8 Creative Ideas To Immortalize Your Travel Memories

Sometimes, we see traveling as a reward for enslaving ourselves with so much work and stress from doing business. Because this opportunity of a break happens rarely, a thought urges us to preserve our vacations’ memories, especially those once-in-a-lifetime escapes we’ve had. Even frequent travelers document their trips and keep souvenirs that will help them reminisce whenever they feel exhausted because of the many challenges life has to offer.

Preparation helps to make sure you won’t miss keeping records of the highlights of your travel. Having some materials ready and knowing exactly what to keep or take pictures of are keys to a well-documented journey. Make it a habit wherever you go, and you won’t regret a thing. Below are eight creative ideas that will make your travel memories last forever.

Immortalize A Scene With A Bobblehead

Choose your best jump shot and have it sculpted and reanimated as a mini-figure. This site offers a wide array of customizable themes: models in costume, couple bobbleheads, leisure, sports, graduation, etc. You can entirely modify the bobblehead and make it look like you by providing an image and complete details to replicate your face, body, hair, skin color, and even the backdrop!

So if you have a good photo while enjoying a beach paradise, an Eiffel Tower moment with your partner, and a secret wedding in a castle or by the lakefront, these are great scenes to immortalize by making a bobblehead out of them. Collect them all and display somewhere in your house where guests can see, like in a narrow glass case cabinet with fixed lighting.

Collect Free Maps

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If you booked through a travel agency, ask the tour guide for a local map to compile or frame together with the others. Those who wander on their own may ask the hotel reception or some local shops to see if they have maps to give away or sell.

You can buy a pretty travel-themed album where you can organize and put notes on them. If you decided to frame the maps, choose a clean and sturdy modern frame, and arrange everything in a floor-to-ceiling grid. Search for other design approaches that would fit the vibe of your preferred room.

Frame Your Plane Tickets

Airfares are expensive. Thus, don’t treat your plane tickets like some convenience store receipts. Keep them in mint condition and display in an album or frame. We have the same advice as what we gave on maps, only that these are small pieces of keepsakes that require delicate care.

If your plane tickets were lost or no longer discernible, try re-printing those online if you bought them from the airline’s website. For worn-out prints, you can avail of restoration services, but that might cost you a lot. As such, preserve your tickets’ wholeness from this point forward if you plan to go ahead with this kind of collection.

Collect Complimentary Items From Hotels

Bring home hotel freebies such as toiletries, coasters, slippers, pen, notepad, and free coffee, sugar, and cream packets, instead of using them all up or leaving them behind for the housekeeping to throw away. Even if you booked a cheap hotel, they may have decent accessories that would look great in a collection.

You can pack anything complimentary. But if you’re not sure, ask the hotel staff to avoid penalties and a jail trip. While some inns would charge your credit card, some would report you to the police for stealing hotel property. Think twice before bringing home things you are fond of.

A Scratch Off Map

A keepsake and a motivation, a scratch-off map is a must-have for those who have goals to visit all countries open for tourism. They come in various sizes, but they look great in a vast, golden frame that you can quickly bring down whenever you’ve accomplished a travel milestone.

These scratch-off maps look great as a centerpiece you can brag to anyone who’d visit your humble abode. And whenever you feel stuck or exhausted, let the enormous framed map remind you that you still have a lot of places to go to, so you better move and work to have money to spend on your next destination.

Create Souvenir Boxes For Every Destination

Destination boxes are possible DIY projects, though you can buy them from handmade marketplaces like Etsy, iCraftGift, etc. Label them with places you toured and fill them with souvenirs you purchased from these places such as postcards, magnets, pins, coasters, plane tickets, and more. They look lovely if stacked on a shelf or a coffee table.

Keep A Travel Journal or A Scrapbook

If you are the type who wants to keep travel memories for yourself and people close to your heart, a diary or a scrapbook would be best. Describe the journey, write about the best parts, and attach some of the photos you took. You can even include coins, stamps, and other small items.

Don’t forget to add the dates and arrange each item nearly so your memories will be clear for everyone who reads it. We recommend writing everything in draft paper before writing on the scrapbook. Cover it with hard and lasting material so it would last a lifetime.

Blog Your Journey

Travel blogging is an excellent hobby for wanderlust. Apart from documenting your escapades, you can share it with your friends and followers, to convince them to try the fun experiences. It’s also a perfect career or business for travelers, as you can earn from ads, donations, and sponsorships.

To make this happen, you would need some devices and take some assistants with you. You can travel alone or with a partner who would take scenes or possibly join you on some crazy gimmicks at the start. There are plenty of ways to make this activity fun, lucrative, and worthwhile.

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