Which Countries Play The Most Video Games ─ Look At These 7 Biggest Fans

Are you curious to know which countries are the biggest fans of video games? If yes, then this article will be right up your alley.

From the most popular gaming platforms to the number of hours spent playing, this article will provide you with an insight into the world of gaming. Get ready to discover which countries play the most video games!

1. North America

When it comes to gaming, North America is the region that has the second-largest gaming industry and the largest revenue in the world. According to data published by Newzoo’s Global Games Market Report 2020, this region earned $36.9 billion USD in revenue, with an estimated audience size of 191 million gamers.

The United States is the main market of the region, with a total of 67 percent of all gamers in North America located within its borders. Other countries included in this region are Canada and Mexico, which together make up 17 percent and 10 percent of all North American gamers respectively. In terms of genres, shooter games are the most popular for these countries combined, followed by role-playing/MMORPGs (12 percent) and Puzzle/Simulation (10 percent). If you want to read more, visit Gaming Gadgets.

When it comes to market share for hardware platforms, consoles dominate by far over PC and mobile devices among North American gamers. About 68% could be attributed to console platform sales while 21% belongs to PC devices; handheld & other console devices account for 11%. The leading publisher in terms of game revenues was Electronic Arts with 17%, followed closely by Activision Blizzard (14%) and Tencent (12%).

2. South America


The Latin American market, particularly in South America, has seen enormous growth in the video game industry. As the tastes of the consumer demographic evolve and expand, the region is occupying an increasingly strong position within the global gaming market.

Mexico overtook Brazil as the leader in Latin American digital game revenue due to its longer-lasting active user base. According to Newzoo’s Global Games Market Report, Mexico has increased its total of over 86 million gamers year on year which is a 6% rise. Similarly, Brazil has grown its total population of active gamers by 8%. Other South American countries have recorded impressive growth figures throughout 2021 including Argentina with a rise of 9%, Colombia at 15%, and Peru at 13%.

In terms of ‘traditional’ console consoles – PlayStation 4 Pro and Nintendo Switch – Brazil retains its position as one of the biggest markets for console sales per capita. Console gaming accounts for around 45% of total spending compared to smartphone gaming with 43%, with PC/MAC games taking up just 12%. The most popular genres played across all platforms are RPGs (Role Playing Games) and Sports games such as FIFA which are hugely popular in Latin American countries.

3. Japan

Japan is known for its enterprising culture of game production and development, creating some of the most successful titles in video game history. It was also the first country to legalize esports tournaments as a form of professional sport.

Japan has almost 50 million gamers who spent over $20 billion in 2020 alone on gaming activities. Key titles here include Monster Hunter: World from Capcom and Super Mario Party from Nintendo.

4. China


China is estimated to have over 650 million gamers in 2022, with accompanying revenue of around $37 billion that year. It is second only to the United States in terms of sales revenue generated by games within the entertainment industry — Blizzard’s Overwatch was one such popular title there among others such as Honor of Kings and Peacekeeper Elite.

Recently China has seen increased interest in the mobile gaming industry due to booming smartphone sales within its borders—Supercell’s Clash Royale was particularly popular there during the 2017-2018 seasons as well as Tencent’s PUBG mobile which still maintained major leverage on gameplay overall Asian market.

5. South Korea

South Korea is a powerhouse when it comes to eSports. Their teams are some of the strongest globally and they have consistently performed well in international events like The International 5 DOTA 2 tournament, which is held annually. Korean teams have won this tournament several times, including in 2018 when OG beat PSG Esports 3:2 for victory at The International 2018 tournament held in Canada on August 25th.

According to a recent report, South Korea’s Dota2 revenue has reached around 43% market share, which is quite impressive. Additionally, their ranking in the top esports games was noteworthy with League of Legends earning the top spot by bringing in 28% of overall revenue for the online MMO gaming industry while PUBG came in second place with earnings of 21%.

6. Germany


Germany stands out as the most developed market in terms of eSports, while all other countries have recently witnessed huge growth figures due to increased investment from broadcasters and publishers.

Both casual and eSports events have seen extensive organization over recent years, with Germany regularly hosting some of Europe’s biggest events each year. This is due to their mature infrastructure that has multiple arenas throughout the country hosting different game tournaments such as League Of Legends ESL Pro League and ESL National Championship.

7. Africa

The continent is known for its heavy use of mobile gaming. Popular games such as Clash of Clans, PUBG Mobile, and Candy Crush have become household names throughout the continent. Free-to-play battle royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends have seen strong popularity with casual gamers while other esports titles such as League of Legends and Dota 2 continue to draw in a highly dedicated following throughout Africa.

PC gaming culture has been developing across the region as well, particularly in countries like Morocco, Kenya, and South Africa where internet cafes provide an affordable way for people to access PC gaming by combining PC hardware with low-cost monthly subscription packages for gamers. In Nigeria alone, there are currently 65 confirmed internet cafes offering PC gaming opportunities – more than 1% of all internet cafes across Africa.



In conclusion, video game usage varies around the world and is largely determined by a country’s cultural values and population size. China tops the global video game market share as the most populated country in the world, while South Korea and Japan, which both have a strong culture of gaming, follow close behind. Despite overall global growth in video game playing worldwide, some countries such as the United States have recently seen a drop in usage due to generational preferences shifting from traditional gaming consoles to mobile devices.

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