5 Longest Cargo Ship Rides You Can Travel With

When compared to the typical floating 5-star hotel that is a Cruise liner, the experience of sailing on a cargo ship is both novel and nostalgic.

Even though cargo ships have progressed along with the rest of the globe and are now typically equipped with WiFi, saunas, and gyms, they nonetheless offer a glimpse into a simpler era of travel.

With a cargo ship, traveling to one’s destination may take more than a month, as opposed to the standard 14 hours it takes nowadays. However, it is a fun trip to remember! How far out into the ocean can one go before becoming hopelessly disoriented?

This is what you can expect from some of the longest trips.

What are the costs like?

Baggage allowance ranges from 30 kilograms to 100 kilograms (66 to 220 pounds), and daily freighter travel costs range from $100 to $150 per person, per day, depending on your destination (Transatlantic, Transpacific, South Seas, Worldwide, and other specific combinations).

U.S. dollars are the most common currency on board, and they are used mostly to buy things like soda, snacks, beer, and hygiene products.

Credit cards can be used at each departure point.


Where to go?

You can go almost everywhere in the world by cargo ship.

The magnitude of the global maritime industry means that several ports, such as New York, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Sydney, welcome a huge number of ships every day.

If a ship is leaving on the day you specify on your ticket, many shipping companies will allow you to exit and reboard at any time.

Particular routes are serviced by these lines.

Please note that you cannot just show up at a port and hop on a cruise without first making a reservation.

Advice for those traveling by cargo ship: be flexible.

Depending on how often the itinerary shifts, you may have to board and disembark several ships before reaching your final destination.

It is common practice for round-the-world voyages to begin with the purchase of a cargo ticket, followed by the scheduling of stops at each major port along the way.

Opportunities related to freighters are practically endless.

Think about it: you may hop off the ship anywhere it stops to pick up or drop off global commodities and spend some time there learning about the local culture before hopping back on.

5 Longest Cargo Ship Rides You Can Travel With


1. Tahiti – 14 days

Do you love long & tropical getaways? Tahiti’s lagoon is dotted with tiny, picturesque islands. The finest method of exploring the nation is by boat.

You wouldn’t want to travel the full distance in a boat, of course.

The 14-day Tahiti cargo ship cruise by Intrepid includes 12 days of port visits.

You will also be served wonderful meals every day that are made with fresh ingredients.

You can visit distant islands, gaze upon lush jungles, and plunge into swimming holes if the tiki gods are good. It is perfect for those who like the sun, tan & nature vibes.

2. England – Argentina – 32 days

This is a tour worth exploring. There are operating freight ships, at least once a month. You will love it if you wish to see it all.

The route taken by your Intrepid freighter will be specific to the cargo being delivered.

Before arriving in Casablanca, the traditional route for this cruise stops at ports in Belgium, France, and Spain.

Before setting sail for the Atlantic, you’ll make a series of stops along the way, including Senegal, Sierra Leone, the Gambia, and Guinea.

When you arrive in South America for the first time, you will be in Brazil. From there, you can go to up to three further Brazilian ports before continuing on to Montevideo, Uruguay, and ultimately Buenos Aires.


3. Northern Europe to West Africa – 14 days

Dakar, the capital of Senegal, has a sophisticated culture, a romantic ambiance, and delectable cuisine, earning it the nickname “the Paris of Africa.”

Dakar is sometimes referred to as “the Paris of Africa” because French is the native tongue and the cab drivers are conceited.

The best way to travel to Dakar from Europe is via freighter.

The Intrepid travels in two weeks, stopping in Germany, England, and Belgium en route from Amsterdam to Senegal.

4. Italy – Spain – USA – 42 days

Seeing all of Italy, Spain and most of the US is a dream come true for a lot of people. In this scenario, you are traveling on the MSC Flaminia, which can carry 82,000 tons of deadweight.

It was built in 2001 and has a number of features.

The shortest crossing of the Atlantic takes about 9 days, from Charleston, South Carolina, to Antwerp, Belgium.

The duration of this cargo trip could reach 49 days, which is the longest and most time-consuming route that one can go for.

5. Germany – Brazil – Uruguay – 26 days

Do you want to travel along with your cargo? If so, this nearly one-month-long cruise on the Cap San Augustin is one of the more affordable options, starting at just 60 euros per day.

If you want to fall in love with Europe and Latin America, now is your chance to go all out!

For an additional fee, you can bring a car, motorcycle, or RV on board.

The travel schedule starts in Hamburg, while its departure is quite frequent and happens every other month.


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