6 Essentials To Bring When Traveling With Your Dog

Anyone who has a dog knows that it is much more than just a pet. It is an equal member of the family, but we could say that it is more like a child, when we talk about the care he needs. If you have a dog for a long time, you are probably used to everything you need to do to keep it healthy and satisfied. But traveling with a dog is a whole other story. When you first travel with a dog it will be a whole new experience for you. And if you don’t prepare properly, it can turn into a very uncomfortable experience that will make you later avoid taking it on the trip again.  And that can then be a long-term problem if you have no one to leave the dog with while you’re away. It can also be a traumatic experience for a dog if you don’t prepare everything properly for the trip. So read carefully which essentials you have to bring when traveling with your dog.

1. Passport

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If you are traveling outside your country, you need pet passports, just as you need a passport. It is actually a confirmation from the veterinarian that your dog is healthy, regularly examined, and that he has received all the necessary vaccinations. So it doesn’t look like a passport for people, but it is definitely necessary. Don’t forget to make a copy as well as take a picture, in case you lose your pet passport. It would be good to always have it, but be sure to check in advance if it is mandatory. It is mandatory in the entire territory of the European Union, so it is especially important to have it. In this way, the spread of infectious diseases, such as rabies, is controlled.

2. Food

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It is best to take food for your dog with you. There are several reasons. First, it is best to eat the food he is used to. Brand new food can lead to a change in bowel movement which can cause major travel problems. So bring what you normally feed him, as well as a few snacks, to calm him if he is anxious during the trip. Don’t forget the water, although it’s easier to get water than it is to get a special type of food. Calculate how many days you will be there and pack enough food. Also, check if the food your dog eats can be bought where you travel. If it is sold there, then bring only as much as you need for the trip. Along with food and water, bring him his favorite bowl. If you have to feed him some food he is not used to, it will help if you serve it in his favorite bowl.

3. Bed

Just as we love to sleep in our bed, so does our pet. In addition to comfort, it also gives him a sense of security, which can be very important when we take him to a whole new place. The journey itself can be a traumatic experience, and if he has to sleep somewhere he is not used to after, it can cause anxiety in our dog. If you travel by car, it is also ideal to put his bed there and make him spend most of the trip there. If you have recently bought a dog so he does not yet have its own bed, then view more here and decide which one to choose. It is important that it is comfortable and that it can fit in your car.

4. First aid

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By now you have probably realized that you need everything for your pet as well as for a human, including the first aid kit. This is especially important if you are going for outdoor activities and not to a hotel. Then the possibility of injury is much greater. They may sting on a thorn or splinter, which you will need to remove, or otherwise, it will get infected. You must have the tools to do this, as well as disinfectants. Injuries to the leg, eye, and any other part of the body also occur. Also have an insect repellent, because there will be a lot of them in the forest or wherever you go. All this is necessary so that you can help your dog and prevent him from going to the vet, which could cut your trip short.

5. Something to protect the interior of your car

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It would be good to have seat covers, primarily to preserve the interior of your car. The dogs will spend many hours inside and will certainly contaminate certain parts, and also all the dogs will lose their fur. That is why it is important to protect your seats using covers and later just take them off and throw them away. You can also bring several covers for the destination where you are going, a hotel for example.

6. Toys

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Just like when you have a child, it is necessary to bring toys. The journey may be long, the dog will be very bored and therefore must have something to entertain him. He will sleep a lot of the time, but you can’t expect him to sleep all the time. Unless you give them sleeping pills, which many pet owners do. If you do not opt ​​for this option, it is best to get their attention with the toys when they are awake. Today, at least, it is easy to find various toys for pets, because the choice is huge on the market. By now, you probably already know what kind of toys he likes the most, so buy him some plus bring old toys. Old toys will give him a sense of security, and new ones will capture his attention.


Make sure you don’t forget a single thing from this list. Only in this way will you be able to enjoy the trip, and your dog with you. If you go unprepared you are risking various problems happening to you, which you will not be able to solve easily at that moment.

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