10 Of the Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in Europe

Zurich, Switzerland

Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated festivals across the world. It is also the most eagerly awaited holiday season of the world. We know that people from different part of the world are planning to make this festival more memorable than the previous year. Since it’s a vacation time most of us are planning to go out and celebrate Christmas. The magic of this auspicious festival lies in very small things like candies, toys and other gifts for all your loved ones. So, here we are listing 10 of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Europe

Where to Celebrate Christmas in Europe 2024

S.No City Country
1 Lapland Finland
2 Warsaw Poland
3 Prague Czech Republic
4 Amsterdam Netherlands
5 Copenhagen Denmark
6 Zurich Switzerland
7 Rome Italy
8 Paris France
9 Salzburg Austria
10 London United Kingdom

1. Lapland, Finland

We all know that the Christmas celebration is nothing without Santa. The hometown of Santa is considered to be Rovaniemi. The place is wonderful both for the adult and the children. There are many adventurous things like husky safari and fly fishing. There is a tradition in which children of Elf school along with Mrs Claus make gingerbread cookies and write wish lists. The city is famous among travellers for its festive experiences and also playing on snowmobiles. You can also explore the Arctic circle and its amazing wildlife, however, the most popular attraction will be the Northern Lights.

Lapland, Finland

2. Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. The capital city is not only famous among locals to celebrate the Christmas but also around the whole of Europe. Poland has a specific and unique tradition which also you can experience. The capital city is decorated with lights and also a marketplace is organized which starts from 22nd November and ends just three days before Christmas that is on 22nd December 2014.  The nation is strongly Catholic in nature and it celebrates Christmas both in good old-fashioned tradition and a wintry climate so that people can enjoy it in a better way.

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Warsaw, Poland

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3. Prague, the Czech Republic

This is one of the most famous destinations among tourist to celebrate Christmas. The whole city stands still during the Christmas month. There are many memorable things you can do here with your partner like the boat tour. The boat tour will be your lifetime experience and I am sure you won’t be disappointed. Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful small towns in Europe that you should visit. This will be the most incredible cities to watch during the festive period. You will experience handcrafted gifts, ceramics including embroidery and last but not the least Yuletide decorations. The local food is delicious that includes spit roasts, kielbasa known as a tradition of Polish sausage and mountain cakes.

Prague, the Czech Republic

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is also one of the best places to visit during the Christmas celebrations. The place is fully decorated with lights, markets and the streets are fully decorated. There will also be night parties and for peace, you can visit the Churches during prayers. The Sunday market and the flower market are very beautiful and worth a visit. People of Amsterdam don’t wait for December they start their celebration right from November itself. Museum Square is the main place where people used to gather that also includes some of the best Christmas markets. You can experience a joyous Ferris wheel ride to eating delicious food, music and lot more.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish hot chocolate is already famous around the world. So this Christmas you can have this if you are planning to visit Denmark. There are many other treats are also available especially for Christmas month. You can also enjoy traditional Danish pancakes balls. The city celebrates in all aspects considering best traditions where the city is covered in lights and you can see Christmas markets across every corner of the city. Copenhagen street food is quite famous among locals and tourists from across the world.

Copenhagen, Denmark

6. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is one of the most beautiful and amazing cities in Switzerland. There are many things which you can enjoy here this Christmas like Lake Zurich and Opera houses. The whole street of Zurich looks stunning with the colours of light. The streets are specially decorated for the whole Christmas month. People can also buy many things as many marketplaces are also organized. Zuich is just beautiful during Christmas celebrations. The incredible late night markets, traditional concerts and christmas shows wil give you a lifetime experience. The illuminations across the city are maked in red, while the city beautiful markets have illuminations of blue stars.

Zurich, Switzerland

7. Rome, Italy

Rome can also be your one of the most amazing experiences during Christmas. The place is already a tourist destination. There are many places which are worth visits like Piazza Navona and Campo de Fiori. As usual, like other cities, the Christmas stalls and markets are also organized here. Sue to amazing decoration, one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Europe. The city is famous for delicious food called panettone and that is eaten only during Christmas time in all parts of the country. The merry used to go around at the Piazza Navona Christmas Market. The most spot of the country St Peter’s Square lights up with amazing lights.

Rome, Italy

8. Paris, France

Paris is of the most visited tourist destinations around the world. The number of visitors approximately doubles in the Christmas season. You will find n number of deals in markets, hotel, malls and the various restaurant’s places around the city. There are many places that will be a worth a visit like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Disneyland Paris and the list goes on.  You are lucky if you are celebrating Christmas in Paris because you will get a chance to celebrate in the true French style. The Christmas celebrations in France starts from 6th December also known as St Nicholas Day. The festival is celebrated with larges masses and thereafter the Epiphany celebration marks the end of the Christmas season.

Paris, France

9. Salzburg, Austria

Austria is famous for its winter sports. Austria is also one of the most suitable locations for celebrating Christmas. Austria is also maintaining its ancient customs and tradition in a beautiful manner. You can experience these when you are visiting the country. Some of the customs are centuries old which you can experience when you are celebrating Christmas in the country. We must say, one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Europe. The city has some of the oldest Christmas markets not only in the country but across the world. The city has some old age traditions and cultural values to celebrate the festival. Talking about the history, back in the 15th century, the city serves as one of the most historical cities with the strong traditional background.

Salzburg, Austria

10. London, United Kingdom

London is one of the unbeatable tourist destinations in the world will also make your experience a worth when you are visiting this in Christmas month. This place will give a lifetime memory of your loved ones. There will lighting, happiness and the streets are decorated with anything in this world. One of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Europe. England’s capital is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Europe. From 1st November only, the amazing Christmas lights illuminate Oxford Street. Hyde Park plays host to Winter Wonderland every year i.e from Friday, November 20, 2015, to Sunday, January 3, 2016. Also, make sure you are visiting department store Harrods, the place is beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and theatrical window displays. We also want to give you an overview of famous churches around the world.

London, United Kingdom

These are the best places to celebrate Christmas in Europe. Do post your comments.

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