Top 10 Favorite Home Activities


It is rightly said the home is where the heart is. After a hard day at work, home is where you would like to get back to, to ease off all pain and weariness. This is your haven, your favorite spot, where you can recharge your batteries and lift your spirits.

There is never a dearth of activities to do at home, for you can choose just anything that you like and that gives pleasure and stimulation for the next day. You can find tips for choosing a variety of home and hobby items that will help make your home activities more interesting and varied from bestazy reviews.

Here is a list of top 10 favorite home activities, that everyone can get involved in and have a fun-filled time either alone or with your loved ones.

Favorite Home Activities

1. Try out some Craftwork

Take out your box of paint and art supplies and try to make something new. You can even paint a picture or try watercolor painting. You can sit down and create craft articles like a dream catcher or a wind chime, or do some block printing on a table cloth. Go through some magazines or some online tutorials to create any article for home décors like a magazine stand or key holder or even a chic phone holder.

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2. Play music

Music is often said to be the soother of the soul. You can always spend your time off in the company of good music-be your favorite collection of songs or just a few friends gathering together for a karaoke night. You could try playing a musical instrument too if you love to play one-like the piano or the guitar, and gather a few friends around for a musical night at your home with some cakes and coffee around. It would be wonderful.

There are a lot of good piano songs that you can play to impress your friends. can help you to show off your skills with a lot of popular piano songs.

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Guitar musical instrument

3. Watch TV

Watching TV can be on the list of many of us. If you have missed out on your favorite TV shows, musicals, or movies, you can reserve your free time at home for that. Solo or in the company, there is nothing better than to watch TV, curled up with some popcorn or a light snack. Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, or just some online movies-you will never know how your time flies away.

Watch TV

4. Have fun with board games

Board games are something we often tend to neglect. Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, Battleship, 7 Wonders or good old Monopoly, Scrabble or Scotland yard, these are all gorgeous games of intrigue, and alliances, and can make your time at home interesting and engrossed, more so, if you are in the company of loved ones.

board games

5. Play charades with friends or family

Charades is interesting as well as an entertaining game to play at home. If you want a fun unplugged group game, a fun classic option is charades. Collect a few people together. One of you has to think of a book title, a famous person’s name, a saying, a movie title or a song title to pantomime. Use your imagination to come up with something tricky, and you can ask your friends to act that out. Have fun as all of you come up with hilarious interpretations of the word or phrase.


6. Family Photoshoots

Now, this is something fun to do. Why not set up a photo shoot at home instead of going to a studio or outside? You can give the shoot your own personal twist by using some creativity. You can collect all the family members at home or around and plan a wonderful photo shoot. You can take individual photos or group pictures. You can also assemble a makeshift photo booth. Once the pics are ready, you can create a  fun scrapbook or gift one to your family members.

Family Photoshoots

7. Arrange a house party or a family gathering

This is something we all would love to do. During the hurriedness of the week, we often tend to neglect our family members or relatives that have been there for us at times we need them. You can use your time at home to catch up with them. You can arrange for a small family get together with some homemade lunch or snacks and invite some of your near and dear ones. A picnic in a garden, if you have one, would be great, if you can arrange one. A few decorations here and there, nice food and drinks, and small gifts at the end of the party will lead to a day well spent. If you are falling behind on your paycheck, you can throw these little expenses on your credit card like this one and pay off later with a small interest. 

house party

8. Finish some books

We all have those sets of unfinished books that we started but never got the time to finish. Sundays can be the best time to finish some of them if you do not have something urgent at hand. Each book ravels a different story and can transfer us to a miraculous world. Be a part of your fantasy land with a book or two in hand, curled up cosily in a corner. You will await your company of books more than ever.


9. Write something

You need not be a writing freak to write. It’s a very common yet cathartic exercise. If you are among those who struggle to explain your thoughts and emotions and fight through the week to overcome them, writing will work best for you. You can start a journal, or just make a diary entry. Or, if you love writing, you can go ahead and unleash your imagination and come up with a beautiful poem or story. Who knows, you may be an upcoming writer!

Write something

10. De-clutter

Here is some inspiration from Mary Kondo. We can use our time at home to de-clutter our houses.  You can start with a shelf or a bookcase, and try to sort out what you have not used for months. Organize your closet or cabinets, and take out all unused articles. De-cluttering is a great way to practice self-care. It helps you take control of your home, your life, and your things and it improves your overall well-being.


You can make the most of your time at home, and plan for one or more of these fun activities to have a great time at home.

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