6 Reasons why New Orleans is a Great Place to Tie the Knot in

Wedding is certainly among the five most beautiful and important events in the life of each of us. If you are lucky enough and you are engaged to the person you love, the next step is to plan the wedding. It is very possible that you are among the millions of couples who wanted to get married this year but had to postpone it due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But we have good news for you. According to the available information, it seems that the vaccine is ready for use and that life will return to normal during the next year. This means that you too will be able to go back to planning your big day. And the first thing you need to choose is the location where the wedding will take place. While there are many places in the world that are great for this occasion, we will tell you the reasons why particularly New Orleans is a great place to tie the knot in.

A mixture of the USA and European charm

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This city, although a part of the USA for a long time, has kept the spirit of a European city and that makes it very interesting for all kinds of celebrations and events. Founded by the French in the early 18th century and named after the Duke of Orleans, it has preserved the French heritage to this day.

Long sold to the USA, however, it retained primarily the culture and gastronomy of the European state that had the greatest influence on the founding of the city. It was also briefly owned by the Spaniards, so it is a real mix of the USA and Europe. All over New Orleans, you will see the names of streets, restaurants, and everything else in French so you will feel like you crossed the ocean. So for example, if you would like to get married in Paris, but it is too expensive and too complicated for you to organize because of the guests, this is an ideal alternative for you.

A great offer of accommodation options

Everyone who organizes a wedding has at least a few friends and relatives who do not live nearby and then you have to figure out a way where they will be accommodated for those few days. This will not be a problem for you when you organize a ceremony in the largest city in Louisiana. Since it is a very large city, and also a tourist one, you can find a variety of hotels, hostels and all other types of accommodation.

This city hosts almost 20 million tourists a year, so whatever budget you have at your disposal, you will easily find good accommodation. You can accommodate your guests in very luxurious hotels, but also in accommodation that costs less than 200 dollars per night, which is also very high quality. Whatever you choose, we are sure they will be very pleased, because hospitality is at a very high level.

Fantastic food

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This city has all the necessary factors to be considered one of the culinary centers of the entire USA. The combination of European heritage, different cultures that live there, long histories, as well as locations are the perfect combination that makes this city a great place for all gourmets. If you and your partner are gourmets, then it is very important to you what kind of food will be served during the wedding. It is up to you to choose whether you want everything to be themed, for example just French food, sweets, and wines, to fully feel the French spirit.

Or you want a mix of different cuisines. Also, if you are a big fan of seafood, here you will find a selection of a variety of fish and seafood, and at very affordable prices. Don’t forget to try bourbons, which are fantastic here. Due to the large number of events that are organized in New Orleans, there are many caterers, so it is up to you to choose according to your taste. You just have to click here to see the offer.

Great weather

No one wants to get married in the snow or at 40 degrees Celsius. That is why time plays a big role when choosing a place and time of year. In New Orleans, more or less all year round is suitable for a ceremony like this. The summer can be very warm, but generally, the temperature is pleasant all year round. So you can organize an outdoor wedding for all 12 months. Weather is not something you should worry about, so you can decide on other factors. You should only avoid the hurricane season, which usually bypasses this city, but not always.


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Choosing the right venue where the wedding will take place can be a very daunting task. But not when you decide to tie the knot in New Orleans. There are so many different restaurants and hotels that are experienced in organizing weddings that you just have to choose the style you want and that’s it. Again we come to the French heritage so there are many hotels that have ballrooms. Then your wedding will look like a fairy tale. Imagine how fantastic the photos will be at one such venue. You will have memories for a lifetime that everyone will envy you.


Not only is this a great city for the ceremony itself, but it can be a place to spend your honeymoon. There is so much to see and do in New Orleans. From various museums, the most famous of which is the one dedicated to the Second World War, to music festivals that are a daily occurrence. It’s just enough to walk the streets and feel like you’re at a jazz festival. After that, you can visit the rest of Louisiana, especially Baton Rouge. And Florida isn’t far either if you want to spend the rest of your honeymoon on the beach.


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As you can see, this city has no flaws. Your ceremony will be memorable if you hold it there. So start organizing your perfect wedding in New Orleans right now.

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