9 Best & Fun Things To Do In Omaha ─ Nebraska

By population, Omaha is the biggest city in Nebraska and a great place to vacation. This city has a little bit of everything, so visitors with a wide range of interests can discover activities they enjoy.

You could feel overburdened with what you should or shouldn’t schedule time for while preparing for your trip. Many people are unsure of what to do in Omaha. Consider these top activities to do in Omaha, Nebraska, before you go.

1. Stroll the Old Market


If you want to find activities that engage everyone in your group, head to the Old Market neighborhood. There are stores for almost anything in this neighborhood, including apparel, boutiques in Omaha, art, jewelry, and more. There are three possibilities, including a children’s museum, which will gratify everyone who enjoys spending time in museums.

You can join a walking tour to learn everything there is to know while taking a stroll through the neighborhood and getting a history lesson about Omaha at the same time. If there is an event going on, you might also wish to visit the Opera House or the Orpheum Theater. The Old Market neighborhood does have something for everyone.

2. Visit the Durham Museum

The enormous Durham Museum is an urban revitalization project housed in a magnificent Art Deco skyscraper that has produced outstanding benefits. The 1931 structure, formerly one of the busiest train stations in the country, underwent a thorough renovation in 1995 and was brought back to its former splendor.

The local history is displayed in the museum. One of the attractions is the Suzanne and Walter Scott Great Hall, which features an amazing main hall with an Art Deco design that has been thoroughly restored and showcases the exhibitions. The Steam Locomotive Stations are also noteworthy because they have interactive exhibits that explain how this technology is transforming the world. From the Old Market neighborhood, the Durham Museum is a short trek to the southwest.

3. Visit the Zoo and Aquarium

It is understandable that Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, one of the biggest and best-rated zoos in the world, is the most popular tourist destination in the state. At this zoo in America’s heartland, see and interact with animals from every continent, including comical penguins from Antarctica and majestic lions from the African grasslands.

The Omaha Zoo is most enjoyable on a nice day. When you travel in the late spring, summer, or early fall, you’ll experience the widest variety of activities. Just because it’s pouring, chilly, or snowing shouldn’t be a reason to skip this Omaha destination. The zoo’s layout places five of its most well-liked attractions—all indoor exhibits—close to the front entry.

4. Enjoy Fontenelle Forest Nature Center


Visit the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center if you want fresh air, greenery, and a tranquil setting. You’ll feel more energized and happier the moment you step in if there are plants and trees all around you.

This is among the top locations for bird watching in the entire state of Nebraska. You may also keep fit and active by taking one of the many hiking paths offered, taking in all the breathtaking scenery along the way.

5. Take a Walk at Heartland of America Park

Omaha has a tonne of outdoor activities to choose from, but Heartland of America Park is a terrific option for everyone—singles, couples, and families.

You may discover boat rides, live music, a sizable fountain, and a nightly light show in the park any day the weather permits. You and the people you care about have the opportunity to unwind, rest, and still feel thoroughly entertained at the same time, thanks to this lovely park and an artificial lake. You must visit Heartland of America Park if you’re in the area.

6. Take a Trip to the Saint Cecilia Cathedral

The Saint Cecilia Cathedral is among Omaha, Nebraska’s most recognizable architectural structures. One of the ten largest cathedrals in the US, the cathedral is situated in Omaha’s Gold Coast Historic District and is very difficult to miss.

It is widely cited as one of the most spectacular and beautiful cathedrals in the United States and is also a National Landmark. Although the cathedral’s construction began in 1905, it took 50 years to complete. The architecture of Saint Cecilia is in the Spanish Renaissance Revival style, in contrast to many other cathedrals constructed during the same period in the US.

7. Visit the Brewery


The Omaha craft brewery tour, which stops at nine different breweries, is the finest opportunity to try some of the tastiest beer you’re ever going to find. The dedicated locals who have been making beer their entire lives manufacture each and every one of the highlighted beers. All the information you require as well as vouchers for nine free beers, will be sent to you if you request a free Explorer Journal.

8. Catch a Concert

One of Omaha’s finest venues for attending a concert, sporting event, or convention is the Centurylink Center, which is located in the city’s North Downtown neighborhood. The building’s strikingly contemporary exterior is home to a range of entertainment, including stand-up comedy and concerts. Award presentations, business gatherings, and motivational speakers are among the conventions held at the Center.

9. Visit the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

Outdoor music performances frequently take place on the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. Here, well-known local musicians frequently play, and the grassy area makes for a pleasant viewing spot. Visitors may conveniently park their bicycles on the bridge thanks to the bike rack that it features. Additionally, the bridge provides services for renting bicycles.


Plan a family-friendly visit to Omaha by learning a fresh perspective on the road trip. Consider a brand-new meeting location in a city that is rife with undiscovered attractions. Enjoy a change of pace from the workday menu with some of Omaha’s unique culinary offerings. Enjoy shopping in a location with specialty boutiques and oddball stores. And raise a drink to the weekend because Omaha’s nightlife gets lively after dark.

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