4 Tips You Can Try To Improve Air Quality At Home

Some major issues that happened in the house are usually related to indoor air quality. It is very important to ensure that your house has good air quality because if it doesn’t then it could create a disastrous problem for the whole family.

Poor air quality can lead to more serious health problems that can affect children, even more, if you or your family have an allergy –this can make it worsen.

Finding the cause or signs of poor air quality in the house might be difficult to do. However, if you notice that you frequently cough out of nowhere when you are in the house, it is very likely to happen due to the air quality inside your home is already being contaminated. To ensure that this problem won’t turn into a major issue, there are some things you can do to promote better air quality inside the house. Read on to know what you can do to do so!

Clean The House Regularly

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Don’t disregard the necessity of performing a thorough cleaning of your home at least once every month. Without you realizing dust is very easy to spread around the house and pile up on your furniture. Even more so if you are using rugs or carpets on your flooring area! Carpet tends to be a major magnet for dust, thus if you do not vacuum it regularly –the chance is all of the dust will accumulate around the area and this could be very dangerous for your whole family.

You might be able to get rid of dust issues by vacuuming your home once every few days. Make sure you are not in a rush when vacuuming, and do it slowly while moving the handle of the vacuum to capture as much dirt and dust as you can. Additionally, you should also clean your curtains at least every week because they can accumulate a lot of dust. You can use feather dust to remove dust build-up around the curtain and window sills.

Change Air Conditioner Filter Regularly

Installing an air conditioner in your house is the ultimate thing you can do to ensure comfort for your family even when the weather is too hot outside. Though this home’s additional system can be very useful, the air conditioner can also become the main reason why your indoor air quality is decreasing.

In order to maintain the cleanliness of the air it circulates, the air conditioner filter will be used to capture dirt and dust, preventing it from spreading to the house. However, after a few months of usage, the filters will get too dirty to be able to work optimally. And thus, rather than helping to circulate better air –it will instead make the air that the aircon blows out become dirty. If you don’t regularly change the air conditioner filter, it can result in allergies and for some people serious respiratory conditions.

Hire a specialist from Luce Aircon company to make sure your air conditioner unit is operating correctly. Their professional technician will help assist you in cleaning the air conditioner, as well as changing its filter as needed.

Purchase an Air Purifier

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This can be one of the best investments for your house. It can help to regulate the air inside your house, thus ensuring that your family will only breathe the cleanest air possible. This will really help to make sure that you and your family’s health is always in tip-top condition.

There are many types of air purifiers available for you to purchase. For example, ionizing purifiers which employ an electric field to remove dust and debris, absorbent purifiers which use active carbon to draw in and trap impurities. And the most recent one, air purifiers with UV models which use ultraviolet light to sanitize the surroundings, thus they will be better at removing contaminants and pathogens.

Groom Your Pets

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If you have a furry pet, make sure that you groom them regularly to ensure their fur won’t be crowding your house and carpet. Though they are adorable, the cold heart truth is that their fur can trigger allergies, and make your air conditioner filter dirty faster. That’s why grooming them regularly is important if you want to keep your home air quality at a good level.

Protecting your family’s health is as simple as ensuring your house has the best air quality possible. You can do so by doing these 4 tips we have provided above!

Plant Up

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This is advice as old as time. It has been around for ages. People have been using plants to purify the air within their homes since old age. While this is a common practice, the researchers remain divided on this subject. Yes, some plants can indeed reduce the number of pollutants within closed areas. But, they affect only certain types, while others remain intact.

Fine particles and VOCs are affected by plants. But, studies have dug deeper and it remains unclear just how much indoor plants should be relied upon when it comes to cleaning the air. The studies concluded that indoor plants do less for your air than ventilation does in terms of VOCs. Furthermore, indoor plants can cause different issues, some of which are tied to your health.

They are well known for creating mold which can lead to various allergies. But, in the end, plants are also useful. All you need to take care of is which plants you are using. Not all of them are going to have the same effect. The ones that can do the most damage to the dirty air include common ivy, peace lily, and dracaena which is a quite common house plant. So, in addition to everything we said above, you can try having a few plants in your home. Of course, as we also mentioned, do not expect ideal results. It’s worth the try nonetheless.

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