7 Best Treks In The World

If you are a nature lover, there is no better way to get in touch with nature, connect with it and experience it to the fullest than to go on a trek across the world’s greatest and most significant peaks and sights. If you have not tried it before, trekking can be your new way of escaping from everyday stressful life and getting out of your comfort zone. This type of adventure really opens new possibilities for a person and provides him a freedom that he never thought he can experience.

It is unbelievable how much our world is beautiful and what it has to offer to us. We truly take it for granted because we are constantly so occupied with things that are taking out strength and health. However, if we just stop for a second and realize how glorious the world is all our troubles, and stresses can seem so irrelevant. There are so places in our world that have never been discovered yet and come with a long history.

Therefore, it takes a brave and ambitious approach to commit to nature and to take yourself on a trek. As the result, you are going to get unbelievable memories to remember for your whole life as well as exciting and thrilling adventurous experiences. If you are ready to dedicate yourself to changing your life, think about some of these trekking experiences that you can embark on.

1. Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal


If you want to embrace yourself and try one of the most incredible panoramic adventures in Nepal, and in the world generally, you should decide on the Annapurna Base Camp route which has a length of 4000m. This trek route is considered moderate, which means that even though you are a beginner, you will not face a lot of challenges and obstacles while passing it.

Additionally, experienced people will be definitely amazed by the natural beauty of this region. While you are moving, you will be surrounded by immersive and magnificent mountains that are known as Annapurna Sanctuary. Besides, you will have the opportunity to see incredible and majestic cliffs. This place comes with a unique story since it is considered sacred by local people.

2. Routeburn in New Zealand


Two national parks are overlapping in the Routeburn Track which is located on the South Island of New Zealand. This means that viewers will have a chance to discover and enjoy the sightseeing of both the Mount Aspiring National Park and Fiordland National Park at the same time. When comes the highest point here, is the Harris Saddle which is known as the most majestic point from which you can have incredible long-distance views in all directions.

This trek comes with a story to tell since the history of this place is dating back to the late 19th Century. This track is one of the most popular in the terms of stunning mountain peaks, breathtaking waterfalls, and lakes. As you can conclude this place is really relaxation and an adventure you should not miss. Best of all is that the track is convenient for any time of the year.

3. Everest Base Camp in Nepal


If you want to indulge yourself in one of the most adventurous and magnificent trekking experiences, Everest Base Camp which is located in Nepal should be on the top of your bucket list. The incredibly majestic sights that you are going to have a chance to enjoy on Everest are not the only thing you should see of the attraction on this adventure. While you are reaching the highest point and walking over 5 500m, you will have a unique chance to cross over breathtaking rivers, and visit specific Sherpa villages and the most popular Buddhist monasteries that are going to leave a big impression on your way. The surrounding that will be around you is going to be incredible memory that you are going to preserve for the rest of your life.

Everest Base Camp trek is graded as moderate to strenuous, which means that before embracing yourself on going on this destination, you should prepare yourself physically. This means that you will need to reach a good fitness level so you can enjoy the most beautiful adventures in your life. At every step, you will be enjoying magnificent and outstanding views of the tallest mountain that exists in the world. So, if you are looking for trekking that is going to boost your adventurous life experiences to a whole new level, visit website and take yourself on the remarkable challenge that is happening once in a lifetime.

4. Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka


The most majestic pilgrimage site for Buddhists that people from different religions find holy is the significant Adam’s Peak in central Sri Lanka. People from all around the world, including Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and others are very excited to climb this mountain and experience its benefits and breathtaking sights. This mountain is actually accessed by six trails which means that if you decide on this trip, you will have several possibilities that you can consider and choose the option that is most suitable for your hiking ability. Prepare yourself for taking around 5200 steps to this destination. The experience is even greater if you decide to take the trip in the middle of the night and to rich the peak in time for sunrise. That is the most glorious moment you will remember from the trip.

5. Kailash Circuit in Tibet


If you want to start your trekking experience in Tibet, you should not miss the most sacred and stunning treks that are available in the Himalayas which is called the Kalash Circuit. This destination comes with the reputation of being one of the most religious pilgrimages in the whole world. You will be amazed by the giant rivers in India. However, the most incredible story when it comes to this path is that many people believe that going through it will free them from the endless cycle of birth and death.

6. Snowman Trek in Bhutan


If you are very experienced in this field, you should consider going on the most challenging trail in the world that is located between Bhutan and Tibet – the Snowman Trek. This route will bring you so many unforgettable memories and you will truly have the feeling that you are isolated from the world.

7. Great Ocean Walk in Australia


Finally, as the last one, we prepared for you the most popular Twelve Apostles 56-kilometer-long trek that will truly leave a huge impact on you. You will be going along the rugged Victorian coast and enjoy the sightseeing of dreamy beaches while walking through forest treks. Additionally, you will be fascinated by Australian wildlife. Best of all, this is a trek available for people of all climbing and physical abilities.

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