10 Best Horse Trailers with Living Quarters For Travelling With Horse

For all the people out there who love adventure, there is nothing better than travelling all over the country. Exploring new places and trying new things is always exciting! On top of that if you have a horse, travelling with your buddy is an unparalleled experience. As a horse owner, seeking adventure is inevitable.

Therefore, when you go camping with your horse or even for a short trip, it is better to be prepared. You do not want to go unprepared and cause distress to both your horse and yourself.

Irrespective of the reason you are travelling with your horse, a horse trailer is a must. Horse owners must never compromise on the quality of horse trailers they buy, especially the ones with living quarters. It is always recommended to purchase a horse trailer that comes with living quarters. The reason is that when you are camping with your horse, you would like to spend some time together while enjoying the beautiful scenery around you.

This article aims to shed some light upon some of the reliable and best horse trailers with living quarters that you can use while travelling with your horse.

How should you drive a horse trailer?


The starting point of your journey is after purchasing a horse trailer that fits your horse and yourself. Many people often feel overwhelmed and intimidated while driving a horse trailer. And that is entirely understandable. It is a learning process. It is only after multiple trials and errors that you get used to driving a horse trailer efficiently.

Moreover, when it comes to your horses, they are precious. So, you need to deal with them with utmost care and concern. In fact, when you decide to explore the country along with your horse, you practically transport them from one place to another. Therefore, you need to take care like they are some vulnerable cargo. In order to maintain their safety, always look for horse trailers that are of relatively good quality.

What are some of the best horse trailers with living quarters?

Double D Trailers


One of the best horse trailers with living quarters provides clients and customers comfortable interiors with optimal safety. The horse trailers manufactured by Double D Trailers fulfil all the requirements and needs of both you and your horse. In addition, these trailers maintain a safe loading and unloading process.

By purchasing horse trailers from Double D Trailers, customers get several benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • They provide impressive customer service with a wonderful experience where you do not need to leave your home to purchase the horse trailer.
  • They provide a nationwide warranty for any horse trailer you purchase.
  • Their product is a value for money.
  • Irrespective of the horse trailer you buy, whether it is a customised one with living quarters or a bumper pull trailer, you get the utmost security and guarantee.

Moreover, these horse trailers offer the following features which might vary according to the model that you buy-

  • Prevention of leakage concerning fibre composite safe bump roof system
  • Galvalite Skin
  • Z-frame technology
  • Flexibility with respect to new upgrades
  • Different orientation options
  • Rear safety divider
  • Cabinets with vinyl wrap

Especially when you are camping with your horse in the countryside, purchasing Double D Trailers is a great choice. Camping has never been better before. Click here to read more about double d trailers’ horse trailers with living quarters.



Since Featherlite first debuted in the market fifty years ago, they have never disappointed their customers. For almost five decades, the company has been leading the industry. Over the years, the quality of service and products of Featherlite has been nothing less than impressive. For example, the horse trailers come with highly-resistant aluminium. This facilitates better and increased load capacity given the light weight of aluminium.

Featherlite offers different kinds of horse trailers. For example, you can get options like bumper-pulled, straight load, gooseneck and slant-load configurations. And not to forget Featherlite horse trailers come with living quarters. So if you want to have an extended trip and camp with your horse, with a Featherlite horse trailer you are all set!

Apart from all the specific configurations of the horse trailers that Featherlite manufactures, there is an important one that cannot be overlooked. These horse trailers are verified and have passed through federal safety checkings. They have shown promising results and are completely safe for use.

These horse trailers have a unique riveting system. As a result, there is a reduction in water penetration chances given that the skin of the trailer’s roof does not get fully pierced.

Sundowner Trailers


Sundowner Trailers have been quite famous in Canada and North America since 1976. These horse trailers have made themselves a name in the market. They deliver products that are promising in nature and never disappoint their customers. Going for Sundowner Trailers is a good decision when you want to go on some recreational trailing or some sort of adventure.

More often than not, when you finally get the chance to go on a vacation, you ought to extend the trip. Especially if you are a horse owner, then it is highly likely you desire to spend some more time than you decided earlier. In that case, you need horse trailers with living quarters that provide safety and security. Safety concerns are valid for both you and your horse. The horse trailers of this company provide comfort and elegance. They make sure to put in every fine detail and specification.

