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Can Dogs Eat Eggplant – 2024 Pet Questions and Answer

Eggplant is a favorite vegetable of us many, so obviously, we would like to share it with our dogs. But, due to the fact, their digestive system is completely different than ours, not all foods should be shared!

First of all, dog’s digestive tract is unable to digest sugars! When it comes to the vegetable in question, the simple answer is yes, you can feed your pet with eggplant. However, the full answer to the can dogs eat eggplant question is more complicated.

Can dogs eat eggplant: Answer is yes, but look for signs

Aubergine is another name for eggplant. It is naturally high in minerals, vitamins and low in calories and fat. At the first sight, eggplant looks like a great vegetable for humans and for dogs. However, some dogs may be allergic to this vegetable. Their organism will develop side effects if they eat a decent amount of eggplant!

It is very difficult to determine is your dog allergic. There are no obvious signs, so you will have to visit a veterinarian in order to perform tests on your dog and give you the exact answer. Due to lack of time, this isn’t an option for most dog owners. Luckily, there is an alternative.

The first time you give eggplant to your dog, watch for side effects. Chances are high there won’t be any of them, but just in case, keep your eye on him. If he develops some issues or he gets sick, it means that he is allergic and further feeding with eggplant should be avoided at all costs!

To sum all up, yes, you can give eggplant to your dog and there won’t be any issues. Just in case, if your pet is sad after that, he may be allergic, so don’t feed him with this vegetable anymore.

Keep in mind that dogs like meat and they must eat it! Eggplants cannot meet their nutritional requirements, which can cause other health issues. In other words, eggplants are a nice addition to the diet, but cannot be the main part of it!

How much eggplant is enough for your dog?

Each food may be dangerous if it is given to huge amounts to your dog. The situation is the same with eggplants. Smaller dogs should get smaller amounts, while larger breeds can get a bit more. There is no written rule for this matter, so keep in mind that half a plate is enough. This refers only when you have determined your pet isn’t allergic to the vegetable in question! The first time, a few small pieces are enough.

Can dogs eat eggplant prepared in different ways? Once again, the answer is yes, but it cannot be generalized. The main thing to remember is that grilled, boiled and cooked eggplants are perfectly safe. Don’t forget that you should prepare a meal specifically for your dog. Eggplant mixed with garlic isn’t a great and safe choice!

Boiled and cooked eggplants are the best choice. They are the safest alternative as well, so we will highly recommend to use them, rather than frying. As a matter of fact, fried eggplants shouldn’t be given to your dog.

Other, more complicated meals should be checked, due to the fact we cannot include all of them. Pay close attention to the ingredients. If just one of them is harmful to dogs, avoid the entire meal! As such, it is a much better alternative to feed your dog with self-prepared eggplants.

When eggplant should be avoided

As we have mentioned already, eggplants are perfectly fine to be added to the diet of your dog. However, there is one case when it must be avoided. Dogs with kidney problem must avoid this type of food at all costs. Their condition may get worse and severely complicated if the eggplant is given to them frequently.

The main issue is in the oxalate levels, which are high in this vegetable. Their body cannot process this compound, so eggplant is the main thing to avoid. The best thing to do is to have a conversation with your veterinarian. If you have any doubts, check this matter before you feed your dog with the vegetable for the first time.

Addition: In those cases, more vegetable should be avoided, so make sure to get a list of all of them.

Allergic reactions

We wanted to spend some time discussing the side effects which may occur if your dog is allergic to eggplant. The first thing you will notice is diarrhea. Usually, it stops after a day or two and it doesn’t require veterinarian assistance.

Other issues may include upset stomach, rashes, itchiness, and headaches. Basically, your pet will be sad and he will sleep all the time. His physical activity will be severely reduced and he will need some time to get well.

Can dogs eat eggplant if the allergic reaction occurs for the first time? No, they cannot. The allergy won’t disappear on its own and the condition may escalate over time, so precaution is mandatory.

Controversy related to nightshade connection

Eggplants are related to nightshade plants, which may be an issue for some people. Basically, you may believe that these are toxic plants which should be avoided. In reality, there is no reason to be concerned.

Eggplants are not toxic for humans nor are they toxic for dogs. In other terms, there is no risk because this is a nightshade plant. There are no chemicals or ingredients which are even linked to toxins.

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Now you know the answer to the can dogs eat eggplant question. Just to add, make sure your particular pet isn’t allergic to this vegetable. Other than that you don’t have anything else to worry about.

Eggplants are delicious and most dogs like them. If you do it precisely as we explained here, meaning that you will give a small piece for the first time, monitor the effects and react accordingly, eggplant may become the favorite vegetable for your dog.

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