My Thailand Experience: Life-Changing Adventures!

Thailand Experience

My Thailand Experience

It was hot sunny out here in Delhi, exhausted with the work and temperature I thought of taking a break and go on a vacation. I started searching out for some good destinations in India (Obviously Goa, which is a perfect break for all bachelor’s). Suddenly the travel website gave me a pop-up of Thailand package which was almost equal to Goa. Upon exploring I got to know that there is some offer going on where in the Visa fee was exempted if we take visa from here and a 50% discount for Visa on arrival.
This made me more curious about the trip. I ranged my mates and they too were ready and I started finalizing the trip and our Tripling.Here is start of life changing Thailand experience,

April 13th, 2017, the day we landed the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok. It was the New Year Day of Thailand and the Thai celebrate their New Year in a different way. It’s the Songkran Festival they used to celebrate New Year. (I have written a separate page for this).

From Suvarnabhumi International Airport we took the Airport Bus to Pattaya City, our first destination. We had booked a resort in Pattaya ‘Reveira Resort Pattaya’ it was a very good resort with a nice swimming pool. After resting for a while we went out to explore the city and the hottest part of Pattaya ‘The Beach Road’ and ‘Pattaya Beach’.

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The Beach Road was full of people and tourists, all enjoying the beauty of the city one side and beach on the other side. The Pattaya Beach have many water sports like Banana Ride, Para-Sailing, Jetski and much more. There were people enjoying the beach and swimming in the sea. Couples having beach walk and sun bath.

Thailand Experience

The roadside soi’s are full of a lot of bars and restaurants. We sat on a Bar and enjoyed the Songkran with a few drinks, splashing water on each other and lot of dancing. After Enjoying the Songkran we came back to resort to change the wet clothes and enjoy the nightlife.

The nightlife in Pattaya is very much fun and energetic. The famous ‘Walking Street’ is very much crowded and have a lot of Dance Bars, Pubs, Discs, Go-Go Bars and a lot more. The parties go till early morning hours. Even we returned back to resort at 4:30 AM.

The next day got up late and had planned to go on a small sight-seeing. We called up the cab and visited the Gems Gallery Pattaya, Pattaya Underwater World, and the famous Floating Market.

Gems Gallery Pattaya:

It’s the place full of gems and different types of stones. This place hosts very artistic stonework and very precious stones from around the world. It has two sections, one for Gold and Gems and another for the pearl. It has jewelry, decorative items, Thai special soaps, and fragrances. There is a small workshop where you can see the workers creating the masterpiece. Entry is free and you can avail free hotel transfer.

Pattaya Underwater World:

Underwater World Pattaya is a leisure attraction showcasing the rich variety of marine life found around the region. Located in South Pattaya, it complements the many other educational programs and recreational activities available at this beautiful oceanic scenery. The fee for foreign nationals is 500Bhat. You can see a lot many different kinds of sea living animals including sharks and rays. There was a separate dark section were jellyfishes were kept which was illuminated with colorful lights which keep changing in seconds.One of the most adventurous life changing Thailand experience I have here.

Thailand Experience

Floating Market Pattaya:

Then we moved on to the Floating Market Pattaya. It’s a tourist attraction and a kind of man-made floating market. The entry fee was 900 bhat, which includes the travel by boat with the guided (Audio Recording) tour. The boat took us from the parts of the floating market and its different bridges (One was the Love Bridge). The boat dropped us on the opposite end of the market. We got down and returned by walk exploring the market. Did some shopping out there. Mostly the stuff there was, of girls.

Thailand Experience

Food In Pattaya:

We got to see many Indian restaurants there in Pattaya, wherein you can have a good quality Indian Food. Some of them are Maharaja Indian Restaurant, Sher-e-Punjab, Madras Darbar, Raj Indian Restaurant, Garam Masala, Delhi Darbar, Kohinoor Indian Restaurant etc. Of which I can recommend Maharaja Indian Restaurant and Sher-e-Punjab, as I liked the food quality there. And these are mostly run and managed by Indians. They can help you out with some tour options and arrange cabs for city tour and sightseeing.

With all the Thailand experience our short stay at Pattaya got over and we moved to our next destination. We had to take the flight from Bangkok’s Don Muang, Airport, which is another 35 Kms away from Suvarnabhumi Airport. The Don Muang Airport is the old airport which used to cater to the city but now is basically having domestic flights.


