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Can Yorkies Eat Oranges – 2024 Pet Guide

While it is great to give raw meat to your dog, it is still necessary that you add some human food to its diet. A few vegetables and fruits will do more good than bad for your Yorkie, but at the same time, you need to be very careful about the items you give as some of them can prove to be harmful to them.

It is always a good idea to search about the type of fruit or vegetable you are planning on giving and whether they are good for your dog. These fruits and vegetable can also prove to be a great reward or treat for your dog.

One such food that you should question are oranges. The question arises, can Yorkies eat oranges? The answer to that is yes, they can. Oranges are a great source of vitamin C which helps protect your dog against viral infections and cancer. Just make sure that when you are feeding an orange to a Yorkie, you chop it up into small pieces so that it’s easier to eat.

Whether your dog loves oranges or not, you need to make sure that you look out for signs of allergy the first time you feed it. In case it has any reaction toward the fruit, you will be able to capture it quickly and have it treated. If your Yorkie does have a response to the fruit, make sure that you do not give it again.

Benefits of Oranges

Organs are packed with vitamin C which is an essential nutrient for a human being as well as a dog. If you give this fruit to your dog, you will be ensuring that its body keeps vitamin C at the right level.

A lot of people don’t know that if their dog is undergoing too much exercise for their size and age or are excessively hyper, it can cause stress on the liver. When this happens, the capacity to make vitamin C naturally decreases. Rather than giving vitamin C supplements, it is best that you provide a natural product, and there is nothing better than oranges.

Vitamin C and the other nutrients in oranges make sure that the immune systems of Yorkies get a boost. This also plays a huge role in neutralizing the contents of the body and stomach when the dog consumes toxic substances.

Things to Look Out For

You need to make sure that the number of oranges you give is not too much, as too much sugar from them can cause damage and the dog can become diabetic.

Yes, the rind of the fruit has more levels of vitamin C, but it’s recommended that you avoid giving the skin to your dog. The rind, if eaten by the dog, can become difficult for the digestive system to break down, thus leading to an upset stomach. Also, make sure you do not give any orange seeds to your dog as it can cause blockage in the systems.

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