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Can Boxers Eat Apples – 2024 Pet Diet Guide

The Boxer is a small and powerful German watchdog that is born to be a leader. It has the tendency to become the ideal guard dog for human beings as well as homes and buildings. The smooth and short-furred skin of this dog is present in a variety of colors, ranging from tan to pure black. It has large dark-brown eyes along with a large black nose and thin, high ears that fall forward.

This dog has muscular front and back legs. Interestingly, the Boxer uses its front paws very often. It uses its front paws to play with toys, food, and almost everything. This is exactly where, according to some, the name Boxer originates from.

The Boxer, on average, weighs sixty pounds and has a height of twenty-five inches. It is believed that the average lifespan of a Boxer dog is around eleven to fourteen years.

Nature, Moods & Much More

appleBoxers are protective by nature. They tend to look after their family, home, and owner instinctively. They are full of energy and curiosity and have a very caring and protective nature. This dog is also very smart and intelligent. It learns very quickly and is generally known as a very obedient dog. It is a very energetic pet, and you will not find it lazily spread out at home. It is always on the go, ready to work or play. It is athletic by nature, and that makes these dogs ideal and well-suited for the military or police.

Food Habits of Boxer Dogs

Due to their extremely active and energetic nature, Boxers need to exercise a lot to stay healthy and need to be well-fed at all times. Simple carbohydrates are extremely important for these dogs and because fruits have a high amount of fiber and are simple carbs as well, they turn out to be ideal for these dogs.

Some fruits have intoxicants in them which fight cancer and for dogs like the Boxer which are highly prone to it, this turns out to be perfect. Fruits like bananas, cantaloupe, mango, pears, blueberries, and oranges are great for a Boxer’s health.

Boxers and Apples


Apples contain vitamin C, fiber, phosphorus, and calcium. Every bite of this fruit taken by your dog is full of nutrition. As mentioned before, Boxer dogs are energetic and need loads of healthy food. It is because of this reason that an apple becomes ideal for Boxer dogs. It is also a fairly sweet fruit and is a hundred times better than chocolates or treats if you wish to give your dog something sugary and sweet.

However, it is not a great idea to feed the core to your Boxer regularly. This is because the seeds contain cyanide and can be harmful if the intake is regular. Overall, every bite of this fruit is beneficial for your Boxer!

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