If you wish to buy a basic livestock aluminium horse trailer with living quarters, Sundowners have a pool of options that you can choose from. On the basis of what kind of car you have to tow the horse trailer, Sundowner provides the fitting trailer for you. Whether it is gooseneck or bumper pulled, they have got you covered!

Exiss Trailers


Despite being a newcomer to the market, Exiss Trailers have proven their worth. This company is relatively new as compared to its contemporary companies. Their trailers are of good quality and reliable. All across Canada and the US, Exiss Trailers have become a trustworthy and reliable company. They have more than 120 dealers in these countries. Even in some international locations, Exiss Trailers have earned immense credibility.

Exiss Trailers offer extraordinary funding choices for their horse trailers made of aluminium. In addition, you will be glad to know that due to their creative and innovative services, they manufacture and sell horse trailers at up to 30% less than their rivals.

Irrespective of the horse trailer you want, Exiss Trailer has all the options for you. Whether you are searching for a position of safety guard pulled or gooseneck trailer with a straight or slant load configuration. Given that you are searching for elite craftsmanship and need a trailer with living quarters, Exiss Trailer has the relevant product for you.

Cimarron Trailers


The employees at Cimarron take great pride in working at the company. Their horse trailers do not compromise on quality and emphasise innovative manufacturing configurations. Overall, the horse trailers get an elegant and robust outlook. The Cimarron Trailers manufacture top-notch quality products. When you need to purchase equestrian-friendly horse trailers, then Cimarron Trailers is your choice!’

The company has immense love for horses and appreciates any kind of adventure with them. They understand the requirements and needs of horse owners and manufacture their products accordingly. Cimarron Trailers give you the ideal solution for your issues with horse trailers with living quarters.

Titan Trailers


Titan Trailers are of Kansas origin. Not all their horse trailers come with living quarters. You can see this as their drawback. However, these horse trailers will never disappoint their customers. The Titan Trailers have a reputation among their customers for selling durable and long-lasting horse trailers. Especially when it comes to equestrian landscapes, Titan Trailers are a great option.

These trailers are made of aluminium coupled with galvanised steel build. This company manufactures quality products. In addition, these trailers have several benefits. There are air conditioning systems inside, stud gates that come in bumper pull and gooseneck trailers.

Merhow Trailers


Merhow has been reliable and trustworthy in the equestrian world for almost 60 years. The Merhow trailers come in several configurations. Whether bumper pulled or gooseneck, horse trailers come in several options.

The upcoming generation and Stampede model of Merhow trailers incorporate living quarters. This new addition is quite an impressive work of craftsmanship. Furthermore, the makers utilise premium hardwood as their configurational material.

People refer to Merhow horse trailers as the Cadillac of equine and transportation services. It is quite an appropriate comparison. Over the years, Merhow manufactured promising trailers which are reliable and credible.

4 Star Trailers


The 4-Star Trailers have a WERM Flooring. The manufacturing company believes in manufacturing low-cost, cheap, environment-friendly products. These trailers are the product of 100% post-industrial recycled rubber. The stalls of the horse trailer have a comfortable and non-slippery surface.

4 Star Trailers are lovely to look at. In addition, these trailers are pretty comfortable to ride. As an industry first, 4-Star Trailers are acquainted with the ‘Quiet Ride’ innovation.

CM Trailers


CM Trailers is often regarded as a pioneer in the trailer business. At CM, clients and workers have a voice. Hence, these trailers convey fulfilment, durability and satisfaction.

With every one of the various varieties in towing and plan designs accessible. CM Trailers is a reliable choice to securely pull your ponies the nation over.

This company offers excellent quality horse trailers too at an affordable price. If you are a horse owner, you will absolutely love these trailers!

Equine Horse Trailer


Equine horse trailers are the best option to go with when you want to haul more than one horse. This horse trailer can pull up to 6 horses. With this you get first-class living quarters with several benefits and amenities like maple cabinets, television, radio, DVD player, etc.


Horses are precious creatures. Especially when you take them along with you for some adventure, you must take extra care, so they are comfortable. This article focuses on some of the best horse trailers that come with living quarters. Before planning any trip with your horse, you must own a trustworthy and reliable horse trailer with living quarters that is suitable for travelling!

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