10 Most Exciting Destination to Visit this Summer – 2024 Guide

Sweat beads on the forehead and wanderlust in the heart, many of you will be planning your next summer holidays soon. There are options galore to choose from for a summer vacay; right from sailing to a number of gorgeous locations to going skiing in the mountains and sunbathing on the beaches. Here, we have curated just the list you would want handy to pick your next
stop on the map.

1. The beaches of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

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A not so famous choice when it comes to beaches, Playa Del Carmen is alluring if you wish to laze at a beach not swamped with tourists. This beach town in Mexico is not just a haven for beach lovers but also water sports enthusiasts. You can do snorkeling at Cenote Azul or Cenote Dos Ojos along with other watersports during the day while spending your evenings trying out Mexican cuisine, especially the tacos. The town is also known for the ancient Mayan ruins which are towards the south of Playa, in the town of Tulum.

2. The sands of Maui, Hawaii

Another destination that is yet to be fully explored by tourists flocking to Hawaii, is Maui, which is a perfect choice to visit in summer. The island is dotted with lush green rainforests, red, white, black beaches and volcanoes that add to its charm. Also known as Valley Isle, Maui is the largest island in the archipelago of Hawaii. There is sunbathing to do at the beaches, snorkeling options at Molokini, surfing on the waves of Kihei and kayaking in Turtle Town. Haleakala summit on the Sliding Sands trail is good for hiking if you are game for it.

3. Sailing in Athens, Greece

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The megapolis of Athens is surrounded by fabulous sailing locations with splendid scenic beauty, ports, and coves that are fun to explore. Flotilla and yacht sailing are very popular here because of the calm and friendly seas. Attica near Athens is known for its marinas while the pine-wooded island of Poros has waters as calm as a lake. Aegina is another port town known for its neoclassical architectural delights like the temple of Aphaia. Make sure you add Hydra to your sailing route since it is one of the most picturesque and popular sailing destinations of Greece.

4. The summer bloom of Iceland

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Iceland is one of the best places to visit in summer if you want to witness its beautiful landscape painted with vibrant colors. Breathtaking locales that offer a visual treat to the eyes and weather that refreshes you with every breath is what makes Iceland the ideal location. The place is known for its rejuvenating geothermal spa and who doesn’t want to see the Northern Lights? The best part about Iceland in summers is the amount of sun you get even in the long June days. Use the extra time to see the geysers, waterfalls, whales, the national park and have a midnight tour of Akranes.

5. The waters of Amalfi Coast, Italy

The sunny and Mediterranean climate of Italy with a landscape brimming with natural beauty and dotted with historical relics is ideal for a summer sailing holiday. Picture postcard-worthy colorful houses along the coastline which is lined with yachts and little boats make sailing in Italy just the thing you want to spend your summers doing. The Ravello Festival is a renowned historic summer music and arts festival that adds to the brownie points. Amalfi Coast is easily accessible from the ports of Salerno and Naples which can be added to your sailing itinerary. Take a break from the waters to see the Amalfi Cathedral, Fiord in Furore and Museo Della Carta.

6. Hiking in Zermatt, Switzerland

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The little town of Zermatt amidst the Swiss Alps is known for its fabulous weather, magnificent backdrop provided by the snow-capped peaks and adventure sports that give an adrenaline pulsating experience to the visitors. Zermatt is at an altitude of 1600 meters and located at the foothills of the Matterhorn Peak. There is a lot to do here like going for a hike on the trails at the Unterrothorn Peak, enjoying a cable car ride at Klein Matterhorn, spending some time at Gorner Gorge and Schwarzsee Lake. We hope you have already bought your hiking gear, if not, you can find everything you’re looking for here!

7. Sailing in Turkey

Starting from Antalya and going all the way up to Bodrum, the Turkish coastline is dotted with caves, beaches, and forests that make sailing in the waters here an unforgettable experience. You can sail between Fethiye and Demre to witness the magnificent Lycian ruins as you make pit stops at the small towns that fall in between. You can start your sailing expedition from Fethiye which is a major market town of the Turkish Riviera. Other coastal locations that you can explore in Turkey are Göcek and Bodrum.

8. Adventure sports in Pokhara, Nepal

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Pokhara is loved by everyone who visits this beautiful land surrounded by mountains and rich with scenic landscapes. The place is ideal for all kinds of travelers; trekkers, adventure lovers, honeymooners, nature lovers, and backpackers. You will find that the place has a whole host of adventure sports activities to choose from. There are trekking and paragliding options along with bungee jumping and zip-lining. The place is an underdog when it comes to destinations that are beautiful and are also an adventure sports destination. Waterfall, lakes, caves, gardens; you name it and Pokhara has it!

9. Gape awestruck at Big Ben in London, UK

London is known for its predominantly gloomy and overcast weather but it is also known for its fabulous summers. It beckons tourists with its Big Ben, the nonchalant British guards at the Buckingham Palace and the iconic yet humble fish and chips. Summers in London are surprisingly pleasant and much-awaited for some interesting festivals that take place here like St. Patrick’s Day, Pancake Day, and Beer Week. Enjoy the nightlife of the city as you hop from one pub to another.

10. The whites of Greenland

Ilulissat icefjord, Greenland

Greenland, which ironically is more white than green, is a place everyone would want to spend their summer days; away from the scorching heat and in the folds of the ice-capped mountains. The Arctic Circle is on the wishlist of anyone who loves snow and the wonders that come with it. Take a boat ride to see the giant icebergs and a long line-up of sea creatures like whales and walruses. The days are longer here, giving you more time to engage in fun activities like dog sledding, kayaking, and backpacking.

A summer holiday is all about beating the sweat and heading out to destinations that give you a complete package with beautiful backdrops, delectable food, adventure and fun things to do.
So, visit and take your pick from some amazing locations scattered all over the globe to awaken the globetrotter in you.

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