4 Best Cities For Shopping in the UK – 2024 Guide

Shopping in the UK can be an experience of your life if you choose the right places to do it. Come on, raise your hand if you’re one of those for whom a trip or vacation doesn’t seem to be a complete pleasure without one strong session of wandering through department stores! We completely understand you – how can you miss that magical sparkle of shopping malls, cool decorations, and colorful counters that entice you, inviting you to approach them? True, the first thing you’ll look for when you come to a new city are probably the prominent sights, nice places to visit, sweet cafes to drink your first-morning coffee, and spots for making new and wonderful memories. But still, we all know that rarely will any of us return home without at least one thing bought in the cities we visit.

They’re often souvenirs, but even more frequently these include clothes, shoes, and numerous other compelling things waiting for you on the counters and shelves of stores. And, well, it’s quite easy for you to check out where the best ones are thanks to numerous apps and platforms that make our lives simpler, like city maps or This one features the best places of any kind – art, hair studios, spas, boutiques and so much more – just in order for you to choose the best. England itself, like most other countries in the world, is rich in such places, but among its cities that are always open to receive new tourists and visitors, there are still some favorites. A little top list of those that you mustn’t miss if you happen to be in the land of the rose is right in front of you – so take a moment and have a look at it.


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If you find yourself in Manchester, it’s almost certain that you will not won’t be bored nor have problems choosing a place to visit – starting with the Northern Quarter, which deserves the title of one of the most gorgeous parts of the city.

Tourists who’ve already been there and the residents themselves will agree that this irresistible hood full of vivid colors, mostly anonymous producers and street vendors, is something that no one wants to miss. If you enjoy wandering the streets full of those tiny wooden houses behind which sellers keep inviting you to look at cute boho pieces of clothing, old things, books, works of art, and handicrafts, then wait no more – book a ticket for this city immediately! You’ll feel as if you’re in a fairy tale, and what could be wrong with making another wonderful memory in a row?

In addition to this lovely place, you’ll also be delighted by the Arndale Center, where you can find some of the more famous brands. It’s quite easy to reach, since it’s super popular, and besides that, you can also walk through Castlefield, New Cathedral Street or find Afflecks, the realm of vintage wardrobe and items that no one can remain indifferent to.


Don’t be fooled by the size of this city – although there are much bigger places than it and really great metropolises that offer many more options, Brighton has so much to brag about and attract people. Apart from the sea coast, which gives some soul to the city and makes it even more amazing, there are also great opportunities to look round through the shops that really boast a handful of absorbing and magical things.

If you ask experienced visitors and shopaholics where to go first, most of them will unanimously say – North Laines and the South Laines. Fans of indie spirit and related styles will simply get lost among the diverse offer – clothes in ornate, old-school-style, decorations, antiques that count tens and hundreds of years, furniture, sweets – everything that comes to your mind. You’ll fall in love with the eclectic shop windows full of things, shiny sidewalks from which you’ll look at them, and the whole spirit of this town.

If you still want to find a nice place to spend a few dollars in addition to this, there are more choices. For example, Churchill Square and a huge, shiny 4-floor mall where after visiting parts like Bershka, H&M, Fossil, Levi’s or Skechers you can enjoy juicy cheeseburgers from McDonald’s, Greek food or bubble tea. Brighton Marina also offers numerous services like hairdressers, cafes, and spa centers apart from shops.


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The capital, of course – because hey, is it even possible not to mention it anyway? And not only because of the size of the city and the fact that it’s simply impossible not to find a whole dozen exciting activities and outlets there but also because of the very nature and vibe that it sends to those who enter it. Literally every part of London abounds in various types of shops that are just a shame to avoid and at least not stop in front of them, so you can choose from as many as 20 areas that definitely require your attention.

For those who don’t regret spending some real cash and who want to feel the real luxury of shopping in posh conditions, the warmest recommendations would be Bond Street and Harrods. Not only are they full of magnificent buildings that leave passers-by breathless and adorn countless newsfeeds on Instagram. They also keep the finest boutiques and shops in London under their wing – Cartier, Burberry, Louis Vuitton… So much splendor, wealth and dazzling luxury will delight anyone who lays eyes on them – even if this pleasure is a little too expensive for you.

There are also Westfield Stratford City as one of the biggest malls in Europe, Selfridges with some great denim and jewelry, Covent Garden bringing some precious fresh cultural breeze, Piccadilly Square, King’s Road, etc.


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Finally, in the city of Edinburgh, you’ll have the opportunity to see and experience a unique image – the oldest shopping center in Scotland, created as far back as 1838, which was later sold to the House of Fraser. In addition, you’ll love the fantastic design and elegant nature of George’s street, where you can go in search of beautiful and luxurious jewelry and wardrobe.

Almost the entire street has been turned into a great shopping area where during those exciting hours you can take a break in several great restaurants that offer cuisine specialties of different nations. When you visit this city, don’t miss Old Town, where you can find super cool boutiques of vintage clothes, handmade brooches and accessories, lingerie, phenomenal cheese shops, hats, and countless other wonderful things.

If there’s enough time, West Port, Multrees Walk, and Princess Street are waiting for you, especially beautiful and full during the holidays, when everything exudes that spirit!

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