5 Hardest Countries For Obtaining Citizenship In Europe In 2024

Have you ever wondered how you would live if you moved to another location in the world? We are sure that at least once you have thought about trying to live in another part of the world where you would try to start a new beginning and try to start a new page in your book. Realistically today it is especially easy because we live in a world of globalization in which it is very easy to go somewhere around the world and start a new chapter in which we will be dedicated to work and career growth and development. The world is big, it offers many places where you can easily succeed, but whether you will succeed depends on you, your desires, and your plans.

Why do we say this? We say this because each of us has a different plan, ie each of us wants things in a different way. Some people would like to go somewhere in the world, for example to Europe where it is very easy to succeed and work a little, and then return to their country. But there are also people who would like to leave their country and move completely to another country where they would start a new life by obtaining documents, ie citizenship from that country. But it does not go so easily! It is good to know that in the last 25 years things, in particular, have become more difficult.

Procedures in Europe have become very difficult due to overcrowding, declining job vacancies, and so on in many countries. There are many other reasons, but we can talk about them today when we explain to you in which European countries it is most difficult to obtain citizenship, what you need to do to obtain citizenship, and much other important information. All you need to do is follow us to the end of today’s article and see what we have in store for you. Let’s get started!

1. San Marino

Source: theguardian.com

If you have ever wanted to go to a small country that has something to offer and is located in Europe, then you must have thought of a country like San Marino. It is one of the smallest countries in Europe, which covers only about 60 square kilometers and has only 30,000 inhabitants, most of whom are Sanmarians and the rest are Italians. When we talk about which nationalities live there, we are sure that you have noticed that there are no other nationalities, and that refers to their strict criteria for granting citizenship, which no one has managed to meet so far. It is a criterion to live in this country for 30 years, to actively contribute, and thus obtain the status of a citizen of San Marino – something that is almost impossible.

2. The United Kingdom

Source: nationsonline.org

The next country that has a lot to offer and is one of the most desirable destinations for many people around the world is the United Kingdom. It is a country that really has a lot to offer, but also a lot if you want to be a citizen. The time you need to go through all the procedures is really long because you need to know a lot about the country then you need to live a certain period in this country, not to have any offenses, to contribute to the country, etc. This is really difficult, but maybe someone would succeed if he committed enough to realize the long-held dream for which he lived all this time. While applying for citizenship, the life in the UK test is the key test that you need to pass. This test contains multiple-choice questions from various chapters of the knowledge book. Click here to attempt a practice test for free.

3. Switzerland

Source: immigrantinvest.com

A country that is in itself a great example, but also unique in Europe is also a very desirable destination for many people to leave. Yes, Switzerland is beautiful, it has a stable financial system, it has a stable economy, a lot of jobs, education opportunities, and advancement, but there are also very complicated criteria that need to be met to get citizenship. What do you need to do? First of all, you need to have a total residence of 12 years in this country, of which in the last 5 years you should have lived there permanently for 3 years. The next thing you need is to be well acquainted with the Swiss way of life, to know how to speak one of the languages used in official communication, and so on. Hard isn’t it?

4. Austria

Source: accor.com

Austria is a beautiful country that is known in the world for a large number of landmarks, but it is also known for being a dream home for many people around the world. This is because this country offers huge opportunities for all, offers a stable system and a stable economy, and that is what people need. That is why most people aspire to obtain Austrian citizenship, but this is not so easy. You need to live and work in Austria for at least 10 years in order to get the opportunity for citizenship, but you also need to be fluent in German, for which there is an exam. If you know the language, if you have been an exemplary citizen and if you have contributed enough to the country during your stay, it is possible to obtain citizenship under facilitated circumstances if so decided by the bureau in charge of it.

5. Germany

Source: sp-reinforcement.eu

Germany is considered one of the most demanding countries in Europe that requires a lot to acquire citizenship. First of all, it is important to have a work contract, then it is important to know the language at the B1 level, which is mandatory for you to become a citizen. You need to be exemplary and familiar with all the laws and principles of living in Germany, to have your own apartment or house and of course the most important thing – to live at least 8 years. If you complete this you will become a German citizen.

These are the principles and rules of some of the most difficult countries to obtain citizenship. If you are ready to meet the criteria in front of you, you will have a longer period in which we wish you to succeed and get what you want because you deserve it, and only with great desire and readiness can you reach the fulfillment of your dream!

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