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Can Bulldogs Eat Apples – Pet Guide

There is an old saying that goes “an apple a day keeps a doctor away,” but does this famous phrase apply to Bulldogs too?

Surprisingly, apples are an excellent source of low-calorie protein treats for Bulldogs. They are healthy, affordable, and high in vitamins A and C and dietary fiber. Hence, feel free to toss your Bulldog some sliced apples whenever it is snack time.

Why Apples Are Absolutely Great for Bulldogs

appleApples are an ideal source of high fiber, low protein, and antioxidants for Bulldogs. Who knew that something so tasty would be healthy too? Dr. Oscar E. Chavez, DVM and Chief Medical Officer at JustFoodForDogs, advises pet owners that they should limit their dog’s use of meaty treats, especially if their dogs have a lower resistance to certain illnesses. This will help them stick to a low-fat diet and even restrict their protein intake.

This rule does not only apply to aging dogs or dogs with health issues. In order to keep your Bulldog active and fit, you should feed it apple slices which would, in turn, help increase the antioxidants and vitamin C in its tiny body. Another belief is that apples help with the dog’s degenerative conditions such as joint pain, and the fiber in it helps strengthen your dog’s gastrointestinal health.

Moreover, apple slices clean residue off a dog’s teeth. Once the plague and food pieces are cleaned off, your Bulldog’s breath will smell cleaner and fresher, affecting its overall oral hygiene.

Side Effects

Although apples have their fair share of advantages, you should remember that nothing is good in excess. Hence, always moderate your Bulldog’s diet, no matter the situation.

It is crucial that you remember to get rid of the core and all the seeds in the apple before giving it to your Bulldog. The seeds are poison to your dog. They contain cyanide which can accumulate in your dog’s system over time. Furthermore, the seeds can choke your dog, so you should never give it an entire apple without cutting it into slices.

Another important thing is that each dog has a different digestive system and reacts to things differently. Hence, your dog may have trouble digesting apples, so make sure to try out with small doses before including apples in your Bulldog’s everyday diet.

In case your Bulldog has diabetes or cancer, steer clear of apples as they contain high levels of sugar that might mess up its already delicate health.


In case apples work with your Bulldog’s system, feel free to cut them up and include them in its everyday diet. Just remember to play it safe by not giving more than one or two apples in one go!

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