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Can Shih Tzus Eat Grapes – 2024 Pet Diet Guide

Shih Tzu, which means the little lion, is a small breed of dogs that, unlike its name, is a sociable, non-threatening, and loyal little pup. These dogs are highly sought for their friendly and energetic nature.

Like all dogs, Shih Tzus also have a few dietary restrictions and as a dog coach or owner, it is wise to know what is permissible for your dog to munch through and what is not. Making a decision about what to give your dog can be a hard-hitting one as dogs, like humans, tend to get bored with eating the same food and crave something different.

This is why this article serves to your benefit as it addresses a concern that some dog owners have put forward regarding grapes being consumed by a Shih Tzu. Can this fruit potentially harm the dog?

Can Bulldogs Eat Grapes?Grapes contain a lot of nutrients for humans and can be a good treat or snack for them. However, the same cannot be said for dogs. Their body is not conditioned the same way as a human’s. It is crucial that the dog owner takes into consideration the harmful effects of feeding their pet something that it should not consume under any circumstances, no matter if it is something as innocent-looking as grapes. You can put your dog through a whole new level of pain by making an uninformed decision.

Why You Must Not Give Your Shih Tzu Grapes

  • They might make the dog feel under the weather, causing indigestion or worse due to its high levels of toxicity for dogs. If this happens, your dog may require immediate attention from the vet as high levels of toxicity can lead to a kidney malfunction which can be life-threatening.
  • In case of an adverse reaction, your dog might experience frequent vomiting, loss of desire for food, lethargic behavior, aches and pains, and incapability of or hardship in passing urine.
  • It can develop into something far worse, which can be detrimental to the dog’s life and put it through a lot of pain.


All in all, it is the owner’s responsibility to take care of their pet and make sure it gets a proper and balanced diet. Giving in to your dog’s temptations to eat something it is not supposed to can be detrimental to its health and potentially life-threatening.

This is why you must know that the wrong food product given to a dog, especially a Shih Tzu which is a highly energetic dog, can completely change both yours and the dog’s life. Making a decision unaware of the consequences can be risky in so many ways.

If your dog experiences any of the symptoms mentioned above, a vet must be contacted immediately to tend to the issue before it is too late. Your dog’s health must be your top priority!

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