll be able to provide your pet with all the nutrients it needs to grow and develop. The dog food brand ‘Wellness Pet Food‘ inspired us because of its natural ingredients and amazing features and thus, we included the Wellness puppy food reviews in our post.

Best Wellness Puppy Food

1. Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Food

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Food

Wellness Core is one of the most popular dog foods for puppies because of its ingredients and positive health impacts. It is very healthy and nutritious as it contains a balance of all the nutrients that your puppy needs for the day. The best thing about this puppy food is that it is organic and contains all the natural things.


  • It contains chicken, turkey, salmon oil, apples, spinach, tomato pomace, chicken liver, and potatoes to help improve your dog’s health.
  • It is 100% gluten and grain-free.
  • It has a very high protein content and thus, it boosts the energy level of your puppy.
  • It doesn’t contain any byproducts such as wheat, corn, or soy.
  • It has no artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives.
  • It is created to resemble the dog’s ancestral wolf.
  • It is balanced and contains all the nutrients for everyday feeding.
  • It is rich in probiotics and antioxidants which ease digestion and improve the immunity system.
  • It is rich in omega fatty acids that improve the skin and fur health.


  • It is an ideal meal for puppies with allergies.
  • It doesn’t feature any byproducts or additives.
  • It has a high percentage of protein in its ingredients.
  • It contains quality and natural ingredients to support your puppy’s health.
  • It is not fattening.
  • It contains glucosamine and chondroitin for strengthening the bones and muscles.


  • It is an expensive puppy food.
  • It contains poultry, and some dogs may be allergic to poultry.


If you’re feeding food to your puppy for the first time, always feed it in small portions and notice any change in behavior for the next two to three hours. Transitioning slowly to the new diet is always important.

Although this food is a bit expensive, it delivers excellent value for money. This puppy food made to the top of our list because it provides balanced nutrition for all breeds and ages of dogs.

2. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Puppy Food

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Puppy Food

Wellness picks natural and balanced ingredients carefully to provide a complete and healthy diet for your puppy. This food, as the name suggests, provides full health and nutrition to your puppy’s body so that it can grow and develop well.

It includes ingredients to improve the health and support the immunity system of a puppy. It is a good alternative to Nature’s recipe, which we discussed earlier.


  • It contains deboned chicken, chicken meal, oatmeal, salmon meal, ground barley, sweet potatoes, apples, spinach, tomato pomace, blueberries, brown rice, ground millet, and canola oil.
  • It contains 29% protein and 17% fat.
  • It doesn’t contain any byproducts such as wheat, soy, or corn.
  • The carbohydrate provides optimal nutrient absorption in the form of oatmeal, brown rice, and barley.
  • It contains probiotics for easy digestion and improvement of gut health. The probiotics also improve the immunity system.
  • The omega-3 and -6 fatty acids improve the skin and coat condition and make it appear healthy and beautiful.
  • It aids in bone and muscle development.
  • It provides all the essential nutrients to support brain and eye development and maintain a healthy weight.
  • It promotes a longer growth cycle by providing the puppy with all the essential nutrients that its body needs to develop.


  • It is delicious.
  • It is present in a re-sealable bag.
  • It is good for reducing tear stains in puppies.
  • It is good for puppies with sensitive stomachs.
  • It is affordable.
  • It produces well-formed stools.


  • The kibbles are too large and hard for a puppy.
  • It is not grain free.


The Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Puppy Food contains a balanced blend of all the ingredients your puppy will need for the day. It also uses a certain amount of DHA, which is an important fatty acid that supports brain and eye development.

As it contains carbohydrates in the form of oatmeal, brown rice, and barley, it is a good food for nutrient absorption. You can go for this puppy food if your puppy is having problems in food digestion.

3. Wellness Simple Natural Dry Limited Ingredient Food

Wellness Simple Natural Dry Limited Ingredient Food

This dog food is specially created for those dogs that have a sensitive stomach and often face allergies. It has only a few ingredients that are known to provide nutrition and are easy on the stomach.

It contains turkey as a source of protein and is gluten and grain free. If your puppy has a sensitive stomach, you can rule out allergies with the help of this dry puppy food.


  • It contains limited ingredients, and the puppy food comes in variants like duck and oatmeal, lamb and oatmeal, and turkey and potato formulas.
  • It helps the dog combat skin disorders, stomach disorders, hot spots, ear and eye secretions, and itchy paws.
  • It is free of additives, artificial flavorings, and additives.
  • The lack of grains and gluten makes it ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • The non-meat ingredients are added in a minuscule quantity.
  • It is nutritious and tasty.
  • It contains probiotics for easy digestion and improved gut health.
  • High-quality and natural ingredients are used.
  • The flaxseed nourishes healthy skin and improves its texture.


  • It contains limited ingredients to rule out any allergy.
  • It is best suited for puppies with sensitive stomachs.
  • It has a short list of ingredients, yet it is full nutrition.
  • It doesn’t contain wheat, soy, corn, gluten, and eggs.
  • It helps relieve stomach sensitivities and disorders.
  • It is easy to digest.
  • Puppies love to eat it because it is tasty.


  • It is expensive.
  • Some variants are not suitable for puppies.


