10 Amazing Facts About Lightning

Facts About Lightning

What exactly is lightning we usually see?, Let me define it in simple words, Lightning is an electrical discharge that usually created by the collision of storm clouds and the ground or it can also happen within the clouds, However, most of the lightning we see is between the clouds.

Now, let me explain this in detail, During the storm, the various colliding particles of ice, rain and snow create imbalances between the clouds of the storm and the ground and generally the negatively charged reaches the storm clouds. Thereafter, Objects on Earth like trees, steeples and even the planet becomes steeples and that acts as a remedy by passing current between the two charges. Actually, Lightning is a very hot and it can make the temperature of the air around five times hotter the sun’s surface, However, surrounding air gradually expands and vibrate that creates the thunder we see as a lightning flash.

Here are some of the facts about lightning you all should know,

Facts About Lightning

1. The strikes can explode a tree.

2. There is one place in the South American lake where it strikes at a rate of hundreds of times per hour.

3. When it strikes the sand and rock the extreme heat generated can fuse the minerals deep inside the earth crust into a tube called fulgurite.

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Mother Nature

4. People often think that it never strikes the same place again but the fact is that it can strike the same place repeatedly. It mostly falls on the tall, pointy and isolated object.

5. People also believe that it will electrify the body and who so ever will them he or she will be electrocuted but the fact is that the human body does not store electricity. It is perfectly safe to touch the storm victim, at first sight, to give them first aid. Surprised!

6. It is also believed that you are completely safe from the storm when you are inside the house. The facts are that you are completely safe inside the house if you are not using anything that conducts electricity.

7. It is also believed that structures with metal or metal on the body attract strikes but the facts are that the presence of metal is nothing to do it with the strikes.

Lightning Flash

8. The people became the victim of the strikes because they do not seek shelter when it starts to go for some safe place as soon as a thunderstorm starts.

9. It is also believed that standing inside the tree will make you dry and safe from thunderstorm but the fact is that standing underneath the tree is one of the main reasons for increasing casualties.

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10. It is believed that the rubber tires of the car will protect you from the thunderstorm but the fact is that the metal parts of the car that will be safe during the strikes, not the rubber tires.

 Facts About Lightning


These are the Facts About Lightning you should know. Do post your comments.

Source: National Geographic

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