Why Roulette is a Great Game to Play with Friends

Gambling is a time-honored tradition. Since the oldest human civilizations, men and women have engaged in games in which they wagered money or goods on the outcome. The tradition continued throughout history, culminating in the 17th century when the first grandiose casino opened its doors in Venice. Within the next few years, casinos opened throughout Europe. It was the French who, in the 18th century, came up with the idea for a game involving a numbered wheel and a small ball. The name of the game became roulette (little wheel in French). Today, roulette is among the most popular casino games in the world.

The game is especially great for social occasions. If you and your group of friends ever want to play together, roulette is an excellent choice. There are quite a few reasons that make the game perfect for social gatherings. So, in this article, we will look at what makes roulette such a great social game.

It is Easy to Learn


Roulette is perhaps the most accessible gambling game. The fact is, you may already know how to play roulette just from cultural osmosis. But if you are unaware, let us look at the roulette wheel and how you can play the game. And the first thing we have to consider is the difference between the two main roulette variants.

American Roulette has 38 numbers on the wheel. From 1 – 36, the American wheel has 18 red numbers and 18 black. At this point, the difference between the two comes up. In American roulette, there are two other numbers (0 and 00), whereas the French wheel has only one extra number (0). In other words, the French wheel is easier to play, as the odds are not as tipped in the casino’s favor.

As we’re sure many of you know, the goal of roulette is to make a bet on where the ball will land. You could guess the color, number, or both. From there, the spinner whacks the wheel throws the ball, and you hope for the best.

You Can Practice Online

In case you are still apprehensive, you need not fear. Roulette is a trendy game in casinos but also incredibly popular online. So, if you have no experience with gambling, we recommend you join a live dealer roulette game to practice and improve your skills before you give land-based roulette a shot. However, roulette is an easy game you can learn to play in 3 minutes or less.

For those who may not know, online roulette is a video game version of the classic game. In recent years, streaming has made it possible to play live-dealer game versions. In this online roulette version, players are looking at a human dealer. The dealer takes in the bets through text or voice chat and then spins the wheel. So, players feel like they are in a real casino. The immersive experience just adds to the fun of playing the game.

It is Popular Everywhere


Roulette is huge. It is so incredibly popular that the roulette wheel remains intertwined with casinos. Many an establishment around the world uses roulette as their symbol. It has become just as recognizable as the Ace of Spades, the Jack of Hearts, or the Lucky Number 7 slot reel. In other words, you will find the game no matter which establishment you attend.

Many people identify Atlantic City or Las Vegas as the best gambling destinations in the world. And indeed, these two cities are hubs for gambling in America. However, you don’t need to head to either to play roulette properly. Around the world, there are a ton of excellent establishments, and a good deal of them will likely hold the game.

In fact, we are sure that most of you are aware of the fact that roulette has two distinct versions. The European (or French) variant and the American variant. The difference between two variants may seem minor, but in reality, it completely changes the game’s flow and odds.

In Europe, the roulette wheel has 18 red slots, 18 black slots, and one green slot, for a total of 37 slots. In the American version, there is an extra green slot, making a total of 38. While it may seem insignificant, the addition of this extra slot tips the favor further in the dealer’s direction. Meaning that American roulette is a lot harder to win than the European version.

Roulette is Excellent for Night-Outs!


Finally, the game is excellent for a night out with friends. Unlike poker or blackjack, roulette does not involve too much skill. The debate on whether roulette requires math skills or is a purely luck-based game has raged on for years. Most experts conclude that luck is all you need. And considering the game only requires you to place a bet and hope for the best, it is an excellent option for people looking to get a few drinks, snack on some finger foods, and have a good time with friends.

The rules of roulette are simple. You put down a bet, and call the number, color, or both that you think the ball will land on. From then, the dealer spins, and the outcome is in the hands of Lady Luck. In other words, roulette is just as simple to play as slots, if not simpler. The simplicity of the game makes it the perfect choice for a big group of friends, as there is no “skill level”. Everyone has the exact same chance to get it right as anyone else.


Roulette is among the most notable games in the gambling world. It is easy to learn, understand, play, and fantastic with a big group of friends. The game is excellent for anyone looking to go out with friends and have a grand time. If you are looking for a weekend activity, or perhaps a friendly get-together at a casino, then definitely give roulette a try.

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