8 Best Treks in Nepal to Experience in 2024

Nepal is a South Asian country that is most famous for its mountains. And there is a good reason behind it. This country is home to the Himalayas, the highest peaks in the world. If you think about going on a trek, there is no better country to choose from than Nepal. You can find here routes with different difficulty levels and duration to suit your needs. Without any further ado, here are eight best treks in Nepal to choose from.

Mera Peak

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Kicking things off with the highest trekking peak in Nepal, only 6476 meters high. It is a route for a little more experienced trekkers out there, as at the top level of oxygen is half of what it is at sea level. So, before going there, it is best to know your body and your reactions. If you already have some experience with high-altitude treks, Mera Peak may be perfect for you. However, just for your safety, you should climb Mera Peak with some professional help. With the help of KandooAdventures, you can find people that are experienced and ready to guide you through the difficulties of this trek. It should be a challenge that you will never forget.

Annapurna Circuit

One of the most famous routes in Nepal, as it enables you to explore rich natural and cultural diversity. It is in the foothills of the whole Annapurna range. You can see here everything from lush, green pasture to an alpine forest. Annapurna Circuit trek is moderate in difficulty and should take around 15 days to finish. This might be the perfect experience if you like this kind of adventure.

Everest Base Camp

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Is there anyone who hasn’t heard about Mount Everest? Earth’s highest mountain is also considered the most difficult to climb on. But you can get an Everest experience choosing Everest Base Camp trek, and it is no less exciting. On your way there, you will have the opportunity to get to know Sherpa culture. You will also follow the route most famous climbers have chosen to start their marvelous adventure.

Upper Mustang

This trek is a part of a geopolitically and culturally sensitive area that is open for the trekkers since 1992. The feeling this place brings is similar to the one you can find in Tibet. Because Upper Mustang was separated for centuries from the rest of the world, you can find here landscapes that haven’t changed for ages. The trek usually follows ancient salt caravan route. It is a hidden paradise of Nepal that offers the view of snow peaks, and semi-desert with deep ravines and rock shelves. In one word, astonishing.

Langtang Valley

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If you look for diverse vegetation or cultured villages of Nepal, Langtang Valley is an ideal trek for you. It offers a great viewpoint of Langtang Ri, the beautiful mountain that is shared between three countries, China, Tibet and Nepal. But, on your way, you can also see Annapurna and Makalu. It is the wildest region for trekkers you can find, and it is not far from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. The trek in itself should last around ten days, and it is considered moderate in difficulty. From Langtang Valley, you should come back with memories of grassy meadows, stony streams, pine forests, and extensive pastures. The experience that will be set for a lifetime.

Gokyo Ri

Gokyo is a region of ice glaciers and valleys. A trek through Gokyo is a road through a forest and endless suspension bridges. Most waterfalls that you will see on the route will be frozen. The valley is home to many freshwater lake systems and different high-altitude wetlands. The view of Five Emerald Lakes will take your breath away. Gokyo Ri is an iconic trek for the sights of nature and perhaps the most beautiful iced valleys in the world.

Manaslu Circuit

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Manaslu Circuit is a trek that offers picks of the border between Tibet and Nepal. You will find here epic sceneries and wooden planks temporary bridges. On your way, you will probably cross Tibetan and Hindu-style villages and most importantly, ancient Buddhist monasteries. During Manaslu Circuit trek you will reach Larkaya Pass along with other challenging mountain passes. This route is considered to be difficult, so please consider getting some trek experience first before this adventurous journey. operates Manaslu Circuit Trek. They have wonderful reviews and employ local guides and porters that helps to uplift their economy.

Ghorepani Poon Hill

Finally, at the end of the list, a trek for beginners. It takes only five days to complete it. Ghorepani Poon Hill trek is considered a classic Himalayan route in the Annapurna region. The maximum elevation here is only 3210 meters, yet this particular trek is the only one on the list offering rhododendron forest and a site of Gurung villages. Consider going there in spring, when the forests bloom. And to see the sunrise over the Annapurna range is something that you will never forget. This might be the best trek to start your journey exploring the beauty of Nepal.

If you are looking for spiritual cleansing, an awesome adventure or a cultural experience like no other, Nepal is your place on earth. It is the most popular trekking destination in the world, and it is waiting for you. Just make you are ready to capture all of the beauty of this place, as it is not an easy task.

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