Bahamas Yacht Charters during the Coronavirus

The Bahamas is an enchanting archipelago of over 700 islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Friendly sandy shores of the Bahamas welcome tourists both from water transport (cruise liners, private yachts, boats) and the sky (scheduled and charter flights, personal helicopters).

How to Investigate the Ocean?

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The main income for the country comes from the tourism industry, in particular, eco and sports tourism. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the pristine azure beaches. Therefore, the authorities are trying to make everyone`s vacation as comfortable and memorable as possible.

If you want to explore all the Bahamas or, at least, the biggest part, you have to rent a yacht or a boat. 12knots offers more than 120 boats for charter in the Bahamas. The prices vary from €2,118 to €23,695 for 7 days. Even the cheapest variant includes 3 cabins and 6 berths. Therefore, you may rent it with your friends or family and live there on the go.

  • The booking procedure is simple, and it includes the following steps:
  • Choose the boat you need;
  • Check if it suits the days of your vacation;
  • Choose additional services if you need them;
  • Make a reservation on the 12knots website;
  • Send your boating license and wait until the manager will check it;
  • The bareboat charter approval and the booking agreement will be sent on your e-mail;

Cover the payment requirements

Your reservation may be canceled free of charge for 4 days. All the boats have insurance. The check-in time is 5 p.m., and the check-out is 10 a.m. If you haven`t returned the boat on time, you will have to pay additional charges.

Demise Your Boat

Dubai Yacht

If you have a yacht or a boat, you may hit a lick of it. Just create an account on Bemybroker. This is a free secure platform for charter lessors.

Enter the username and your current e-mail and create a complex password. Then, you will receive the activation link on your e-mail;

  • Follow the link and enter your username and password;
  • Choose if you are a charter company or a private owner (private owners may list just 1 boat);
  • Fill in personal information;
  • Choose the banking details;
  • Enter your payment terms and requirements;
  • Pass to the «Create yacht» section and fill in your boat details (yacht and charter type, name model, year, measurement unit, overall length, berths, number of passengers, commission percentage);
  • Upload registration, boat docs, and insurance
  • Attach photos of your boat (the best is to choose between 7 and 10 both external and internal quality photos);
  • Select extra options;
  • Check all the entered information;
  • Press the «Save» button.
  • After the account registration process, you have access to the whole site`s functionality.

COVID restrictions

The authorities of the Bahamas care about the health of tourists and residents; therefore, they have set certain restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic. From November 1, 2024, it is allowed to rent yachts and boats in the Bahamas with certain limitations.

Everyone must have a negative PCR-test taken no more than 5 days before arrival. Persons having the positive test or a negative one that was taken earlier than 5 days are prohibited to enter the Bahamas.

Persons who meet the first requirement have to install Travel Health Visa application.
Travelers should apply for health insurance within the app, which will protect them during staying in the Bahamas.
All tourists must wear a face mask if they are in a public place or the place of short distancing. Wearing a face mask on the beaches is not obligatory, but you have to wear them while entering and leaving the beach.
Yacht rental is considered one of the best pastimes during the Coronavirus pandemic. It is distant; so, you don`t have to communicate with other people. Thus, you may not worry about the safety of your voyage.

Where to Go in the Bahamas?

The Bahamas has clear water, clean beaches, and warm weather. These aspects make this resort an ideal destination for sailing and swimming. The beaches are one of the main attractions of the Bahamas as almost the entire coastline of the islands is beaches.

  • Pink Sands Beach. One of the most famous beaches in the Bahamas is located on Harbor Island and is called Pink Sands Beach. Thanks to the unique microorganisms that live on coral reefs, the color of the sand on this beach are soft pink. The shells of these microorganisms have a bright red color. During a storm, strong waves break off pieces of armor and throw them ashore. There, red pigment mixes with white sand to create a unique romantic pink beach. This beach is perfect for divers as the water in this part of the ocean is clear. The visibility reaches 60 meters underwater.
  • Pink Sands Beach is highly popular with celebrities. They often come there to take the most beautiful and exotic photos for social networks.
  • Pig Island. One of the most popular places to visit in the Bahamas is Big Major Cay or Pig Island. Dozens of special waterfowl pigs and piglets live on it. There are several hypotheses about how the pigs turned up on the island:

The pigs belonged to pirates, who left them on the island specifically as food reserves for the future. The pirates were never destined to return, but the pigs survived.

A shipwreck occurred off the coast of the island. There were pigs on board the ship, and only they managed to escape.

The pigs were brought to the island specifically to attract tourists.

We don`t know which of these versions is correct. But the fact is that on the Pig Island, everyone wins. Pigs adore tourists for feeding them. And tourists love to watch and feed these wonderful creatures.

It does not matter how long will your sailing voyage through the Bahamas be. This is the place where everyone can find the rest to taste. Without fail, this vacation will be unforgettable. So, choose the dates, book the yacht, pick up your friends, and take the adventure!

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