7 Fun Corporate Team-Building Activities

Teamwork is one of the most important qualities within a company. Employees of a company must work to achieve shared objectives, so a coordinated and complementary team will be essential to achieve it. According to the study, 40% of employees improve their results if they feel more satisfied and committed to their team. With this objective, team building is born, one of the key tools today to improve the performance of any company.

Lately, in many companies it has become fashionable to carry out team building activities with their employees to achieve better cohesion among them and to have fun and disconnect from work for a few hours for those people who see each day while working.

The importance of teamwork

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Having highly qualified workers is the dream of any person in charge of Human Resources, but even this is not a guarantee of success in today’s environment. The growing interconnection between the economic sectors and the equally booming creativity in business processes forces the talent of multiple workers to be combined to bring projects forward.

Teamwork ensures higher levels of productivity, as it considerably optimizes time and allows each professional to deal with the aspects of the project in which he is most skilled. If the group is cohesive, the cooperation will take place without misgivings or internal tensions.

Collaboration between employees is essential to share ideas, compare information or provide support in times of difficulty. In this sense, teamwork improves employee job satisfaction and encourages interaction between workers. They feel supported at all times and develop greater self-confidence.

Lastly, it should not be forgotten that collaborative work is also a learning process. By polishing the skills and knowledge of each worker, this has a great effect on the whole group. The result is a more competent workforce.

Team building benefits

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Teamwork is the main purpose of team building. However, the benefits of this methodology do not end here, but also promote the following qualities in workers:

Increase employee motivation: Motivation is the guide to achieve good productivity. Remember that motivated employees will also be happier in their jobs.

Promote team spirit: The team spirit of the different activities encourages a sense of identity and group membership.

Create bonds between colleagues: Team building activities also foster bonds between workers, creating better interpersonal relationships between colleagues.

Improve team communication: For a company to function, it is essential for communication and interaction to flow between employees.

Creativity increases: The relaxed atmosphere and the dynamics of activities cause workers to face different challenges and their creativity to flourish.

Team building activities

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Cooking, dancing, singing … Television can inspire you and create fun and original content for your workers. You can also build on traditional games and adapt them to the world of work so that employees get to know each other better. For example, the classic Trivia with questions about the company, workers, or projects.

A getaway

It does not have to be a long trip, but a journey that includes escaping the routine. It can be a trip to a winery, which includes a wine tasting, or even an excursion in the mountains. Whatever the activity, it will surely increase camaraderie and good vibes among the all. You can make it even more special, by renting a party bus. That way, everything will be even more interesting and the atmosphere will be close to the climax when you arrive at the desired destination. There are many companies, such as the Toronto Party Bus, that will rent you a party bus. And there are different sizes, so no matter how many people you have, you will find the right choice for yourself. For more information, visit

Overcoming a challenge

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This type of activity will be perfect to encourage creativity and innovation among the members of your team. In addition, it will improve the agility and responsiveness of workers. We propose you some:

Escape room

Increasingly popular, this online activity is a blast that your entire company will enjoy. Virtual escape rooms from Escapely involve collaboration and problem solving as your team deciphers clues to escape a desert island or an ice palace. It’s a race against the clock that your employees will talk about for weeks to come.


Small groups will be formed and each of them must prepare a list of challenges to challenge the other teams. You will have to test your creativity to win.

Trust games

In pairs, one must blindfold and take a tour based on the instructions of his partner until reaching the goal. Trust will be the key.

Sport activities

The physical contact that some sports involve helps create emotional bonds with the other person. It also involves decision-making, self-improvement … the benefits are multiple and the options you have at your fingertips are endless: paintball competition, gym, basketball or soccer matches, etc. There are also new games available, such as Bubble soccer. Bubble soccer is an ideal plan for a team building. You only need to gather more than 8 people and you can play a game wrapped in a plastic sphere. You will see that scoring a goal will be more difficult than ever and you will feel very clumsy while you keep laughing to see the clumsiness of other players. In addition, with the number of modalities that the game presents, the possibilities of fun increase.

You will find yourself exploring your ball like a hamster. The referees will guide you and propose games all the time so you can make the most of the experience.

Laughter therapy

Laughter therapy is an essential tool if your goal is to create a bond of trust with your team. Take them to a session, and there are many centers that teach you and offer you their rooms to teach in case your company does not have a physical space. For those who do not know or have doubts about what laugh therapy consists of, these sessions seek laughter, as the name suggests, reducing the stress hormone and stimulating others such as serotonin. In addition, it helps to unite the groups and to make communication positive.


Team building should not be interpreted as something occasional. Team building activities can (and should) be applied in the day-to-day of the office. For example, once a month the whole team can meet to bring all the projects up to date and create a space for debate where doubts are resolved and ideas are generated. You can also take advantage of special dates or when a commercial objective is reached and make a small snack among the employees.

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