Who Are Digital Nomads? (Lifestyle & Identity)

People who work remotely and frequently change their locations through traveling are known as “digital nomads.” They rely on internet-connected devices like laptops,  smartphones, and wifi or mobile hotspots to complete their work from various locations, including cafes, shared office spaces, and public libraries.

If you’ve caught the travel bug and are ready to escape the 9-to-5 rat race, the digital nomad lifestyle may be an exciting alternative. 34% of remote employees work out of the office 4-5 days a week, so it can be a great way to bring a massive change and complete overhaul in your boring life.

In this article, we will get to know more about the digital nomadic lifestyle, which jobs you can go for to incorporate this lifestyle into your life, how you can start being a digital nomad, and what benefits you can extract from being a digital nomad.

Jobs that Digital Nomads Usually Go For


In the present time, businesses are accepting more remote jobs. Last year, 43% of American workers did some of their jobs remotely, and that percentage is expected to rise. However, working from home for a few days and being a digital nomad are two wholly different things. You must convince your boss that you can work remotely full-time before you can keep your regular employment while traveling.

You may find remote work on sites like ‘We Work Remotely’ and ‘Remote. Co’, and you can ask potential employers if the position is compatible with a nomadic existence.

Many digital nomads also work as freelancers. However, you must be honest with yourself before going out on your adventure. What are your plans for making a living? To assist you in determining this, please respond to the following questions:

  • What do I excel at?
  • What am I interested in?
  • Is there a demand for what I can offer?
  • Is working from home an option?

You can join the gig economy by marketing and selling your services independently or by looking for work on a freelancing service marketplace like ‘Upwork’ or ‘Fiverr’ once you’ve figured out how you’ll make money in the gig economy.

As a digital nomad, you are not limited to any job description, whether you work for an employer or on your own. Your work environment needs to be digital-only. Here are some examples of typical jobs that can be done from anywhere:

  • Writing
  • Accounting
  • Software Development
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Editing & Design
  • Customer Service
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Quality Analyst (QA)
  • Marketing
  • Recruiting and Human Resources (HR)
  • Sales
  • Teaching and Tutoring
  • Transcription

As you can see, digital nomads can work in various fields and occupations. The increasing prevalence of remote work is thrilling and productive for the workforce. However, this does not imply everyone should start living with a laptop and becoming a digital nomad. The objective of the nomadic lifestyle is freedom, but to experience that freedom, you need to be well-organized and disciplined.

Things You Can Consider to Become a Digital Nomad


If you want to turn yourself into a digital nomad, you will need to do a few things, in the beginning, to get yourself properly organized and disciplined so that you don’t face many challenges going forward. Here are some things that you should do in order to become a digital nomad:

Reduce wasteful spending

It’s not ideal to shell out money for things that won’t make much of a difference in your life. That’s why, before you can become a digital nomad, you need to get rid of all the costs you won’t need. Gym dues, magazine subscriptions, and credit card debt are all examples of recurring costs that can weigh you down financially.

Even more so if you’re a freelancer and more vulnerable to income fluctuations, you’ll have more mental bandwidth for your career and vacations if you can eliminate these costs and reduce your debt.

Get your finances in order for the upcoming months

It’s wise to have a safety net in place, regardless of the manner of life you choose to lead. Emergencies can happen at any time. Because digital nomads often work alone, this is especially true. You have no haven, no loving family to return to, and no steady income if you’re self-employed.

You should increase your safety net by selling unused possessions, putting the rest into storage, selling or renting your home, and saving as much money as possible.

Invest in travel health insurance


Some of life’s most memorable moments can be gained through travel, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. True life persists. You’ll require medical attention for various illnesses, unexpected injuries, and routine examinations.

Certain regions of the world also need proof of immunization before you can visit. Purchasing a comprehensive health insurance plan recognized worldwide should be one of your top priorities before embarking on any trip.

Get yourself in order for financial success

Having enough money to get by is essential for every trip. Using a credit card issued in the United States overseas would likely incur additional fees. Therefore, applying for a credit card issued in another country is a good idea. You should also enroll in an identity theft protection service that will notify you immediately if your identity is stolen.

Unlock your phone before heading overseas

Different cell phone companies operate in most nations, so if you want to switch carriers frequently, you should contact your existing provider and have them unlock your phone. A different SIM card from each international carrier you use will allow you to use your phone in any country.

Once these details are covered, you can embark on your nomadic life. However, being a digital nomad is very different from what one might expect.

Advantages of Becoming a Digital Nomad


Apart from having the life you always wanted to live and having the feeling of being a free bird, you can enjoy some other benefits by becoming a digital nomad. Some of the benefits of becoming a digital nomad are:

Increased efficiency

When you get to visit stunning new locations daily, there’s no time to squander. The excitement of discovering your new home will spur you to work quickly and efficiently. One of the most potent sources of inspiration is a sense of adventure, so you will be inspired to get your work done more efficiently, and as a result, your overall efficiency will increase.

More ground-breaking ideas will come to you

Combining different or unrelated ideas in an unconventional or unorthodox way is the essence of creativity. This is what neuroscientists call “synaptic play,” and it happens more frequently when the ideas aren’t a good fit.

Working in a new place daily provides unique experiences to draw inspiration for making novel associations. And when your mind is filled with these various stimuli, you’ll find that your creativity soars.

Flexibility will increase


Frequent travel to different locations will force you out of your comfort zone. In addition to being open to new experiences, you should also be open to interacting with people from various backgrounds and cultures. As a result, you’ll be more receptive to novel opportunities in the long run.

Your brain’s flexibility toward change will also increase as you travel. Dendrites in your brain grow due to the strain of traveling to a new location. These dangling additions boost your cognitive abilities and help you focus on novel and challenging scenarios.

Expanding your horizons through travel enhances your motivation and capacity to acquire new knowledge and abilities.

Additional leisure time for your favorite activities

We do what we do in order to survive, no matter how enjoyable it is. If you can do your tasks more quickly, you’ll have more time in the day to accomplish the things you enjoy and spend with the people you care about.

Friendships formed here last a lifetime

Relationships are strengthened through shared experiences of adventure and the extraordinary. You’ll make some great pals who also live the digital nomad lifestyle. You can take your friendship or romance to new heights by visiting new places together.

Final Words

If you’re the type of person who thrives on variety and challenge, a nomadic lifestyle as a digital nomad may be the best option. But if you’re well-prepared in advance with skills like discipline, organization, and a hunger for knowledge, you can find life on the road thrilling and rewarding.

You might just have to start doing a few things differently and bring a few changes to your lifestyle to become a digital nomad. Still, after you get used to your new nomadic lifestyle, you will start to enjoy the benefits of having such an interesting, free, and engaging lifestyle.

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