3 Reasons Why Every Casino Lover Should Visit Monte Carlo In Monaco

Monte Carlo is a tourist destination loved by the world. A lot of people have Monaco on their bucket lists and Monte Carlo is right there too. The place has scenic beauty and a lot of recreational activities to offer its residents and visitors.

This is one of the reasons why we are showing you just how interesting your trip to Monte Carlo can be. When we talk of recreational activities. We have included a casino in that list. If you are a casino lover, make sure to visit Monte Carlo at least once for the following reasons.

1. Beautiful Architecture


The building of Casino de Monte Carlo is a great example of the architecture of the belle epoque. Europe went through multiple rounds of evolution in architecture. The history of the building traces itself back to 1866 with Prince Charles III who was primarily involved in the Diana construction of the casino. Mount Charles was what he was called.

If you translate it to Ligurian, it comes to Monte Carlo which is how the place was named. The building is made in gold and marble which adds to the lavish atmosphere any tourist would like to witness at least once. There are many opportunities to boost on your own before 2 pm.

Every morning, visitors can see the private parlors and spend some time in the grandeur of the place. The atrium allows entry for interested visitors and there is also a bar where appetizers are served. One can easily go to see the Salle Renaissance which has slot machines. Playing, however, will only be done later in the day, and all of this to see and enjoy.

The places meant for the tourists like the atrium and the bar do not have a strict dress code. However, it will have to follow the Salle Renaissance. Children are not permitted there. One can enjoy the architecture of the rooms for free.

2. Guided Tours

We have previously said that this building is known for its beauty as much as it is known for being a casino. Getting guided tours of the place is a common practice, especially for large tourist groups who do not want to miss out on any detail. You will need to have a budget for factoring in the ticket.

The prices of the tours may vary as per the season but the average price falls at €17. The audio guide tour is all that is offered to the tourists, whether adults or children. For adults, this ticket includes the cost of a drink, a game token, or a restaurant, as per the individual’s choice. It will be perfect to explore the casino based on your budget.

3. Interesting Casino Play


There is no shortage of games to be played at the casino. All of the adults should have valid identity proof with their photos on it. If you visit alone or in a small group, the price of one ticket would be €17. For people who come in groups of 10 or more, the price of an individual ticket falls down to €14.

The play at the casino begins after 2 pm. This means that a strict dress code is to be followed post the timings. But even if you wish to enter as a tourist, refrain form dressing casually with flip flops, shorts, and sports shoes. There are games like slot machines and blackjack to be chosen form.

Playing chips are available in multiple currencies so exchange will not be a problem. The minimum betting amount is €5 while the maximum is €3000. It is €10 for private betting rooms which don’t have a maximum limit to be considered. French roulette is a popular game at the casino and allows for online gameplay as well for all interested players. You can also explore online games at to try your hand at gambling.

What You Should Know?

There is a lot to know beforehand so make sure you know just how much you need to prepare before making your visit. There is a strict dress code to e followed and the authorities have certain rules and regulations in place for the same.

The Dress Code


Be sure to look up the dress code regulations which are very strict for tourists and people interested in playing at the casino. Until 2 pm, when tours are going on, T-shirts, shorts, and sports shoes are tolerated but anything too casual like distressed jeans and beachwear is not allowed at any time of the day.

The people willing to stay for a game or two post 2 pm will have to look at their clothing and change if they do not adhere to the rules. Jackets and dark jeans are what is expected. One can sport a semi-casual look in order to be allowed entry into the casino. Post 7 pm, try to brush yourself up because then being in a formal appearance gives you the best chances to stay without being reminded to smarten up.

Popular Culture

Four films have been shot at the casino which makes it a treat for any James Bond fan. One would have to uphold a certain level of reverence to the services provided to the casino and the rules ensure that. No citizen of the city is allowed to lay inside the casino, even if they are royals. This is because the croupiers might help the people they know.

The Takeaway

One should get ready to visit the casino as soon as possible because a trip to Monte Carlo would be incomplete without it. Be sure to follow all the rules to enjoy the experience to the best of your abilities. There are many games to pursue and currency exchange is easy as well. Just enjoy the ride and make sure to dress smartly so that entry is not forbidden when casino hours start each day. Whatever you do, make sure to enjoy yourself.

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