Fun Things to Do in Alaska

The Last Frontier state, with countless amazing sights, is the largest in the U.S. One’s own eyes can best witness the beauty of Alaska.

Many lakes, volcanoes, national parks, wildlife, indoor activities, outdoor adventures, and night tours are the reason for the large number of tourists in the state.

The scenic waterfalls, musical concerts, and signature foods of Alaska make it worth visiting. A list of fun things which you want to enjoy in Alaska is given in the article. Let us have a look.

Denali National Park

One of the oldest preserved parks and the tallest peak in Alaska, formerly known as Mount McKinley National park, is well-known in America.

This park offers numerous activities to do. You can enjoy hiking and biking in the beautiful landscape of mountains.

Besides this, the water lakes and massive mountains alongside the beautiful tracks are best for seeking calmness in the chaotic world.

Moreover, Denali is home to fantastic wildlife species, including elk, grizzly bears, wolves, and many other species of animals.

Alaska also has many other famous parks and forests, which adds to the state’s beauty. A list of a few of the parks which you surely want to visit is given below:

  • Kobuk Valley National Park.
  • Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.
  • Glacier Bay Park
  • Kenai Fjords National Park
  • Chugach State Park
  • Katmai Park and Preserve
  • Noatak National Preserve
  • Gates of Arctic Park
  • Tongass Forest
  • Kincaid Park Anchorage

Alaska Railroad

If you want to witness the spectacular beauty of Alaska. The train trip is worth it. The railroad stretches 470 miles from Seward to Fairbanks.

While touring by train, you will be amazed by the glass roof, fresh open air and your private place with delicious breakfast.

Moreover, the grand scenery and comfortable seating make the trip more memorable.

Besides this, The white pass and Yukon route railway trips are also quite impressive. The rail passing from the high mountains and the lakes with refreshing greenery gives a breathtaking view.

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Hubbard Glacier


Everybody wants to visit the largest tidewater glacier in America once in a lifetime. You can see this magnificent land on a cruise ship. You can have a closer view of the icebergs and wild animals from a shallow vessel.

Moreover, other glaciers, including Worthington, Mendenhall, and Matanuska, are worth visiting and are easily accessible.

Whale watching spot

The exciting tour of watching the whales will leave you mesmerized by the beauty of sea creatures, including dolphins.

The best spot for watching whales is Juneau. You can book your cruise any time of the day to see the beautiful whales while calmly sitting in your cabin.

Moreover, Other sites for whale watching include the following:

  • Resurrection Bay, Seward
  • Prince William Sound
  • Turnagain arm
  • Homer
  • Kodiak

Historical & Cultural Sites

Alaska is home to great historical and cultural sites. These sites provide excellent knowledge about history and culture with lots of fun activities. If you are touring Alaska, visit these unique sites as well.

  • Yaakw Yahidi cultural center
  • Alaska Native Heritage Centre
  • Totem Bight state historical park
  • Saxman native village
  • Totem Heritage centre
  • Sitka Historical Park
  • Shakes island
  • Kennicott mine and Ghost town
  • Fort William H. Seward
  • White Alice site.

Northern Lights of Alaska


The world’s best natural light show happens in Alaska. The epic lights can be seen throughout the year. The outstanding view of lights can be seen best from the city of Fairbanks.

The stunning aurora can be seen when the sky is clear and dark. The best time to view the shimmering lights is midnight or 2 am.

Russian River Falls

The 5.2 miles of hiking trail ends with a breathtaking view of waterfalls. A perfect place for families and hikers.

Russian waterfalls are famous due to the green-headed and red-headed Salmon jumping in the water. Moreover, black and brown bears can also be seen sometimes. So, you need to be careful while touring this site.

Besides Russian Falls, you can also enjoy the profound beauty of other waterfalls in Alaska named below:

  • Nugget Falls
  • Pitchfork Falls
  • Brooks Falls

Chocolate waterfall

The world’s most significant chocolate spot produces vast amounts of hot chocolate in the wild Berry park store in Alaska. This chocolate waterfall is an excellent point for tourist attractions.

The waterfalls contain 3400 pounds of real liquid chocolate donated by the Nestle and Guittard chocolate company.

Fairbanks Ice Museum

The Aurora Ice Museum was created with 1000 tons of ice and snow. The museum stays cool at -7 Celsius.

It takes only 15-20 minutes to tour the museum’s building. Unique sculptures and many frozen things are displayed in the museum.

So, if you ever visit the frontier state, don’t forget to tour this magnificent place. Moreover, many other museums with great historical knowledge can be seen. A few of the well-known museums with many extra activities are named below;

  • Alaska state museum
  • Aviation museum
  • Pratt museum and park
  • Museum of the North
  • Anchorage museum
  • Valdez museum
  • Skagway museum
  • Wells Fargo museum
  • Norman Lowell Gallery
  • Alaska Jewish museum

Great cities of Alaska


The whole state of Alaska is worth-visiting. But, the cities with more adventurous sites and fun activities with more population and tourist attraction spots are mentioned below:

  • The Anchorage
  • Fairbanks
  • Juneau

Iconic foods of Alaska

You must try the mouth-watering foods of the state while touring to Alaska. These signature dishes will leave you wanting more. A few of the famous Alaskan words are given below:

  • King Crab
  • Wild Berries
  • Reindeer Sausage
  • Eskimo Ice cream
  • Moose jerky
  • Salmon
  • Fresh Oysters.
  • Fish

Fun things to do in Alaska FAQs


1. What does Alaska have to offer?

Alaska offers a large number of fun activities. You can enjoy biking, kayaking, and hiking at the various beautiful spots of the state. The great parks, museums, glaciers, and night lights are worth visiting.

2. What is the best month to visit Alaska?

July is the month in which you can visit Alaska at its best. In July, the active wildlife, parks, and trails are easily accessible, and temperatures are average.

Final Thoughts

Alaska offers countless things to rejoice about. You can tour the beautiful national parks, wildlife, historic sites, museums, and many other adventurous sites.

We hope the article gave you an idea about Alaska’s fun things. Thanks for reading.

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