Traveling for Business – How to Fill Up Your Free Time

Do you find yourself traveling for business regularly? Do you often have a lot of downtime on your business trips leaving you wondering how you’re going to fill it? Would you like to be able to enjoy your trips a bit more so that it’s not all wrapped in work responsibilities, meetings, and conferences? If this sounds like what you typically experience while traveling for business, it’s time to start making better use of your free time. Let’s take a closer look at some fabulous ways to fill up your free time on your next business trip so you feel like it was a total success.

1. Prepare for a Meeting of Presentation – Work Comes First


While this particular tip isn’t glamourous or fun, it is the reality of traveling for business. If you’ve got free time then the first thing you need to ask yourself is whether or not there is any work that you need to be doing. Do you need to prepare a presentation, respond to emails, chat with co-workers at home, or complete any other work-related tasks? This comes first to ensure that all your work is getting done, and your business trip is productive.

2. Check Out the Local Dining Scene

A business trip can provide you with the perfect opportunity to check out the local dining scene and even try new-to-you cuisine. Rather than visiting a franchise/chain restaurant or the typical tourist locations, figure out where the locals eat and try those restaurants. The locals tend to know what they’re talking about, so why not follow their lead?

You can do a little digging online in advance of your trip to create a list of places you want to eat, or you can check with the hotel’s concierge or front desk for suggestions. Make sure you let them know you want to sample the real flavor of the town/city and want to eat at local hot spots.

3. Squeeze in a Little Shopping Time


There’s something very exciting about shopping in different cities, towns, and countries. It exposes you to completely different products and items that you may not be able to find at home. What this means is that setting aside a little time to shop could be another way to fill that free time. While you can certainly visit the popular shops in that destination, the markets tend to be where you’ll find the real treasures and get a true sense of the destination.

4. Online Casino Gaming – a Fabulous Distraction

For many people, online gaming is an excellent way to relax and unwind while providing a distraction from any work-related stress. With online casinos being so plentiful, this can be the perfect game in terms of fun and distraction whether you’ve got a few minutes to fill or a couple of hours.

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As for what kind of games you can expect to find on these online casinos, it’s a replica of a brick-and-mortar casino except with more variety. You’ll find slot machines and all the popular table games like poker, roulette, and blackjack. Online casinos aren’t just a trend; they are a full-blown online entertainment industry packed full of the latest technology, gaming features, and fun.

5. Catch Up on Your Social Networks


Downtime is also the perfect time to fall down the social network rabbit hole. How many times have you said you will just “quickly” check your social network feeds only to spend an hour or more browsing and responding? This is the ideal activity for your downtime. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with family and friends back home, which is especially important for those on the road regularly or for long periods at one time.

6. Sign Up for a Guided Tour

There’s also nothing wrong with being a tourist for a bit – after all, you are visiting. If the time allows, you can look into a guided tour. Guided tours can last anywhere from an hour or two to a full day. This gives you lots of flexibility to find something that works for your schedule. Tours can take place by foot, bike, bus, boat, train, or another mode of transportation. They typically highlight specific attractions, architecture, history or even use a theme like a food-related tour.

If you like the idea of a guided tour, be sure to research this in advance so you know which tour(s) you are interested in, and so that you can buy your ticket and reserve your spot in advance if necessary.

7. Explore the Hotel Amenities


Maybe you prefer to do something a bit slower-paced and relaxing during your downtime? If that’s the case, you can explore your hotel’s amenities. The hotel may have a pool, exercise facilities, on-site dining and/or shopping, a spa, and so forth. The fact you don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy these features may be just what you need.

8. Go Ahead and Have That Nap

Many business travelers find themselves working late into the evenings, attending an industry event, or meeting with clients for a late dinner. What this means is that your days can be very long by the time you are back in your room and crawling into bed. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to use that downtime to have a quick little nap. It may be all you need to feel refreshed, focused, and ready for the next meeting. If you’ve got a late-night plan, a nap can make a massive difference.

As these tips show you, there are plenty of ways you can fill your downtime while traveling for business. Some are focused on productivity, while others allow you to relax and take a little time off work.

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