The limited ingredient formula is helpful for pet owners who face difficulty in finding the ingredients that are causing allergies in their puppies. Feeding your puppy this food can make it relaxed and free from allergies.

This food is formulated with nutritional and limited ingredients and still provide your pet with all the nourishment it needs for growing and developing.

4. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food

This food is designed particularly for small breed dogs. These dogs are very energetic and lively, and they need highly nutritious and balanced food to meet their daily needs. In spite of their small size, they often need to eat. This dog food contains all the nutrients and the right amount of calories that your small breed dog needs to fill its tummy.


  • It contains deboned turkey, salmon meal, chicken meal, ground brown rice, oatmeal, chicken fat, and various fruits and vegetables to make sure your puppy gets complete nutrition.
  • It supports the high energy requirements of the small breed dogs.
  • It uses real meat to provide taste and nutrition to the puppy.
  • It contains microorganisms that support the digestive system and improve the gut health.
  • It contains ground flaxseed that improves the skin and makes it shiny and healthy.
  • It provides all the necessary ingredients in equal quantities to make the small breed puppies strong.
  • The kibbles are just the size of a dime and are small enough for the dog to chew them properly.
  • The kibbles are helpful in maintaining the teeth health by scraping the tartar from puppies’ teeth.
  • All natural ingredients are used.


  • This line is specially introduced for small breed dogs.
  • The kibble size is smaller for small mouths.
  • It is packed with antioxidants and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables to support the cellular health.
  • It supports healthy coat and fur with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.


  • There are some cases of allergies reported.
  • Some dogs may have diarrhea after the first meal.


The Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food is ideal for small breed dogs. It has been created with the small breed dogs’ small mouth and size in mind. This dog food is available in different sizes and provides a balanced and highly nutritious diet for your small breed dog.

5. Wellness TruFood Baked Blends Natural Grain Free

Wellness TruFood Baked Blends Natural Grain Free

The Wellness TruFood Baked Blends Natural Grain Free is baked in small portions to maintain the nutritional content of the kibble. It is a delicious and nutritious dog food and contains all the necessary ingredients that your puppy needs to be active and energetic throughout the day.

It contains all natural ingredients. This is the product that is very similar to the best-selling product from Natural Life. We talked about that here.


  • It contains air-dried fruits and vegetables, chia seeds, coconut oil, parsley, ginger, and turmeric to promote digestion.
  • It is a grain-free kibble.
  • It doesn’t contain any preservatives, fillers, flavorings, or additives that may be harmful to the puppy.
  • It contains a trio of nutritional blends: super-food nuggets, whole-prey protein bites, and air-dried fruit pieces and veggies.
  • It doesn’t contain soy, wheat, potato, corn, or other meat byproducts.
  • The food is baked in small batches to make sure each batch is full of nutrition and quality.
  • It is available in three variants:
  1. Lamb, turkey liver, and chickpeas
  2. Chicken, chicken liver, and flaxseed
  3. Salmon, turkey liver, and flaxseed


  • The flaxseed improves the skin, coat, and fur of the puppy.
  • The simple digestive elements such as ginger, turmeric, live yogurt culture, and pumpkin help in digestion.
  • Improved metabolism rate because of the vitamin-rich vegetables.
  • Whole-prey meats provide raw protein.
  • The powerful super-food sources such as blueberries, cranberries, and beets maintain a healthy weight and an active immune system.


  • The fruits and vegetables are not part of a puppy’s daily diet.


Wellness TruFood Baked Blends Natural Grain Free consists of all the nutrients and ingredients that your puppy needs to grow and develop properly. It provides complete nourishment for the day so that your puppy remains happy, active, and content.

Though it doesn’t contain a good amount of protein, it has other ingredients that fulfill the puppy’s dietary requirements.

6. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Large Breed

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Large Breed

The Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Large Breed is created especially for large breed dogs. These dogs have different dietary requirements, so they should be provided with the food that meets their requirements.


  • It is designed for large breed dogs.
  • It contains premium ingredients such as deboned meats, fresh vegetables, and fruits.
  • It contains all natural products.
  • It contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for the improvement of the immune system.
  • It contains chondroitin and glucosamine for strong joints.


  • It contains dietary fiber for easy digestion.
  • It contains an optimal balance of all the ingredients needed by a large breed puppy.
  • Large breed puppies can enjoy eating the large kibbles.
  • It has a good calcium phosphorus ratio.
  • It includes a great variety of vegetables and fruits.
  • It contains a blend of the necessary herbs.


  • It contains garlic powder.


The Wellness Complete food line is ideal for large breed puppies as it includes a good quantity of chelated minerals. It contains dietary fibers for easy nutrient absorption. It is better to feed your large breed puppy this nutritious food instead of giving it other foods which don’t help in nutrient absorption.

It is an excellent product if you’re looking forward to keeping your puppy healthy and active.

Final Verdict

These Wellness puppy food reviews are based on the top products from Wellness Pet Food, which is well known for creating natural and healthy foods for pets. We find the Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Food as the best among these products as it has all the features that a puppy food should contain.

If you want to feed your puppy quality kibble that is full of nutritious and energetic ingredients, you should try the Wellness puppy foods.

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