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Can Yorkies Eat Watermelon – 2024 Pet Diet Guide

There have probably been days when it was too hot for your little Yorkie to go out. Usually, for us humans, the best way to beat the heat is by eating or drinking something cold. So, what should our dogs do in such a weather condition? Except for simply sleeping in air-conditioned rooms, it’d be nice if you gave your pup something soothing to eat.

Yes, your dog is allowed to eat some types of human food, but you need to be careful about what you give to it as many foods can prove to be disastrous for it. Hence, make sure that you look up a little about the item before you feed it.

One such item is a watermelon. This fruit is desired by almost everyone during the hot summer days for it gives a refreshing feel like no other. We consume this fruit in solid and liquid forms, but the question arises, can Yorkies eat watermelon? The answer to that is yes, they can.

It may sound weird, but this fruit can prove to be highly nutritious for your dog. Try giving it to your Yorkie and watch it gobble up. Just make sure to observe your dog for a short while afterward to make sure it does not have any allergic reaction to the fruit.

In case there is a reaction, take the dog to the vet and do not give it the fruit anymore, though the chances of an allergic reaction occurring because of a watermelon are quite small.

Benefits of Feeding Watermelon

Watermelons are packed with nutrients that can add value to any meal. These nutrients will prove to be perfect for your dog to help it grow up to be healthy and active. Some of the essential nutrients in this fruit include vitamins C, B6, and A, and it also contains potassium.

Another good part about the fruit is that it is fat-free and does not contain cholesterol. One cup of watermelon will only include 50 calories. 92% of the fruit is made up of water which, of course, proves to be great on a hot day. You can easily incorporate the fruit into your dog’s meal plan, and you will remain guilt-free about feeding it.

Things to Look Out For

Since a Yorkie is a small dog, it is highly necessary that you make sure to cut up the watermelon into bite-sized pieces. By doing this, you will avoid the danger of it swallowing the fruit whole and causing a blockage. The seeds of the watermelon can cause blockage inside a Yorkie’s system as well, so make sure that you take out all the watermelon seeds before giving the fruit to it.

The rind of the watermelon can prove to be highly dangerous for the dog. This is because it can cause intestinal problems which will eventually lead to an upset stomach. The rind is also the hard part of the fruit, so it will be difficult for the Yorkie to chew and the dog could end up swallowing small pieces which will prove to be disastrous.

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