Top 10 Ways to Spend the Weekend

After slogging for a major part of the week, you get your weekend. Nothing appears better than thinking about spending your weekend lazing around or having fun or catching up with friends and family. Weekends provide you with your comfort zone and the free time that you can spend the way you want. Your weekend needs to be different from your weekdays so that you can find a channel to destress from the workloads of the week. You need to have a weekend plan so that you do not succumb to endless TV watching or surfing the internet, and then finally, get mentally tired and start another week on the same note.

Here are the top 10 ways to spend the weekend that will leave you invigorated and ready to start the new week with enthusiasm.

Ways to Spend the Weekend

1. Get Moving

“That we do throughout the week.You would say. We are not talking about your usual daily movements of routine, going to work, commute and get back home. Movement, here, will include interesting pursuits like going for a walk, or a run, a swim or a dance class or some exercise, that you may not be doing throughout the week. If you are already physically active during the weekdays, Great. If not, it’s time to gear up for some movement. It will keep you fit, healthy and involved.

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Get Moving

2. Quiet time at Home

Your home is your haven. You can indulge in all sorts of activities that can keep you busy at home. You can take up tidying your stuff or your room, or washing your linen. If household chores seem too tiring, you can just laze around in your pajamas with a book and a mug of coffee in your hand. Or you can binge-watch Netflix or pick up any web series. You can even try playing some online games or call up your family members and have a quick chat.

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Quiet time at Home

3. Don your Culinary apron

No, nothing to get crazy about. We are not asking you to join a cooking class. You can always look up recipes online or in your Grandma’s cookbook, and try to dish out something simple and new. Your friends and family members will love that. The idea is not to test your cooking skills but to create something new and eatable, that will keep you engaged. If you are already a pro at cooking, try baking a cake or a pizza for your family and have a nice time eating together.

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Don your Culinary apron

4. Spark your creativity

We all have that spark of creativity that fuels our imagination and helps us move forward in life with its zeal. Discover what you would like to do, and devote some time, probably an hour or two towards that cause. You can draw or paint or sketch or you could make some DIY projects for your home. You could even try your hand at origami or any musical instrument and surprise everyone with your hidden skills.

Spark your creativity

5. Spend time with your family

our family is your support system. Your parents, partner, and kids will be there for you in times of your need. Make sure to make them feel loved and cherished and remembered in every way. If you are away for work or study reasons for most of the week, make sure you spend quality time with them at the weekends. Take them for a drive, or go shopping together, help them with some chores or if they are kids, just play some board games with them or build forts with bedlinen and recognize your childhood streak.

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Spend time with your family

6. Make time for your Passion

The busyness of life often prevents us from following our hobbies or favorite past-times that we cherish. Don’t let your daily workloads dull your creative sunshine. If you like to write or blog, taken out an hour or two over the weekend, to jot down your ideas or create a story or pen down poetry. If you like the arts, try to create a new painting or a work of art that gives you pleasure. Do something that adds value to your life through your hobbies.

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Make time for your Passion

7. Get creative with DIYs

Thousands of Do-it-Yourself project ideas are available in online communities. You can scan them up for some good ideas and make up your mind to create one every weekend. It could be something as small as an origami bird or a cardboard box magazine holder to the grand carpentry or electric ones. The idea is to let your creative juices flow and put them in action as per your skills. This will give you a sense of achievement and will save a couple of bucks around the house.

Get creative with DIYs

8. Go for a short vacation

We all love to travel-It gives us a change of scene from our humdrum lives and adds cheer and enthusiasm. If you are the active one, gather your family and pack your bags for a small family vacation. It needn’t be a far-off location. You could just go camping in the nearby area, or a short country visit to a farm or the zoo or, a close picnic spot nearby. If you stay close to the sea, just hit the sandy shore for a quick picnic lunch and swim.

9. Connect with your community

A part of the weekend you can spend on socializing with your friends and other family members. You can invite them for a quick dinner or hang out with them for a pizza or over a game of pool, bowling or golf. This will allow you to connect with them and will strengthen your social network. At the same time, it will cheer you up from the daily monotony of life.

Connect with your community

10. Go for a Bike Ride

If you are a biking enthusiast, you can don your gear and get ready to drive to an all-new place. You can go solo, or invite a like-minded friend or two. Drive to an exciting new location close by that you have not discovered before and had fun. If your family is interested, you can go for a long car drive and spend some quality time together.

Ladakh Bike trip

These are some of the ways to spend your weekend. The list can be very long, depending upon your time and interest. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it gives you pleasure and removes you away from stress, so that you can start the coming week on a positive note.

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