VIDEO: Exploding iceberg in Antarctica!

Facts About Antarctica

Icebergs are mainly found in Antarctica. They are pieces of ice that are found on land and float in an ocean or lake. This is the terrifying video of the exploding ice in the Antarctica that you will see today. There are few visitors who are enjoying the landscape beauty of the Antarctica and suddenly the iceberg near to them explodes in a manner that will surprise you for sure. In the starting, the small of pieces of ice are breaking and suddenly the whole iceberg in the shape of small ice mountain explode like anything. The visitors first become panic and then they are smiling on the experience they have by the incident.
Now, let me tell you something about icebergs the icebergs can be of any shape and sizes. The smaller one is called bergy bits and growlers. They are very dangerous for the ships since they are very hard to locate because most of the part is inside the cold water. The North Atlantic and the cold waters surrounding the Antarctica are the places where you can find maximum icebergs on Earth. We all know about the Titanic that sank near Newfoundland due to collision with the iceberg located in the North Atlantic. After this incident, the United States and the twelve other countries formed the International Ice Patrol to warn ships of the icebergs that are the situated in the North Atlantic. The International Ice Patrol can only monitor icebergs that are larger than 5,400 square feet.
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VIDEO: Exploding iceberg in Antarctica!

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