Which Country In The World has The Most Dangerous House Pests

Dealing with pests at your home or in your flat? Just know that you are not alone! Plenty of people worldwide struggle with exterminating these little annoying creatures, and it can be quite difficult to deal with them on your own. Wondering why they are a lot more common in some other parts of the world? Keep on reading and see which country has the most dangerous house pests.

Which Country In The World has The Most Dangerous House Pests

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Some countries are way more populated with undesirable creepy creatures and pests than others. For instance, you probably know that Australia is well-known for its crazy wildlife, right? Aside from Australia, there is also Japan that has some of the most dangerous and even deadliest insects. One insect that scares people and which is quite popular in Japan is the giant centipede, and another scary insect is a giant sparrow bee, which has flesh-melting juices that can be deadly to some animals.

So, Australia and Japan may be the most populated countries with annoying house pests. Struggling with any form of pests or insects? If so, you might love Responders, the pest removal service in Edmonton that has fully trained professionals who know how to take care of any critters, bed bugs, cockroaches, as well as rodents! You will enjoy their same-day service as well.

Top 10 Most Common Yet Dangerous House Pests

1. Spiders

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If you are terrified of spiders and you dislike having them around your home and in some corners, know that you are not alone! They are the most common pests that can be harmful, only if they were to bite you. In larger and more populated cities, they are quite popular as well as hard to fully exterminate. However, sometimes it is good to have them around since they will eat away any other insect that you might have hanging in your flat.

2. Horsefly

These are quite popular as well as annoying for farmers. They are large, active, as well as hard to get rid of in one go. Female horse flies drink the blood of any livestock, and they can even carry diseases and infect other human beings. They will destroy your crops, as well as farm animals. If you are struggling with them and you can’t find a practical way on how to fully demolish them, leave this to professionals.

3. Fleas

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These are parasites that can live off any animal or human blood. Fleas will carry different diseases and will reproduce fast. In fact, did you know that fleas can lay up to 2000 eggs? If you don’t deal with them at the right time, know that they can cause anemia to their targeted animal/host.

4. Termites

Termites can grow in number rapidly + they live in different colonies which makes them super easy to track down, no matter where you live or where you’re located. You will find them eating away wood and doing some serious damage to your home, attic, basement, as well as some furniture. Termites shouldn’t be too hard to track, just make sure that they don’t get onto your kids or animals.

5. Kissing bug

This bug can, literally, kiss away your lips! It is a blood-sucking insect that attacks men, women, as well as animals equally. They are not that common, but they are a threat once they transmit a parasite onto a human or an animal. Once in your system, it can cause sleeping sickness and will be fatal to most of your animals, pets, as well as nearby animals.

6. Giant Japanese Hornet

We’ve previously mentioned this hornet that can grow up to 5 cm in length and width, believe it or not! It has a venom that can dissolve most tissues, and according to some scientists, this bug can kill 30 people every year in Japan. Although quite rare, it is a problem and a scary insect to look into and be aware of it if you are located anywhere in Japan.

7. Rats

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The most common problem in most households has to be rats. They are found on every continent, and they can rapidly reproduce. Because they live off almost anything, they are almost always carrying different pathogens that can be lethal to some animals, and rarely humans. They also come with an unpleasant smell, so be prepped to investigate your home before you call the exterminator.

8. House mouse

This mouse is a lot more dangerous than the rat. It can survive on some of the most basic food items, and it reproduces even faster than the rat. They are dirty and scary to most women + they can carry out different diseases. Controllers will need to take proper care of your place if you end up having a mouse infection, and it can be a long process.

9. Killer bees

They are quite aggressive, as well as fatal to some animals. Also, if you are allergic to their venom, you should be careful and always on the lookout for their nest. Some bee colonies can consist of up to 80,000 bees! They will only gather around some sunnier and warmer places, so keep an eye out if you live in a pleasant climate.

10. Mosquitos

Last, but not least, this is one of the most dangerous pests on earth since it can transmit malaria, as you probably already know. In fact, it is believed that malaria is transmitted every 30 seconds to kids in Africa and that it kills way more people than you’d know. There are over 1 million deaths a year, and you should stay protected at all times with some mosquito repellent creams or sprays.

So, what do you think of these top 10 insects and pests, and are you ready to fully exterminate them? Just act accordingly and at the right moment, do not let them nest nor mate. Leave the process to professionals, and you will love the results!

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