10 Longest Flights You Can Take In 2024

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The airline companies have facilitated the passengers and reduced the time to reach destinations which are very distant from each other by operation of non-stop flights. This will not only reduce the time required to reach the destination which is super far away but will also increase the comfort of the passengers because if there are a greater number of stops along the way, it becomes very tiring. The term ‘longest flight’ can be measured on the basis of numerous factors like the distance between two airports, non-stop flights, the time taken to reach the airport, the destination airport and the arrival airport, number of stops, etc. Here we are ranking on the basis of non-stop flights. Read on to find out more. Here are the 10 longest flights you can take,

Longest Flights

1. Newark to Singapore – 15,344 km (9534 miles)

The flights Singapore Airlines 21 and Singapore Airlines 22 are the two longest regularly scheduled non-stop flights in the world since its relaunch on 11th October 2018. The flights travel between Newark Liberty International Airport, United States (EWR) and Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN) which are 15,344 km apart in about 18 hours of time. The Singapore Airlines collaborated with Airbus and introduced this special non-stop flight known as the A350-900ULR (ULR for Ultra Long Range). This flight consists of all new cabins with 161-seat configuration having a fuel capacity of 1,41,000 to 1,65,000 litres. It has a maximum range of 18,000 kilometres. Singapore Airlines previously operated this route from 28th June 2004 to 23 November 2013. The flight’s number is SQ 21.

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2. Auckland to Doha – 14,535 km

This flight having QR 921 flight number travels from Auckland airport, New Zealand to Doha airport, Qatar. It covers a distance of 14,524 km. It is a Boeing 777-200LR (LR stands for Long Range) and also holds a record for the longest nonstop flight by a commercial airliner. It has 301 3-class seats and 317 2-class seats. It has a length of 63.73 metres. This plane is owned by Qatar Airways.

3. Perth to London Heathrow – 14,499 km (9009 miles)

This Qantas (Australian Airline) Boeing 787-9 flies from Perth International Airport in Australia to one of the busiest airport London Heathrow International Airport in England comes on number 3. It covers 14,499 kilometres of distance. It first flew on 24th March 2018. The Boeing 787-9 consists of 280 passengers’ seats in the typical three-class arrangement. It also has active boundary layer control on the tail surfaces which reduces drag. It takes 17 hours for the flight to reach from Australia to London. The flight’s number is QF 9.

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4. Auckland to Dubai – 14,200 km (8,823 miles)

This flight is an Emirates airlines Airbus A380-800 which travels from Auckland Airport, New Zealand to Dubai Airport, United Arab Emirates. It covers a distance of 14,200 kilometres. It has a maximum capacity of 833 seats. It has a fuel capacity of 3,23,546 litres. This giant commercial flight’s speed is 903 km/h. The plane’s height is 24.09 metres. It has 4 engines and 4 thrusts.

5. Los Angeles to Singapore – 14,113 km (8,769 miles)

The flight having flight number SQ 37 flies from Los Angeles International Airport, United States (LAX) to Singapore Airport, Singapore (SIN). It covers a distance of 14,113 kilometres. This is a flight owned by Singapore Airlines and it is an Airbus A350 – 900ULR. It made its first flight on 2 November 2018.

6. Houston to Sydney – 13,834 km (8,596 miles)

UA 101 is an international flight which departs from George Bush, Houston Airport, United States (IAH) and arrives at Sydney Airport, Australia (SYD). It travels a distance of 13,827 km. The plane is owned by United Airlines. It made its first flight on 18 January 2018. It is a Boeing 787-9 type of plane. It arrives at the arrival airport two days after its departure.

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7. Dallas/ Fort Worth to Sydney – 13,804 km (8,577 miles)

This flight departs from Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport and arrives at Sydney International Airport, Australia. It covers a distance of 13,804 km which is over one-third of the distance around the Earth. The flight is an Airbus A380-800 aircraft. The flight originally flew six times a week (every day except Tuesday) but since April 2016, it operates daily. The scheduled duration of the trip is of 17 hours 5 minutes.

8. New York – JFK to Manila – 13,712 km

This flight having flight number PR 127 is a Philippine Airlines owned aircraft. It connects John F. Kennedy New York Airport, United States (JFK) and Manila Airport, Philippines (MNL) covering a distance of 13,712 km. It is an Airbus A350-900 aircraft. It started flying from 29 October 2018. The aircraft A350-900 has a maximum take-off weight of 275 tonnes. It has a seating capacity of 325 passengers. The Airbus’s -900 design is manufactured to compete with the Boeing 777 and 787 while replacing the Airbus’s -300 and -400 models.

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9. San Francisco to Singapore (13,593 km)

There are two airlines that operate their non-stop flights on this route – Singapore Airlines and United States Airlines. The United States Airlines operate a Boeing 787-9 aircraft whereas Singapore Airlines operate an Airbus A380-900UL and A380-900ULR aircraft. The first operation of Boeing was on 1st June 2016 and that of Airbus aircraft was on 23rd October 2016. The flights travel from San Francisco Airport (SFO), United States to Singapore Airport, Singapore (SIN).

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10. Johannesburg to Atlanta – 13,581 km

This DL 201 flight is operated by Delta Lines. It travels a distance of 13,581 km. It is a Boeing 777-201LR aircraft which flies from O.R. Tambo, Johannesburg Airport, South Africa (JNB) to Hartsfield Jackson, Atlanta airport, United States (ATL). Delta Airlines along with Emirates is the largest operator of the LR variant aircraft each operating 10 of them. The first flight flew on 1st June 2009.

These are the 10 longest flights you can take. Do post your comments.

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