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Can Yorkies Eat Grapes – 2024 Pet Diet Guide

Yorkies, also known as Yorkshire Terriers, are one of the most delicate breeds of dogs. Yorkies have very complex and sensitive stomachs, which make it very difficult to choose what to feed them.

If you own a Yorkie, you need to be very careful about what you feed it because the wrong food can be very dangerous for it as it has a delicate digestive system and even a little toxic food can affect its health. According to Ohmidog, a website dedicated to all kinds of dog breeds, the best way to ensure that your Yorkie is getting all of the nutrition it needs is to choose a high-quality dog food specifically designed for its size and breed.

This is the reason why the most asked question by a Yorkshire Terrier owner is, what do I feed my dog? Or can I feed my dog this? In this article, we will discuss the answer to one such frequently asked question.

Can You Feed Your Yorkshire Terrier Grapes?

Can Bulldogs Eat Grapes?If you want a one-word answer to this question, then the answer would be ‘no.’

You cannot feed your Yorkshire Terrier grapes or even raisin for that matter. Grapes and raisins are both toxic for the health of any dog. Pet medical research shows that grapes and raisins have a very high toxicity for any kind of dog, but the research has not yet pinpointed exactly what constituent in grapes and raisins cause this negative reaction.

Age, sex, or breed of your Yorkie or any other dog has no impact on the danger of it being influenced. As there is no proven quantity that is said to be safe, avoidance is truly the best route with regards to feeding your Yorkie or any other dog a couple of raisins or grapes. The toxicity of grapes and raisins can even be fatal for your dog as it can lead to acute kidney failure right after you feed it.

Symptoms and Signs of a Toxic Reaction

The following are the signs your dog might show if it has been affected by the toxicity of grapes and raisins.

  • It loses its appetite.
  • The dog might face weakness, tiredness, and unusual quietness.
  • Diarrhea or vomiting might be faced with in a little time.
  • It may start having abdominal pain and a certain tenderness to touch.
  • The signs may include dry mouth and nose, panting and pale gums.
  • It may face dehydration. An easy way to test dehydration is to softly pull up your dog’s skin on the back of its neck. The skin should go back instantly.
  • It produces a very slight amount of urine.
  • Fatal kidney failure.


Grapes and raisins are not even suitable to feed any dog, and a Yorkshire Terrier is more sensitive than any other dog breed and is subject to stomach-related diseases very easily. I would recommend that your Yorkie stays as far away from grapes and raisin as possible.

Even if it does eat them accidentally, call a vet immediately or at least give it hydrogen peroxide so that it vomits. In some cases, it might not affect your dog as much, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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