Top 10 Canadian Land Casinos

Canada is the second-largest country in the whole world, but with a population of 37.5 million, it is ranked only in 38th place. With most of the people located on southern borders in big cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, or Ottawa, Canada is a mainly rural country. Canada is open for people all over the world, and since it has so many immigrants, people consider Canada as the land of possibilities and second chances. In most parts of the country, gambling represents one of the main ways of having fun, probably right after hockey, Canada’s national sport.

Casinos are widespread around Canada, except Newfoundland and Labrador, because of the legal issues. There are around 100 land casinos in Canada where you can try your luck, but some are better than others. When it comes to online real money casinos, the approved website offers full Canadian brand reviews. Before you go and start your casino experience, you should check the top ten casinos in Canada.

1. Casino de Montreal

Since it was open in 1993, this casino is available 24 hours a day. The main advantage of this casino is its majestic location on the island of Notre Dame in Quebec. With 26 poker tables, 115 table games, and more than 3000 slot machines, Casino Montreal can provide enough fun for anyone’s taste. Despite regular rules for casinos, this one has a lot of windows. Important information for potential gamblers is that this casino prohibited smoking in 2003.

2. Eugene Golf Resort Casino

One of the most charming casinos in Canada is St. Eugene Golf resort casino in British Columbia because this is not just a casino, but also a great place to spend your vacation in nature while playing golf. Also known as the casino of the Rockies, this casino, with its numerous events, can provide fun for the whole family. But don’t worry, it is also equipped with everything you might need while gambling.

3. Fallsview

“Casino with the best view in the World” could be the name of this casino. That is because the Niagara Falls are just a few dozen meters from the casino, and you can enjoy this impressive view while on your vacation here. Since its construction in 2004, it became the biggest one in Canada, replacing Montreal casino. With more than 3000 slots and 130 tables, this casino resort can offer more than 350 rooms to stay and enjoy.

4. The Hard Rock Casino

The location of this casino is in Vancouver, British Columbia. The very first thing you must cherish in this casino is huge parking, and you will always have enough space to park your car. If you are not there only because of gambling, you can always rely on the fact that there is almost always some great musician or band performing. If that’s not the case, more than 900 slots can fulfill all of your gambling needs. Also, there is something called the block gaming lounge, dedicated to low-bet users who only want to have fun.

5. Casino Niagara

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Casino Niagara in Ontario can also be proud of a great view on Niagara Falls, but also for more than 1300 slots and 30 game tables. Since the opening in 1996, this casino is considered as one of the most popular casinos in Canada. With four different restaurants, Casino Niagara offers all sorts of promotions such as Lady’s night, when some lucky lady can come back home with some great accessories or even diamonds. For the gentleman, there are always Texas Hold’em poker tournaments where you can show your strategy and earn one of the biggest jackpots in the gambling world.

6. Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino

Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino has been awarded the best casino in Canada 18 times now, and that must mean something. Located just across the border with the USA, this casino offers more than 2200 slots and hundreds of gambling tables. Also, you can always bet on all sorts of different sports events. Besides the exceptional sports bar and almost 400 rooms, most of the casino guests also enjoy tasting the most delicious stakes in this casino’s most famous restaurant, Nero’s Steakhouse.

7. River Rock Casino

River Rock casino resort in British Columbia is the biggest casino in Western Canada. Located on the bank of the Fraser River and near the Vancouver airport, most people consider River rock casino as a great place to rest, for both travelers and locals. With a great loyalty program and 24 hours of poker tables, this casino knows how to keep players happy. River Rock casino is often selected as a host for all sorts of different gambling tournaments.

8. Casino Nova Scotia

Casino Nova Scotia is often considered as one of the most relaxing casinos because it offers more than just gambling. Opened in 2000, this casino in Halifax has more than 650 slots and table games. In Casino Nova Scotia, you can even create your own game in two specially constructed rooms solely for private game purposes.

9. River Cree Resort & Casino

River Cree Resort is the first aboriginal casino in the province of Alberta. As the oldest casino in Alberta, River Cree Resort has some great offers that visitors can get, such as free of charge loyalty cards and especially “Embers” which is a smoking allowed area where smokers can enjoy more than 400 slots and tables. Most of the players here are quite happy because they can get a lot of bonuses just for checking in the casino daily. And you can spend quality time here dining in the restaurant or watching some sports or even betting on it.

10. Casino Rama Resort

In Rama, Ontario, you can find the Casino Rama Resort. This 290 available rooms resort has more than 2500 slot machines and 100 tables used every day. Here you can find eight different restaurants with unique cuisine. Free parking is a great benefit here, and you can always expect some big star performing in Rama Resort.

Canada has all sorts of land casinos for anyone’s taste and enjoyment where you can have good chances to earn a fortune and more significantly, have fun. This country of opportunities can always offer all sorts of online casinos where you can try lots of different games from the comfort of your own home. If you want to find out more about online casinos and what they can offer, check

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