How Does Marrying An Italian Set You On The Road To Citizenship

Italy is among the top immigration destinations for Americans because it offers several legal pathways to citizenship. You can start with a residence permit and quality for citizenship by naturalization after staying in the country for a decade. But there are other ways to expedite the road to a second passport. You can claim citizenship through descent or marriage. The descent route lets you get in through your ancestral connections, while you can marry an Italian to qualify for citizenship by marriage.

Consider yourself lucky if you fall in love with an Italian and decide to tie the knot. You can visit Bersani Law Firm for understanding more about the process before taking the first step towards a new life with your partner and family in Italy. It is relatively straightforward, but having an expert guiding you throughout makes it even more hassle-free. Let us explain how marrying an Italian set you on the road to citizenship.Do

Eligibility is about timelines


Marrying an Italian is the primary requirement for citizenship by marriage. You are eligible even if your spouse resides in another country. Italy follows a liberal mindset, so same-sex couples in a civil union also qualify for the route. But eligibility is not as simple as it sounds. Timelines are crucial because you can qualify only after a specific period of the nuptial. Here are the timelines you must follow for eligibility:

  • Two years after the marriage a couple residing in Italy
  • Three years after the marriage for couples residing outside Italy

It may appear like a long waiting period for applicants looking forward to a second passport right after marriage. But you can expedite the process if you have children (biological or adopted) with your Italian spouse. The timelines are cut in half, so you can start the process one year and 18 months after tying the knot, depending on your residential status.

Language proficiency is a must

While marrying an Italian is the prerequisite to qualify for the process, you must also prove language proficiency to qualify. The Italian government implemented the language requirement in December 2018. An applicant claiming citizenship by marriage requires a B1 level of Italian language proficiency to be eligible. Ensure getting it from a public or private institution recognized by the Ministry of Education. The language test might seem like a burden to applicants, but it does more than ensure eligibility. You will be a lot more comfortable blending with your family and the locals if you know their language. Consider it a benefit that sets you up for a new life in Italy after marriage.

Gather the required documents


Once you clear the eligibility timelines and language tests, you can get started with the process. Having your documents in place makes it a breeze, so gather them before going ahead with the application. Your citizenship expert is the best person to guide you about documentation and ensure no errors and omissions in them. Here is a list of documents you will need for the process:

  • Printed application form duly filled out and signed before the authorities
  • Valid passport in original and copies
  • Driver’s license in original and copies
  • Marriage certificate in original
  • Divorce decree or a no divorce declaration as applicable
  • Birth certificate, both original and a translated certified copy
  • A copy of the criminal record
  • Proof of residency in Italy (if applicable)

Besides the paperwork, you must pay a processing fee of EUR 250 as a part of the application process. Remember to attach the receipt of the fee to the dossier. Couples married overseas have an additional formality to complete. The Italian spouse should be registered with the AIRE (Registry of Italian Citizens Residing Abroad) to validate the marriage for the citizenship process.

Follow the steps of the process


After sorting out the paperwork, you are all set to go ahead with the process. Getting a second passport through marriage is easier than you imagine. The main steps are completing the timelines and gathering the documents. The application stage comprises only three steps. These include:

Step 1 – Document submission

Before submitting the application, check your documents and submit them to the Italian Citizenship Department. The good thing is that you can apply easily with an e-registration and submission of scanned paperwork. An Italian citizenship expert can help you get a digital identity SPID. It is required by the Italian Government to recognize the applicants.

Step 2 – Citizenship application

After getting your SPID ID, you can log in to the official Italian Citizenship portal to fill out the application form. The process can get complex because the portal is in the Italian language. It is best to have a professional assist you to prevent any errors down the line. You will have to upload scanned copies of documents while filling out the application form. The authorities will cross-check them to evaluate your application and close the process.

Step 3 – Consulate appointment

The final step is to get a consulate appointment in response to your application. Your local consulate will contact you within a few weeks or months for an appointment. You will have to carry the physical copies and originals of the required documents for the interview. After the verification, you will have to wait for the final decision. The maximum time limit extends up to two years, which seems like a long wait. The good thing is that you can live with your family as a resident during this period.

Marrying an Italian is a golden ticket to one of the most powerful passports, so you must not miss out on the opportunity. Apply right after the completion of your waiting period so that you can start afresh with your new family and get the same rights they have. The best way to do it is by seeking advice from a local citizenship expert. They make sure you are eligible and have no errors in documentation. You can trust them to make the process a breeze.

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