Our flight got late and we reached Phuket after midnight, but still, we were so enthusiastic that after check-in we went to Phuket’s Patong Beach (Near to our Hotel) and had a beach walk. While on the walk we got to know that Phuket also has a special event for us, it was 23rd Phuket Bike Week.
We were excited to have a view of some amazing bikes and soon we heard a zooooooooooom sound and superbikes passed from the road. We witnessed a couple of superbikes till then.

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Thailand Experience

The next morning we got up and were ready for some adventure. It was a nice adventure. There are 2 famous venues for ziplining’s 1. Flying Hanuman and 2. Hanuman World. As the slots for Flying Hanuman were completed for the day, we went to Hanuman World to have the fun and adventure.

Hanuman World:

It was a totally different and spellbound experience. We had a 16 Platform package which included 10 zip lines,1 sky Bridge, 3 Abseil Point, 1 Honeymoon Sling, and 1 Spiral Staircase. (More I will share you the website link and Boucher). Got ourselves filmed while taking up the adventure. They provide free hotel transfers to the venue.

Thailand Experience

After completing it, it was time for some refreshments as there was time to get the video ready. They gave us the video and a memory drive and life long memories.

Para-Sailing at Patong Beach:

After the Hanuman World, we came back to the beach, to explore it and enjoy the nightlife. There I enjoyed the parasailing at Patong Beach. There were different water sports available like Pattaya Beach. But I preferred Phuket for parasailing coz of its view. The view of small mountains and sea with the sunset. It was an awesome time for the sport. The parasailing was somewhere between 1500 Bhat, but the bargain skills made the deal to 900 Bhat. Here, travellers can have their true lifetime Thailand experience.

Thailand Experience

After that, we swam in the sea and enjoyed the tides. Then washed and started exploring the Beach Road and the adjacent Walking Street. The Phuket walking street was a bit different in comparison with the one at Pattaya. I personally found Pattaya walking street better.
But it was also too energetic and cheerful.

Hooters Phuket:

We saw the Hooters and gave a break for beers. Hooters is the American Restaurant Chain which is famous for its Hooters Girls. The appearance of the waitresses is the main attraction of the restaurant. A Hooters Girl is a waitress at the Hooters restaurant. The girls are in their uniform of a white tank top with the “Hootie the Owl” logo and the location name on the front paired with short orange runner’s shorts.

Thailand Experience
After a couple of beers and dance, we went to the Hard Rock Café- Phuket. Same session of beers, music, and dance there and then left for dinner. We found a good Indian restraint for dinner, had a good Indian dinner and back to the hotel as we were to leave at 7:30 Am for the Phi-Phi tour.

Phi-Phi Island Tour:

This was the most awaited part of our trip. The Phi-Phi island tour is one of the best Thailand experience on a speedboat. This costs between 2000-2500 Bhat, but the final price depends upon your bargaining skills. We got it finalized for 1500 Bhat with transfers. The cab came to pick us up for the amazing tour. We reached the boarding cum assembly point for the tour. Our tour guide guided us about the stops and the events of the tour and we were ready to dip into the sea.

Thailand Experience

Program Itinerary:

1. Pick up from the hotel and transfer to Sea Angel Pier.
2. Complimentary breakfast and coffee.
3. Lunch at Khai Nai Island Beach walk and snorkelling/Scuba Diving.
4. Sightseeing Maya Bay. Loh Samah Bay. Pileh Cave and Viking Cave.
5. Phi Phi Don to Yao Yai Island sightseeing by boat and enjoyed swimming and snorkelling when the boat was anchored in mid sea.
6. And the last was the Phi- Phi Island. Where we had a stop of about 30-40 mins. There we enjoyed the swimming last time and boarded back to the base.
7. The cab dropped us back to the hotel.

Returning back to the hotel we packed our stuff and went to have a last sight of the Patong beach and the Beach road. Bought some clothes and a small souvenir.
Back to the hotel, boarded the cab and left for the airport.

And after that:

Phuket Airport —- > Don Muang Airport
Don Muang Airport —— Cab — > Suvarnabhumi Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport —– > Kolkata
Kolkata ———- > New Delhi

And back to the basics, same old office but the new memories with a lot of fun.

You can share your views and comments with me and if you guys need any detail or info about Pattaya/Phuket, related to hotels/transfers/restaurants, Indian restaurants or any other you can e-mail me. There is a lot to say and lot to tell, everything cannot be summed up here.

Thailand Experience

Hope to see some nice comments and queries. I must recommend you all to visit Thailand experience once and especially Phuket. It’s a lifetime Thailand experience.

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