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Have you ever heard of a small country in South America where you can enjoy different ecosystems without having to travel long distances? Ecuador is a country where you not only find unique landscapes, with fauna and flora of unimaginable characteristics, and that you cannot find in another part of the world. Many of its ecosystems preserve the characteristics of a pure state, where you can live with nature and have a magical experience.

Ecuador has four regions in its territory, where each one has its climate and where you can discover endless activities to do. The regions are as follows:


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Bathed in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, where its vegetation is made up of dry forests full of local bushes, where there is a lot of vegetation near the sea and the biodiversity of fruit and timber trees is infinite. The places to visit in this region are very diverse. From enjoying beautiful beaches where you can practice all kinds of sports such as surfing, diving, sport fishing, paragliding, or hiking in the dry forests with small waterfalls of crystal clear water and fruits with aromatic smells.

It also highlights the vestiges of the pre-Columbian culture, which enjoys an incomparable wealth, towns where these traditions are still preserved, and with which you can share a unique experience of oral tradition, dances, and crafts. One of the most valuable crafts is the toquilla straw hat or also known as the Panama Hat, a traditional hat from the city of Montecristi in the province of Manabí, handwoven by skilled artisans who can take 3 to 6 months to weave a Fine hat with unique characteristics and that travelers want to take as a souvenir when they pass through this city. For more information about the hats of Panama Hat visit,>> EcuadorianHands

The gastronomy is exquisite and very varied, strong, and very tasty flavors. Each of the outstanding dishes of this region is a delicacy that both locals and strangers describe as sublime, the most striking dishes are ceviche, encebollado, Creole chicken soup, ceviche, among others. Do not hesitate to travel and enjoy this eternal summer climate.


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Where the landscapes above the clouds are a great adventure. This region is crossed by the Andes mountain range, with immense volcanoes where its summits are covered with snow. The climate of this region is cold but with areas of valleys where the temperatures are mild and allow you to comfortably enjoy the nature of the moor. In this region is the capital of Ecuador, Quito, declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, a city where the ancestral and modern culture of the country converges. The Pluricultural is a plus of this country, where settlements of indigenous communities full of history still prevail and which becomes great places of education and culture.

A very touristy place in the Middle of the World, where the Middle of the World Ethnographic Museum is located. Between 1979 and 1982 a monument was built to mark the point where Ecuador was believed to be crossing the country at that time. A famous place because the equatorial line that divides the two hemispheres of the planet is drawn there and where you can discover physical phenomena that will leave you impressed. In this place, you will find science, history, and cultural tradition in this country.

In the mountains, you can do a lot of sports, such as climbing, mountain biking, bungee jumping, canopy-rafting, kayaking- hydrospeed. Enjoy the tours to reserves and lagoons where you will enjoy the cold landscape of the paramo in its purest state since they are protected places and where you will surely enjoy comfortably. You cannot forget the characteristic gastronomy of this region, which is very peculiar and traditional, Mote pata, cuy Asado, quinoa soup, mote pillo, and chugchucaras.


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With lush vegetation and forests with giant trees and large rivers. The Amazon is a pure territory, where the demography is low and it is led

by the diverse indigenous communities, where some of them are still isolated from civilization. If you want to distance yourself from the city and the asphalt streets, you can find a balance between nature and ancient wisdom. Where you share unforgettable cultural experiences, and with an impressive view of trees and animals that you have never appreciated in your life.

The most outstanding places are the Yasuní Park, where you can live the experience in the jungle in its pure state, surrounded by rivers and where you can do sports such as kayaking, hiking, visiting caves. You will know its people and their stories and millennial way of life that will surely leave you shocked. They will also be able to discover their crafts and music, as they enjoy a culture rich in tradition. We also have Puyo a city a short distance from the capital of Ecuador, where you will enjoy the different freshwater spas and enjoy its pure water. You will enjoy a view of exotic animals typical of the equatorial jungle.


A group of archipelagos famous for which Charles Darwin did his research for the theory of the evolution of species, today it is a unique species conservation site with thousands of years of life on the islands. Like the Galapagos giant tortoises, a unique species in the world and is in danger of extinction. You will know within the volcanic islands a series of paradisiacal places, where the white sand beaches with sea lions and penguins are fascinating.

It is important to know that when you do tourism on the islands you must take care of all the vegetation and fauna that you discover. Each species is protected and has great value. This is a high-level tourist site to visit. The view of the archipelago opens the doors to a new world where you will meet new places. Paradises where the marine volcanoes contrast and the calm of the crystalline waves of the sea.

Each island has its characteristic landscape, it’s just that you put your bags together and travel to the dream islands, enjoy a unique paradise in the world.

Ecuador has so many places waiting for you. There is a place for every taste and adventurer who wants to discover something new in their life. Enjoy the natural beauty of a country that preserves its nature in its purest form. Relax a little and find in Ecuador the peace of its landscapes and the peculiar culture.

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