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For every dog to grow healthy and strong, great care in terms of the diet is very crucial. No one would like to see their dogs suffer from different health problems. There is a correlation between what dogs eat and its overall health.

If perhaps you give your dog foods that are of lower quality that would mean that they will be prone to problems like skin irritation and digestive problems among so many others. That is why some recent trends in academic research tend to stress the benefits of natural organic dog food and benefits of holistic dog food .

With that note it is therefore important to embrace wellness dog food which keeps in mind the benefits of a good foundation of nutrition for the wellbeing of your dog. In order to provide perfect balance, delicious real foods like deboned meats are used. Other foods include healthy wholesome grains, fresh vegetables and fruits.

All the ingredients that are used in the natural wellness recipes are carefully selected for the purposes of nutritional benefits. All the foods at wellness are free from any meat by-products, animal fats, artificial colors and flavors, or even the allergens that have the potential to cause allergy to your friend.

The following are different recipes from the wellness dog food for different breeds. They are all carefully selected authentic ingredients from trusted sources.

Toy breed

Wellness dog food has formulated recipes for the toy breeds regardless of their age, lifestyle or even life stage. The ingredients that make this kind of food are well chosen for the purposes of meeting the unique nutritional needs of all your toys breeds.

Small breed

If you have a small breed friend at your home or even planning to get one, then what to feed it should not worry you because there is food designed for it. This kind of food is well balanced to ensure that your buddy grows in a healthy and strong manner. No matter the age or the life stage, you will get the most suitable food.

Large breed

Maintaining a large breed dog is not a joke when it comes to diet. They require the healthiest food in order to keep looking good and stronger at the same time. Most people dread to own large breeds because they do not have an idea of the foods that are most suitable for them.

Others do not know what composition should be met in a certain diet. If this is the case, you should relax because wellness dog food has recipes that are designed in order to support the unique physical composition and health needs of these larger dogs.

Composition of all the recipes


All the recipes for all the categories of breeds are grain-free thereby allowing your dogs to develop maximum with balanced nutrition for every day. Wellness grain-free formulas are designed on the basis of the philosophy that dogs thrive well when the diet is comprised mainly of meat.

Limited ingredients diets

There are those dogs which eat a simplified diet which comprises mainly of unique protein source. This, therefore, means that additional carbs, proteins and fillers are removed…

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